1. Predicting the Statistical Leaders for the Montreal Canadiens in 2014-15

    The Montreal Canadiens' 2014-15 season is approaching. Opening night against the Toronto Maple Leafs is just five weeks away. It seems like a good time to start making predictions about the upcoming year...

    Brandon DuBreuil Written by Brandon DuBreuil about 1 month ago 4,094 reads 3 comments

  2. The Biggest Question for Each Montreal Canadiens Line in 2014-15

    The Montreal Canadiens ' 2014-15 roster is just about set, meaning it's time to start making line projections for the forwards...

    Brandon DuBreuil Written by Brandon DuBreuil about 3 months ago 5,589 reads 11 comments

  3. Power Ranking Montreal Canadiens' Top 6 Forwards for 2014-15 Season

    The Montreal Canadiens top six forwards will look slightly different in 2014-15. Gone are Thomas Vanek and Brian Gionta, likely to be replaced by P.A. Parenteau and Alex Galchenyuk...

    Brandon DuBreuil Written by Brandon DuBreuil about 3 months ago 5,226 reads 11 comments

  4. Grades for Montreal Canadiens' Top Stars in 1st Round of NHL Playoffs

    The Montreal Canadiens surprised the hockey world by sweeping the Tampa Bay Lightning in the first round of the NHL playoffs. They now sit back and enjoy a couple of days off while awaiting the winner of the Boston vs...

    Brandon DuBreuil Written by Brandon DuBreuil about 6 months ago 1,123 reads 1 comments

  5. Man Steals Hockey Stick from Young Canadiens Fan, Doesn't Get Far

    Never steal game memorabilia from a child. That’s day one stuff, guys. Of all the unwritten rules in the sports fan code of ethics, giving unto the children stands as one of the foremost...

    Dan Carson Written by Dan Carson about 6 months ago 46,924 reads 55 comments

  6. Why Max Paciorertty's Explosive Speed Makes Him Perfect for Team USA

    Montreal Canadiens winger Max Pacioretty has been waiting for his opportunity to join and play for USA Hockey at the Olympics. He made a name for himself on the world stage at the 2012 World Championships, despite Team USA falling short of medaling..

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  7. Montreal's Max Pacioretty Misses 2 Penalty Shots in 1 Game

    Montreal Canadiens left winger Max Pacioretty had an incredible night Thursday, becoming the first player in NHL history to miss two penalty shots in the same game and the first to attempt multiple penalty shots in the same period...

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  8. Montreal Canadiens Trade Rumors: Why Montreal Must Keep Max Pacioretty

    For the record, Montreal Canadiens forward Max Pacioretty is not being actively shopped, but that doesn’t make his name popping up in trade rumors sound any less like a fairy tale...

    Ryan Szporer Written by Ryan Szporer about 11 months ago 6,280 reads 19 comments

  9. Stock Watch for Montreal Canadiens' Top-6 Forwards

    The Montreal Canadiens are a quarter of the way through their schedule, and it's time to check in on the stocks of their top-six forwards. Injuries have been a major issue up front in 2013-14 for the Habs...

    Brandon DuBreuil Written by Brandon DuBreuil about 11 months ago 2,162 reads 1 comments