1. LeBron James Says He'd Take Miguel Cabrera's Contract If League Allowed It

    This just in: Miami Heat star LeBron James is rich. Like, seriously rich. The guy can pay for extra cheese on his Whopper and not even think twice about it...

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  2. Chalmers, Allen and Oden Out vs. Pistons

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  3. Are the Miami Heat's Homestretch Struggles a Concern Going into NBA Playoffs?

    The Miami Heat have hit a wall going into the final games of the regular season as the playoffs approach. Without key players such as Mike Miller on the team to hit clutch shots, they will struggle in close game situations...

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  4. Allen Sits out 2nd Straight Game with Flu

    Ray Allen missed the Heat 's loss to Indiana Wednesday with the flu, and Miami told reporters Friday that Allen will also miss their game Friday night vs. Detroit ...

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  5. A Closer Look at How Udonis Haslem Neutralized Roy Hibbert

    Lost in the midst of a controversial 84-83 Miami HEAT loss to the rival Indiana Pacers was that Roy Hibbert seemingly broke out of a month-long struggle, with his play resembling the work he did in the Eastern Conference Finals last year...

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  6. DETROIT: Flagrant Foul by Miami Heat’s LeBron James Stands

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  7. Is a Healthy Dwyane Wade Enough to Deliver Another Championship to Miami Heat?

    The Miami Heat are looking forward to yet another postseason run, and they're managing Dwyane Wade 's minutes, hoping that he'll propel them to a third straight NBA title...

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  8. Miami Heat Need to Find Some Meaning in Closing Stretch

    AUBURN HILLS, Mich. — It has often seemed as if something's been missing this season for the Miami Heat , but late Wednesday night in Indianapolis, the absence of one emotion was actually most welcome...

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  9. How Miami Heat Can Rebuild Their Supporting Cast This Offseason

    The future fate of the Miami Heat rests on the shoulders of the Big Three. While LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade all have the option to become free agents this offseason, ...

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  10. LeBron James Says He's 'Kung-Fu Master' After Flagrant Foul on Roy Hibbert

    LeBron James has somehow managed to perfect his game at the NBA level while also mastering the art of kung fu ...

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  11. Referee Accidentally Trips LeBron James During Brutal Heat-Pacers Game

    You can’t dance this close to the fire without being burned. LeBron James was in a foul mood during Wednesday night’s game against the Indiana Pacers , and a bit ...

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  12. Miami Heat's Loss to Pacers Leaves Them Lamenting Rough Plays and Raw Deals

    INDIANAPOLIS — The fourth quarter was about to begin Wednesday night, and if not for the already overwhelming din in Bankers Life Fieldhouse , you might have made out a ringing bell...

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  13. Wade: 'I Don't Think We Executed Good Enough'

    INDIANAPOLIS -- There were hard fouls and harder fouls and perceived retaliations and official reviews. And this is just the beginning...

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  14. Building the Ideal Playoff Rotation for the Miami Heat

    Trying to predict the Miami Heat 's playoff rotation is a hopeless endeavor. Keep that in mind while I build for you the rotation I would run with in the playoffs if I were coaching the Heat...

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  15. Bosh: We're 'Getting Punched in the Face'

    INDIANAPOLIS -- If the Miami Heat have grown bored with the regular season portion of their push for a fourth consecutive trip to the NBA Finals, they have not gotten tired of the gamesmanship that is essential to getting there...

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  16. Heat Clinch Southeast Division Title Despite Loss

    # Heat drop physical contest to Pacers but clinch the Southeast Division regardless. http://msn.foxsports...

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  17. Dwyane Wade Injury: Updates on Miami Heat Star's Hamstring and Return

    Updates from Saturday, April 19 Ethan Skolnick of Bleacher report has the latest on Wade: Updates from Saturday, April 12 The Miami Herald 's Joseph Goodman reports ...

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  18. Video: Heat's LeBron James Gets Flagrant Foul for Elbow to Pacers' Roy Hibbert

    Heat forward LeBron James was assessed a flagrant foul for delivering an elbow to Pacers center Roy Hibbert during the fourth quarter of a Wednesday night game at Bankers Life Fieldhouse...

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  19. Video: Wade, Stephenson T'ed Up After Shoving Match

    Heat guard Dwyane Wade and Pacers guard Lance Stephenson drew double technical fouls after engaging in a minor shoving match on Wednesday night...

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  20. Wade Will Play Wednesday vs. Pacers

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  21. Allen Officially out Wednesday vs. Pacers

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  22. Instagram: Wade, LeBron Arrive for Indy Game

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  23. Report: Allen Doubtful Against Pacers Due to Flu

    INDIANAPOLIS -- The Miami Heat may be without Ray Allen for their big game with the Indiana Pacers Wednesday because a case of the flu...

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  24. Report: Allen Doubtful to Play vs. Pacers

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  25. Why It's Foolish to Read into Miami Heat Big 3 Free Agency Speculation

    Taking NBA players at their word is a dangerous proposition, least of all when they have every incentive to tell you exactly what you want to hear...

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