1. Matt Prater now kicking off for the #Lions to start second half. Sam Martin the usual KO guy.

  2. Matt Prater Goes Scoreless In Loss To Denver

  3. Matt Prater Hits 26-yard Field Goal In Loss To Vikings

  4. Prater Looks Good Adjusting to Longer PAT

  5. Matt Prater Adds Four Extra Points In Loss

  6. Matt Prater, not Sam Martin, hit that squib kick for the Lions.

  7. Matt Prater hits a 41-yard FG. Lions cut Seahawks' lead to 7-3 with 5:16 left in the second quarter.

  8. Matt Prater good from 41 yards. Seahawks lead now 7-3. That's ends a streak of 13 straight possession with a punt for Seattle opponents.

  9. Matt Prater was up all night vomiting, blew chunks during game. The block was sickening, too: http://t.co/xkWTVY21ke http://t.co/nhIAJypCBH

  10. #Lions K Matt Prater talks about a different kind of intestinal fortitude (and vomiting): http://t.co/40d00W9yYb

  11. Lions' Matt Prater gets sick over lamb and bone marrow, then football http://t.co/Zr8Rl0SeM9

  12. #Lions K Matt Prater offers more detail about his violent illness the night before facing the #Broncos: http://t.co/40d00W9yYb

  13. Before having a PAT blocked Sunday night, Matt Prater had made 198 consecutive extra points. #Lions

  14. Matt Prater said the Lions held him out of open locker room after last night's game because they didn't want him saying anything he'd regret

  15. Lions kicker Matt Prater confirmed he was sick Saturday night into Sunday and that he was "burping up stuff"... http://t.co/BNaEYlwvh8

  16. Matt Prater said he was up all night before the game with food poisoning. Ate bone marrow and lamb that night.

  17. Lions K Matt Prater said he did get food poisoning over the weekend. He was throwing up on Saturday night and holding it in before game.

  18. Caldwell said Matt Prater was dealing with an illness, but "he was healthy enough to play."

  19. Jim Caldwell says Matt Prater was under weather. No update on Warford or Ziggy

  20. Per @Michele_Tafoya, Matt Prater was dealing with an illness last night and today. #Lions

  21. Lions K Matt Prater suffered from bad case of food poisoning last night. Up till 4 a.m. throwing up. Warmed up well. #9News #9sports

  22. Matt Prater just came up 10 yards short and a bit right on a 58-yard field goal try. About 3 yards short on the second attempt.

  23. Lions K Matt Prater feels gratitude, not bitterness as he prepares to face his former team http://t.co/PRX22NZviP

  24. About the time Matt Prater tried to prank Peyton Manning and Wes Welker ... http://t.co/LzTc5LcwaD http://t.co/aGnEwUUHCf

  25. #Lions notes: Former #Broncos K Matt Prater; 2-point conversion; injury updates; Story: http://t.co/D6BBvLQVSa http://t.co/lBPNGCvMAK

  26. #Lions K Matt Prater has no hard feelings about how things ended with the #Broncos: http://t.co/z1X7zg2qG3

  27. #Lions notes: Former #Broncos K Matt Prater; 2-point conversion; injury updates; Story: http://t.co/D6BBvLQVSa http://t.co/obLjk34saJ