1. Right-Hander Dan Haren Has Miami Marlins on Hold

    The Marlins acquired two players from the Los Angeles Dodgers last week, but they remain unsure whether one of them ever will wear their jersey...

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  2. Mike Hill on Marlins off-Season Moves: "We've Checked off a Lot of Boxes"

    Marlins president of baseball operations Mike Hill is still tinkering with his 2015 squad, and it's likely Friday's trade with the Yankees for infielder Martin Prado and pitcher David Phelps won't be his last move...

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  3. Marlins-Yankees Trade Analysis: Martin Prado Provides Flexibility

    Friday, the Marlins and Yankees got together for an interesting trade, albeit definitely not a blockbuster. Let's check it out...

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  4. Martin Prado, David Phelps to Marlins: Latest Trade Details, Comments, Reaction

    The Miami Marlins offseason overhaul continued on Friday, as the team reportedly struck a deal with the New York Yankees for super-utility man Martin Prado and right-handed pitcher David Phelps...

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  5. Marlins Owner Jeffrey Loria Did Not Sucker Giancarlo Stanton into Losing Future

    Boxing promoters, politicians, televangelists draped in gaudy jewelry, Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria. You take everything these people say, especially the promises, with a dump truck’s load of skepticism...

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  6. Miami Marlins' Garrett Jones drawing interest

    Miami officially announced it signed Michael Morse to a two-year contract on Wednesday night, and as a result, the club could look to trade Garrett Jones. According to MLB ...

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  7. Miami Marlins: Host of New Players Make Marlins One of MLB's Most Exciting Teams

    The Miami Marlins made big news in late November when they signed Giancarlo Stanton to a record-breaking 13-year, $325 million contract...

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  8. Marlins Announce Michael Morse Signing with Secret Morse Code Message

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  9. Michael Morse to Marlins: Latest Contract Details, Reaction and Analysis

    The Miami Marlins have reportedly reached an agreement with outfielder Michael Morse on a two-year deal. Joe Frisaro of MLB ...

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  10. Marlins Nearing Deal With Michael Morse

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  11. In His Words: Miami Marlins' Justin Bour Details His Overseas Trip to Visit...

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  12. Marlins Have Had Talks with Michael Morse

    Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports that the Marlins have engaged with free agent Michael Morse recently...

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  13. Marlins Pres: We Signed a Lifetime Deal with Stanton

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  14. Marlins Sign Scott Sizemore

    CBS Sports' Jon Heyman writes that the Marlins have signed infielder Scott Sizemore to a minor league contract. Chris Cotillo of MLB Daily Dish first mentioned that a deal was likely to get done...

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  15. Marlins' Mat Latos, Dee Gordon Trades Show They Smell Blood in NL East

    Remember when the Miami Marlins shed all those star players a couple years ago, effectively punting on trying to contend in the National League East in the near future? If you ...

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  16. Mat Latos to Marlins: Latest Trade Details, Comments and Reaction

    Coming off a disappointing 76-86 season and seeing other teams in the National League Central continue to get stronger, the Cincinnati Reds seem poised to start looking toward the ...

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  17. Giancarlo 'Thrilled' with Gordon/Haren Trade

    SAN DIEGO -- Giancarlo Stanton structured his 13-year, $325 contract in such a way so that the Marlins could have money to build around him now. On Wednesday, the Marlins began that process by acquiring Dee Gordon and Dan Haren from the Dodgers ...

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  18. Haren Issues Statement, Unsure Whether He'll Retire Following Trade from LA

    Dan Haren told Mark Saxon of ESPN Los Angeles in November that he had “no interest in playing in a city away from my family” and would rather retire than pitch for a team other than the Dodgers or Angels ...

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  19. Dee Gordon to Marlins: Latest Trade Details, Comments and Reaction

    Andrew Friedman is settling into his new job as president of baseball operations for the Los Angeles Dodgers . The defending National League West champions have made a trade sending Dee Gordon to the Miami Marlins ...

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  20. Marlins Have Concerns About Stanton's Health

    The issue remaining in the wake of the Giancarlo Stanton signing is how the Marlins slugger will bounce back from the beaning that ended his 2014 season...

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  21. Marlins Manager Redmond Tears Achilles Tendon Playing Tennis

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  22. Marlins Interested in Morse, Morneau

    As the Marlins continue to look for upgrades at first base, the team is considering free agent Michael Morse and trade target Justin Morneau of the Rockies , Joe Frisaro of MLB ...

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  23. Marlins Willing to Part with Pitching If Deal Is Right

    The Marlins have what teams want -- talented, controllable pitching. The club is even willing to part with a piece or two, but the challenge is finding a match that makes sense...

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  24. Marlins' Interest in Headley Derailed by Word of Alleged $65-Million Offer

    The Marlins like Chase Headley very much and have been weighing an offer for the free agent third baseman, but it appears they are delaying the pursuit at least for now after learning about a huge offer allegedly made to Headley...

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  25. Marlins Offer Contracts to All Arbitration Eligibles

    The Marlins offered contracts to all of their remaining 35 unsigned players on their 40-man roster, including six eligible for salary arbitration...

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