1. DeMarcus Ware and Von Miller at the quarterback. Ware was too quick for Matt Kalil, but defensive holding let's #Vikings keep the ball.

  2. Matt Kalil got away with a hold in the end zone, which would have been a safety. Instead, Locke gets off a good punt into Broncos territory.

  3. #Vikings Key matchup: Tackles the key for Vikings - Matt Kalil is playing better this year and has T.J. Cle... http://t.co/0TFVJaeJvk

  4. Matt Kalil didn't know how to spell Brats as a food.

  5. Hard work from a healthy Matt Kalil has benefited @teddyb_h2o and the #Vikings. 5 from 5: http://t.co/KhPaVTStaB http://t.co/Ut9ZKkvN2w

  6. Matt Kalil has allowed 3 pressures this season. At this point a year ago he had allowed 3 sacks and 14 pressures. http://t.co/2yQgocoQjt

  7. 3 fave underrated things from #Vikings SD win Trae Waynes better today than all preseason. Rhett Ellison's work in running game. Matt Kalil.

  8. Talked to Matt Kalil, who might have summed up today's game plan best: "We’re going to move your guys and you can’t do anything about it.”

  9. Rough couple snaps in the run blocking phase for Matt Kalil. Depleted #Vikings offensive line uneven so far against #Chargers.

  10. Matt Kalil with a not-great play.

  11. Well, Matt Kalil is finishing plays.

  12. Matt Kalil with his first truly terrible mistake of 2015.

  13. After playing through 'excruciating' pain in 2014, Matt Kalil is back to just 'ice and hot tub' for recovery http://t.co/Jkuk7cf5Qv #Vikings

  14. Vikings tackle Matt Kalil has strong opening performance http://t.co/QZDkwjSCbi #Vikings #NFL

  15. Matt Kalil talks about "great" opening day performance http://t.co/4BjIYS0CQT

  16. Everson Griffen vows the #Vikings will beat Detroit and Matt Kalil says he's "more than confident" of a win. http://t.co/MbwyI38iok

  17. #Vikings tackle Matt Kalil on how he played against San Francisco: “I thought I played great.’’

  18. #Vikings tackle Matt Kalil: “I’m more than confident going into this next home game against Detroit and getting a win.’’

  19. Matt Kalil thought that he played well (which he did) but has a bitter taste in his mouth after that loss. #Vikings

  20. My good guy awards from last night: Harrison Smith. Mike Harris Harrison Smith Matt Kalil Harrison Smith Xavier Rhodes Harrison Smith A Barr

  21. Matt Kalil allowed only one pressure last night. Harris played well too. The rest were terrible.....Terrible.

  22. Jake Matthews and Matt Kalil combined to surrender 106 total pressures last year. Gave up just 2 between them last night