1. Dolphins Must Consider Cleaning out Toxic Wide Receiver Situation

    As the NFL playoffs continue, take a look around at what kind of players each of the remaining contenders have on their rosters. You’ll find playmakers scattered throughout the field on offense and defense...

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  2. Todd Bowles Pegs New DC, Signifies Coming Changes to Jets D

    As the Jets ' coaching staff rounds into place, so does the realization that this defense will get its first fresh pair of eyes in more than half a decade...

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  3. What Do We Know About Rob Konrad's 16 Hours at Sea?

    Alone under the sky, impossibly far from anyone who could help him and miles from shore, the former football player swam nine—or was it 27?—miles to save his life...

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  4. Dolphins Want Back in Super Bowl Mix for 2019 or 2020

    South Florida wants back in the Super Bowl mix, and they're hoping a refurbished Sun Life Stadium can get the big game back in 2019 or 2020...

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  5. How the Miami Dolphins Should Approach 2015 NFL Free Agency

    The disappointing end to the Miami Dolphins ' 2014 season could lead to various tough decisions that must be made during the 2015 offseason. The toughest decisions will come with free agency and how the Dolphins should approach it...

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  6. Sneak Peek at Sun Life Stadium's $350M Renovation

    Miami's Sun Life Stadium is currently undergoing a $350-million modernization, and the home of the Dolphins looks like a warzone (for now)...

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  7. Landry, James Named to All-Rookie Team

    The Dolphins clearly hit with their first two picks in the 2014 NFL draft, and further evidence came Tuesday when the Professional Football Writers of America announced their All-Rookie Team...

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  8. Dolphins Free-Agent Profile: Knowshon Moreno

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  9. Miami Dolphins' Initial 2015 Round-by-Round Draft Big Board

    The college football season has officially ended, and NFL front offices are getting ready to turn over every stone as they search for potential draft picks...

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  10. 2015 NFL Draft: 5 Prospects Miami Dolphins Fans Need to Know

    It feels like we say this every year, but the 2015 NFL draft is of enormous importance for Joe Philbin and the Miami Dolphins ...

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  11. Dolphins Have Questions at Backup QB

    Perhaps the most promising sign to emerge from the Miami Dolphins ' 8-8 season was the progress of third-year quarterback Ryan Tannehill...

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  12. Miami Dolphins Stock Watch

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  13. Hyde5: Will Philbin Consider Changing Defensive Coordinator?

    Defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, who molded Buffalo into a Top 3 defense this year, is on the market. If Joe Philbin wants a change, there's a top name. There are other options, of course...

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  14. How Bills' Hire of Rex Ryan Impacts Dolphins

    The Buffalo Bills made a splash over the weekend by hiring former New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan . The move was made official by the Bills on Monday.....

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  15. Former Dolphins FB Describes Grueling, 9-Mile Swim After Boating Accident

    "I shouldn't be here." This is how Rob Konrad assesses the fight of his life—a boating accident that left him alone and drifting nine miles off the Florida coast Thursday...

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  16. Dolphins Lack Candidates, Cap Room to Use Franchise Tag

    The Miami Dolphins ' offseason is underway, and soon will kick into high gear. General manager Dennis Hickey and first-year vice president Mike Tannenbaum have a lot of decisions to make via the draft and free agency...

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  17. NFL Sets Kickoff Time for Dolphins-Jets Game in London

    The Dolphins will have the national stage to themselves when they face the New York Jets in London, England, next season.....

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  18. What Would Joe Philbin's Contract Extension Mean for Dolphins?

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  19. 8 Dolphins Who Will Be on the Roster Bubble in 2015

    Change is coming for the Miami Dolphins organization as the front office reviews its plans to improve the roster for 2015. Another season filled with a mediocre 8-8 record means that this team must be shaken up to improve...

    Ian Wharton Written by Ian Wharton about 20 days ago 11,872 reads 39 comments

  20. Armando Salguero: Miami Dolphins Owe Brian Hartline Fast Decision

    Brian Hartline finds a shady table at one of his favorite outdoor spots on Las Olas Boulevard and surveys the landscape through Ray-Ban sunglasses before diving into his lunch...

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  21. Uncertainty Within the Dolphins WR Room

    The Miami Dolphins wide receiver corps will be an interesting place for offseason decisions soon. The team could keep or cut Brian Hartline, Mike Wallace or Brandon Gibson...

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  22. Mike Pouncey joins Cameron Wake, Brent Grimes as Dolphins in Pro Bowl

    Dolphins guard Mike Pouncey has been named to the Pro Bowl squad as a replacement for San Francisco guard Mike Iupati...

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  23. Fritz Pollard Alliance Seeking Answers on Tannenbaum Hire

    he Miami Dolphins recently hired Mike Tannenbaum to serve as the team's executive V.P. of football operations...

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  24. Mike Pouncey Added to Pro Bowl Roster

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  25. Tannenbaum on Wallace: We'll Make Most Responsible Decision for Team

    Among the decisions that Mike Tannenbaum will be involved in making as the new Dolphins executive vice president of football operations is one about the future of wide receiver Mike Wallace with the franchise...

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