1. Don't worry, guys. Matthew Mulligan has entered the game.

  2. You need to watch this. Richie Incognito interrogates Matt Mulligan about his poor spelling in a @WKBW exclusive https://t.co/Aq3E6XCDjZ

  3. Matthew Mulligan is lined up with the starters in a 2-TE set to start for the Bills.

  4. Bills' offensive starters: Taylor, Bronson Hill, Goodwin, Hogan, Clay, Mulligan, Glenn, Incognito, Wood, Miller, Henderson

  5. Matthew Mulligan is in a two-TE set.

  6. 6 OL and 2 TEs up on the line again. Overloaded line from #Bills in run game. Glenn and Kouandjio on right side with Mulligan.

  7. Mulligan has been mixing in with the first team in 2-TE sets. His roster spot seems secure.

  8. Goodwin extends for a catch deep from Matt Cassel. Like Mulligan, he seems to be in good shape for the 53. Probably the No. 4 right now.

  9. "Matt Cassel's pass complete to Matthew Mulligan" -- things we'll hear in September.

  10. This Cierre Wood-Ricky Seale-Matthew Mulligan offense has gone 38 yards in 10 plays. It'll sneak up on you.

  11. Right now, OB Greg Roman has five tight ends on offense --- Charles Clay, MarQueis Gray, Matthew Mulligan, Chris Gragg and Nick O'Leary.

  12. Holding penalty on negated McCoy TD was on Matthew Mulligan. He really IS the new Lee Smith!

  13. This came back because of a hold on Mulligan, but man, watch Richie Incognito. Rex Ryan wasn't kidding, 64 was great. http://t.co/zgBhg8DqKb

  14. Cassel and Mulligan are former Patriots. Easley played at UConn. https://t.co/Z6QSsOcZ0Q

  15. Ex-Patriots QB Matt Cassel is a #Bills captain today. (As well as Corey Graham, Marcus Easley and ex-Pat Matthew Mulligan).

  16. Former Patriots TE Matthew Mulligan, now with Bills, comes out for the opening coin toss with Bills teammates.

  17. Former #Patriots TE Matthew Mulligan was also a captain for the #Bills, along with Matt Cassel. Classic Rex Ryan

  18. Matthew Mulligan and Matt Cassel are there for the Bills, for the coin toss

  19. The captains for the #Bills this week, Easley, Mulligan, Cassel & Graham.

  20. In addition to TE Matthew Mulligan, another former Patriot -- QB Matt Cassel -- was out for the opening toss.

  21. The #Bills going w/12 personnel early. Mixture of TEs - Clay, Gray, Mulligan.

  22. Fear Matthew Mulligan

  23. Matthew Mulligan with a Lee Smith gain of two yards.

  24. Nothing going right for the Bills today. 22-yard gain by McCoy gets called back for illegal formation penalty on Matthew Mulligan.

  25. Tight ends doing some blocking now. Clay, Mulligan, Gray: https://t.co/PsGU3YF12e

  26. The new ping pong table is a huge hit in the Bills' locker room. Richie Incognito and Matthew Mulligan just wrapped up an intense match.

  27. Incognito's Power Rankings of the Worst ping pong players on the team: Felton, Wood, Mulligan, Ikard, Urbik.

  28. #Bills TE Matthew Mulligan is a weight room all-star. Seriously, how can someone lift that much weight? http://t.co/AIcVJ0uB0z via @DandC

  29. ICYMI: #Bills' TE Matthew Mulligan a weight room all-star. Good guy, too. 700-pound dead lift? Unreal. http://t.co/AIcVJ0uB0z via @DandC

  30. Bills starting this drive with Boobie Dixon, Matthew Mulligan and Chris Gragg as part of their offensive package. Lacking a bit b/c injury.

  31. Mulligan hardly got a hand on Morgan there.

  32. I find it hard to believe the #Bills can't do better than Matthew Mulligan. He does bench press a lot, tho.

  33. Mulligan: "There’s not one guy in this locker room right now who’s worried, because we know what we have in here... That comes from Rex.”

  34. After getting embarrassed in first game, #Bills defense gets a mulligan against the #Patriots. My story: https://t.co/m6wn8zOgzy via @DandC

  35. "Buffalo is just awesome." Former Patriot Mulligan talks #Buffalove on @JohnMurphyShow: https://t.co/4ezwzmwBgj https://t.co/F8x56a4J5X

  36. Don't forget about Matthew Mulligan, guys. https://t.co/xNfv7uWY43

  37. BN Blitz: #Bills TE Matthew Mulligan says Rex Ryan, Bill Belichick have more in common than one might believe https://t.co/RfknkVRoqB

  38. Former Pats TE Matthew Mulligan now with the #Bills-joins us on the show tonight at 730pm @mizmully