1. 5 Recent Plays That No One Else Except LeBron James Can Make

    Sure, LeBron James is the best basketball player on the planet, but what makes him so good? Not only can he play in the post, but he can run the show similar to that of a point guard...

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  2. LeBron James and Miami Heat Overcome OKC Thunder's Best Shot

    OKLAHOMA CITY — It has never been easy for LeBron James to make himself invisible. So maybe this was as close as he'll ever come, sitting in the corner, towel over his head, ...

    Ethan Skolnick Written by Ethan Skolnick about 1 month ago 39,598 reads 261 comments

  3. LeBron Heads to Locker Room After Hit to Face

    LeBron James is headed back to the locker room, holding a towel to his nose. Heat lead 90-74 with 5:50 left...

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  4. Debate: What's the One Trade Rumor You Wish Came True?

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  5. Video: LeBron's Jam Highlights Huge 1st Quarter

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  6. Grading Miami Heat's Trade-Deadline Performance

    The Miami Heat weren't very active at the 2014 NBA trade deadline, as expected . Pat Riley and Co.'s only move of the day involved shipping scarcely used shooting guard Roger Mason Jr...

    Sam Richmond Written by Sam Richmond about 1 month ago 6,021 reads 9 comments

  7. Miami Heat Reportedly Trade Roger Mason Jr. to Kings to Create Open Roster Spot

    UPDATE: Thursday, Feb. 20 at 5:15 p.m. ET by Adam Fromal It's official. Roger Mason Jr . will never play a game with the Sacramento Kings ...

    Andy Bailey Written by Andy Bailey about 1 month ago 48,489 reads 153 comments

  8. Report: Heat Trade Roger Mason to Kings

    The Miami Heat have been attempting to trade Roger Mason to create an open roster spot and have found an agreement with the Sacramento Kings ...

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  9. James Tells GQ Going to Heat Best Thing That Ever Happened to Him

    There were several intriguing revelations in GQ's recent interview with LeBron James. To read the piece, click here. He is on the cover of the upcoming issue.....

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  10. Miami Heat vs. Oklahoma City Thunder Odds Preview, Prediction, Trends

    King James. The Slim Reaper. The two-time defending league champs. And the best team in the West. Not a bad way to spend a Thursday evening, with or without a few bucks riding on the outcome...

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  11. Former NBA Stars Would Grant All-Time Status to Three-Peating Miami Heat

    OKLAHOMA CITY — Rick Fox, at age 44, still looks like he could grab a key rebound and knock down a critical shot...

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  12. Beasley Loses Full-Court Foot Race to James Jones

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  13. LeBron James Would Be Foolish to Leave Miami Heat in 2014 Free Agency

    LeBron James is smart enough to know that his immediate future lies with the Miami Heat . Attempts to drum up his impending free agency are made regularly, portraying this summer ...

    Dan Favale Written by Dan Favale about 1 month ago 20,537 reads 88 comments

  14. Miami Heat's Chris Andersen Trims Mohawk

    One of the NBA 's most unmistakable players has decided to switch up his look. Though his patented ink is sure to forever keep him out of disguise, Chris Andersen of the Miami Heat has trimmed down his second trademark: the sky-scraping mohawk ..

    John Dorn Written by John Dorn about 1 month ago 4,323 reads 2 comments

  15. LeBron James, Ornery and Engaged, Showing This Season Has His Full Attention

    DALLAS — This has been simmering for something near a fortnight now, plenty long enough to prep the populace. Everyone should have seen this eruption coming...

    Ethan Skolnick Written by Ethan Skolnick about 1 month ago 54,800 reads 592 comments

  16. How Miami Heat's Big 3 Have Adjusted to Each Other over the Years

    The Miami Heat are, in the richest possible sense of the word, a beautiful basketball team to watch.  The Big Three era has been, for hoops junkies, for folks who find meaning in athletic competition, a joyful thing to behold...

    Tom Sunnergren Written by Tom Sunnergren about 1 month ago 8,075 reads 33 comments

  17. Post-2014 NBA All-Star Break Predictions for Miami Heat

    The next few months promise to be incredibly exciting for the Miami Heat . Legacies, both individual and as a whole, are on the line...

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  18. Video: Cuban Shakes Head After Birdman 3

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  19. Mavs' Vine Account Trolls Heat Fans

    With the Miami Heat in town, the fine folks over at the Dallas Mavericks Vine account decided to have some fun at the expense of Miami fans...

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  20. Miami Heat Reportedly Rejecting Trade Inquiries for Norris Cole

    With the Feb. 20 NBA trade deadline fast approaching, the two-time defending champion Miami Heat are reportedly rejecting all trade offers for point guard Norris Cole ...

    Ben Leibowitz Written by Ben Leibowitz about 1 month ago 24,662 reads 82 comments

  21. LeBron James Says 'The Decision' Was Actually Best Thing to Ever Happen to Him

    You never would have guessed it at the time, but LeBron James now believes his ill-conceived and very public escape from the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2010 was actually a good thing...

    Grant Hughes Written by Grant Hughes about 1 month ago 4,004 reads 16 comments

  22. LeBron James Would Rather Be Known for Brains Over Brawn

    DALLAS — Those who receive praise don't necessarily get to decide why it is bestowed upon them. But they are allowed to have, and express, a preference...

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  23. Report: Heat Turning Away Calls for Norris Cole

    Several teams have inquired about Norris Cole, but the Heat are rejecting offers for their backup point guard, reports Shams Charania of RealGM.com. Most rival teams view him as a starting-caliber player, according to Charania...

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  24. Spoelstra: Heat Pushed to Greater Heights by 2011 Mavs

    DALLAS -- For coach Erik Spoelstra, the Miami Heat 's annual trip to Dallas is a reminder of a title lost and lessons learned...

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  25. LeBron James Wants Longer NBA All-Star Break

    It's more than semantics. There's a big difference between the NBA All-Star weekend and the NBA All-Star break. The former is for the fans, the latter is for the group of players with three off days penciled into the middle of the season...

    Zach Buckley Written by Zach Buckley about 2 months ago 22,619 reads 161 comments