1. Granderson pops out. Scherzer does it. His 2nd no-hitter of the season. Holy cow. First to do so in reg. season since Ryan in '73.

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  6. NO-HITTER!!! @Max_Scherzer is the sixth pitcher in MLB history to throw 2 no-hitters in the same season!! #MadMax http://t.co/y2gM7RcpIX

  7. So Scherzer will finish two plays short of two perfect games this season. Tabata HBP and Escobar's error.

  8. Here's the quick story on Scherzer's latest no-hitter. Plenty more to come later: http://t.co/dRSUYD4BRC

  9. Nationals' Scherzer Throws No-Hitter vs. Mets

  10. Too Soon, Scherzer... Too Soon

  11. Day After Nats' Fight, Scherzer Nearly Throws No-No

  12. Max Scherzer tosses 2nd no-hitter of 2015 in #Nationals' 2-0 win over #Mets; #Nats 83-78 http://t.co/G3p0Ifsob3 http://t.co/8Hn3xtNApS

  13. Max Scherzer is a Yunel Escobar error and near-miss hit by pitch away from having two perfect games this season.

  14. Does this mean Scherzer will play catch in the hotel before every start now...?

  15. You Wouldn't Like Scherzer When He's Angry

  16. Scherzer Keeps the Ball Down, Dominates

  17. #Nats Nightly w/@NationalsDSP, FBB's Doghouse at 10:00PM after Max Scherzer's second no-hitter, #Nationals' 2-0 win: http://t.co/myngHeiza1

  18. Max Scherzer on two no-hitters in a season: "Guys, I'm speechless. I don't know what to say."

  19. Scherzer on being one of six pitchers ever with two no-hitters in one season: "I'm speechless about that. I don't know what to say."

  20. Dan Uggla on Max Scherzer: "He's a pretty cool dude, man."

  21. Fresh off his second no-hitter of the year, @Max_Scherzer joins @MLBNetwork right now! #MadMax http://t.co/mVGsGCIsaO

  22. For the second time this season, Max Scherzer had more hits himself than the team he was facing. Yet another amazing nugget in all this.

  23. By Game Score, Max Scherzer just threw 2nd best 9-inning game in history (104). Kerry Wood's 105 (20 K, 1 H, 0 BB) barely beats it.

  24. And of the 13 9-inning starts ever with a Game Score of 100, two were thrown by Scherzer this season. And his other no-hitter was only a 97!

  25. Scherzer wound up with 276 strikeouts this season. Only others to have that many since 2001: Kershaw, Darvish, R. Johnson, Schilling.

  26. A good game story from @chelsea_janes on Max Scherzer's wild second no-hitter of the season. http://t.co/LTglZDjqaa

  27. ...in which all the chaos of the Nationals' last week fell away for a night, because Max Scherzer did it again: http://t.co/L03q1t4Bws

  28. At end of season full of dominant performances, Max Scherzer outdid himself tonight and joined an ultra-elite club: http://t.co/BgA94SBz8Z

  29. #Nats' starter Max Scherzer and Matt Williams on Scherzer's second no-hitter this season http://t.co/NMfIIq6Chs http://t.co/Yj96kW24HW

  30. Putting Scherzer's no-hitter (and no-hitters) into historical context. Warning: Some of these facts are astounding: http://t.co/abLvMOVKWX

  31. No-no encore: #Scherzer tosses 2nd of 2015 http://t.co/hvtiFOWuBV #MLB #Nats #Nationals

  32. Scherzer joins elite club with 2nd no-no of 2015 http://t.co/GRE8d7om5o via @mlb

  33. What a great pitcher. #Scherzer joins elite club with 2nd no-hitter of 2015 http://t.co/GRE8d7om5o #MLB #Nats #Nationals

  34. No-no encore: #Scherzer tosses 2nd of season http://t.co/hvtiFOWuBV #Nats #Nationals #MLB

  35. Did you know: #Scherzer's historic no-hitter http://t.co/VCbM8mMt5Q #Nationals #Nats #MLB

  36. #Scherzer's No. 2 no-no caps season of elite pitching http://t.co/rJDx6LnD0Q #Nats #Nationals #MLB

  37. Footnote from Scherzer's no-hitter last night: Rookie Wilmer Difo, in his 1st career start, fractured his left hand: http://t.co/9zuaIHBhtp

  38. Max Scherzer's 2nd no-hitter of the season was "bittersweet" but left the right-hander "speechless": http://t.co/BgA94SBz8Z

  39. Putting Scherzer's no-hitter(s) into historical context. Some of this really is remarkable: http://t.co/abLvMOVKWX

  40. ICYMI: as a dead season wound to a disappointing close, Scherzer resuscitated hope with a night of unexpected magic: http://t.co/L03q1t4Bws

  41. Was Max Scherzer's (second) no-hitter the greatest ever thrown? http://t.co/lVfx9FrRQg

  42. So many crazy notes from @Max_Scherzer's no-no, incl. @WRamosC3 is only MLB C EVER to catch 3 in a 162-game span. http://t.co/m8drKnwYyr

  43. Scherzer finished with 276 K, 34 BB. Only pitchers ever with that many Ks and fewer BBs: Pedro in 2000, Schilling in 2002.

  44. Max Scherzer, for having more hits (1) than his opponent (0) in his last start, is the NL Player of the Week. Second time this season.

  45. Congrats to @Max_Scherzer, your NL Player of the Week: http://t.co/3LNkOTkko7 #MadMax http://t.co/WQ7MdhXI6R

  46. Max Scherzer has been named N.L. Player of the Week. #Nats #Nationals #MLB