1. Rest Program Pays Off for Miami Heat’'s Dwyane Wade

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  2. Miami Heat’s Toney Douglas, Rashard Lewis Look to Be Playoff Factors

    With the Heat in playoff mode, evidenced by its effort — or lack thereof — against the Washington Wizards , Erik Spoelstra will be looking to set his team's postseason rotation as the first round quickly approaches...

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  3. Heat Carrying Concerns About Turnovers into Playoffs

    Instead of working at the Verizon Center on Monday morning, the Miami Heat shifted their shootaround to Georgetown University.....

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  4. Ranking the Biggest Threats to Miami Heat's 3-Peat Bid

    Much of the conversation and speculation regarding the Miami Heat ’s bid for a third consecutive championship has centered around the team itself, on factors squarely within its control...

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  5. 2014 NBA Postseason Can't Come Soon Enough for Miami Heat

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — There have been 27 losses this season for the Miami Heat , and unless James Jones and Justin Hamilton and Toney Douglas torch the Philadelphia 76ers on Wednesday, there could well be a 28th...

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  6. Wizards Rout Heat to Give Pacers Top Seed

    WASHINGTON -- The Miami Heat opted for rest for LeBron James and Chris Bosh over the pursuit of the Eastern Conference's top seed, and the Washington Wizards capitalized in a 114-93 breeze of a game Monday night that clinched the No...

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  7. Heat Will Rest LeBron, Bosh Against Wizards

    WASHINGTON -- Miami Heat forwards LeBron James and Chris Bosh will sit out of Monday's game against the Washington Wizards for rest...

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  8. Report: LeBron, Bosh Both out vs. Wizards

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  9. Wade says rehab ongoing; Spoelstra taking long view

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  10. Miami Heat 'Fast 5': LeBron's Concession, Beasley in DC, Wade's Absences & More

    Five quick-hitting Miami Heat items as the regular season draws to a close: 1. LeBron James isn't competing with the league anymore, as much as with himself...

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  11. Are Miami Heat More Vulnerable Than We Think Entering 2014 Playoffs?

    Invincibility doesn't win NBA championships. There is no such thing as the perfect team or stainless playoff run. All teams are vulnerable to some extent—including the reigning champion Miami Heat ...

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  12. Report: Miami Heat Rejected Evan Turner for Udonis Haslem Trade Before Deadline

    Evan Turner is in a tough situation in Indiana, trying to replace career Pacer and team leader Danny Granger while taking plenty of heat for the team's recent struggles. It's scrutiny he wasn 't facing in Philadelphia , where he started the season.

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  13. How Would LeBron James' Legacy Change with a Three-Peat?

    Winning a third title in as many seasons would be a substantial boost to LeBron James legacy, but it might not matter as much as we think. James is playing a strange game right now...

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  14. Hawks' Playoff Clinching Win over Heat Is False Preview of Possible 1-8 Matchup

    Give this to the Atlanta Hawks : They showed up on Saturday night. Needing only to win one of their final three games to clinch the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference, and knowing ...

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  15. Loss to the Hawks Leaves Heat Tied with Pacers in the East

    ATLANTA — It's almost like it never happened. No, really. Think about it. This entire regular season is almost in the books, the playoffs are almost here and consider where ...

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  16. Miami Heat Proving Why They Remain Favorites to Reach NBA Finals

    Dwyane Wade has officially become the cherry on top. The Miami Heat looked just fine without him Friday night, and they've held their own in his absence recently, going 7-4 in their last 11 games when he's sat out...

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  17. Heat Remind Pacers Who the Champs Are

    MIAMI — Before the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat tipped off Friday, LeBron James put a fine point on all the noise about the top seed and home-court advantage in the Eastern Conference...

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  18. Miami Heat Take Lead in Eastern Conference Alpha Dogfight

    MIAMI — You can choose to take LeBron James at his word, nod at his practiced nonchalance and accept his bland platitudes about “process...

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  19. How the Miami Heat Can Hold on to the No. 1 Seed in the Playoffs

    With their convincing win against the Indiana Pacers Friday night, the Miami Heat regained possession of the top seed and home-court advantage in the Eastern Conference playoffs...

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  20. Report: Haslem Expected to Play vs. Pacers

    Udonis Haslem is expected to play. Dwyane Wade and Greg Oden will not play. Chris Andersen a game-time decision...

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  21. "I Will Never Forget It": Heat Fan Wins Shopping Spree with Birdman

    A Miami Heat fan took a trip to the store she won't soon forget, leaving an area Winn-Dixie with a cart of free groceries and memories of a shopping spree with Chris "Birdman" Andersen...

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  22. Will Anybody Vouch for LeBron James as MVP?

    The shift from vocal support to utter silence was a gradual one, but it's almost impossible to find anyone who'll speak out in favor of LeBron James ' MVP credentials these days...

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  23. Watch: LeBron's Sickest Jams This Season

    SI.com busted out their Top 10 list of best dunks of the season but LeBron only made an appearance once. We think he deserves his own list...

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  24. Debate: Who Will Be the Heat's X-Factor in the Playoffs?

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  25. Are Miami Heat Better Off as a No. 1 or No. 2 Playoff Seed?

    Postseason seeding matters in the NBA — even to the unflappable Miami Heat . At times, it can be difficult to take Miami's pulse...

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