1. Brandon Moss, Allen Craig on Marlins' First Base Radar

    Yesterday, we learned that the Marlins were considering Evan Gattis and Chris Davis as trade options for an upgrade at first base. You can add Brandon Moss of the Athletics to the list, per MLB ...

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  2. Marlins Seek Lefty Balance in Lineup, on Mound

    When it comes to making personnel decisions, the Marlins have a long history of saying "quality is quality" regardless of whether a hitter or pitcher is right-handed or left-handed...

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  3. How Can Marlins Actually Build True Winner Around Giancarlo Stanton?

    If you sign him, they will come. That's the philosophy underpinning the massive, MLB -record contract the Miami Marlins just handed Giancarlo Stanton: Nail down the young superstar ...

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  4. Report: Marlins Have Discussed Trading for Diamondbacks' Wade Miley

    The Miami Marlins made Giancarlo Stanton the highest-paid player in professional sports last week, and are now focusing on upgrading their rotation ahead of the 2105 season...

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  5. James Shields, Adam LaRoche Signings Would Show Stanton Megadeal Was No Stunt

    The ink was hardly dry on Giancarlo Stanton's 13-year, $325 million mega-contract, and already the question on every Miami Marlins fan's lips was: What's next? Sure, locking ...

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  6. Reid Brignac Signs Minor League Deal with Marlins

    Jon Heyman of CBS Sports reports that the Marlins have agreed to terms on a minor league contract with infielder Reid Brignac...

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  7. Brignac Agrees to Minor-League Deal with Fish

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  8. Update on Marlins' Free Agent Moves; Behind-the-Scenes Nuggets

    All Marlins talk in the wake of today's press conference for Giancarlo Stanton's historic 13-year, $325 million deal.....

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  9. Stanton to Help Marlins Recruit Free Agents to Miami

    Not only is Giancarlo Stanton a two-time All-Star, a National League home run champion and a Silver Slugger Award winner.....

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  10. Marlins Press Conference

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  11. Marlins' Finances Obviously Stronger Than Their Memory

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  12. Marlins Reportedly Interested in James Shields

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  13. Giancarlo Stanton Raged at Miami Nightclub After Signing Landmark Contract

    Giancarlo Stanton is rich. You and I are not. Perhaps this explains why we weren ’t slamming $20,000 champagne and presumably playing high-stakes ostrich polo with Stanton inside a Miami nightclub this week...

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  14. Marlins Showing "Aggressive Interest" in Adam LaRoche

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  15. Giancarlo Stanton Wins Lottery, but No Pro Athlete Is Worth $325 Million

    Are you jealous of Giancarlo Stanton , the Miami Marlins outfielder who, as you've heard by now, has agreed to a record-setting contract that will pay him $325 million ...

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  16. Richest Contract Ever Sounds Like a Deal with the Devil for Giancarlo Stanton

    I hope Giancarlo Stanton has this contract written in blood. Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria's blood. That's the only sane way to sign your life over to the Marlins . Think about it...

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  17. Giancarlo Stanton Is Best Bet of MLB's Contract Risks Thanks to Age, Opt-Out

    Whenever Major League Baseball gets a new record-sized contract, it's tempting to get into hand-wringing and bellyaching about the league's eternally reckless spending...

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  18. Giancarlo Stanton Playing a Dangerous Game: Believing in the Marlins

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  19. Miami Marlins Confirm Giancarlo Stanton's 13-Year, $325 Million Deal

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  20. Why the Marlins Finally Opened the Vault to Sign Giancarlo Stanton

    If you had the Miami Marlins in the office pool as the franchise most likely to bestow the biggest contract in sports, congratulations.....

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  21. Is Giancarlo Stanton Worth Largest Contract in MLB History?

    Move over, A-Rod! The Miami Marlins have reportedly signed Giancarlo Stanton to the largest contract in baseball history at 13 years for $325 million, according to Miami Herald's Manny Navarro ...

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  22. Miami Marlins Wrongly Ignored History in Giancarlo Stanton Negotiation

    The Marlins have had one of the most fickle and parsimonious front offices in all of baseball this century...

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  23. Marlins Serious About Hooking Slugger Giancarlo Stanton

    Everyone in baseball has been waiting for the Miami Marlins to make a serious bid to sign Giancarlo Stanton for the long term...

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  24. Marlins Haven't Discussed Extension with Steve Cishek

    The Miami Marlins are currently exploring contract extensions with several of their young stars - including a reported 13-year, $325-million deal with outfielder Giancarlo Stanton ...

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  25. Giancarlo Stanton Taking Big Bucks, Bigger Risk with Marlins, Loria

    Giancarlo Stanton is about to ink a deal of epic proportions. The Miami Marlins are close to signing the 25-year-old outfielder to the richest contract in baseball history: an unprecedented 13 years and a ghastly $325 million...

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