1. As promised, a look at NCAA Champion and Team USA member, Mason Plumlee! http://t.co/t4rV09c5WO

  2. Butler: Blazers' Plumlee Should Pay My Fine for T

  3. Jimmy Butler and Mason Plumlee Get into It

  4. Watch: Blazers Take 'Boxing Out' to a Whole New Level

  5. Plumlee Makes Casual Backward 3-Pointer Using Standard Form

  6. Terry Stotts has called Mason Plumlee best-passing big man he's had in Portland. Plumlee backs up praise with 2 pretty passes early in 1st.

  7. And the @trailblazers starters: G - Damian Lillard G - CJ McCollum F - Al-Farouq Aminu F - Meyers Leonard C - Mason Plumlee

  8. Tonight's Starters: PG - CJ McCollum SG - Allen Crabbe SF - Al-Farouq Aminu PF - Meyers Legend C - Mason Plumlee

  9. How to Get Over Your Ex: 2015-16 Blazers Preview

  10. Jazz 24, Blazers 20: end of first quarter. @Dame_Lillard with 7 points, @masonplumlee with 4 points, 1 block, 1 steal. Rod Hood has 10.

  11. Back-to-back buckets for @MasonPlumlee https://t.co/pR9pZvNtKD

  12. Mason "I am tall and coordinated" Plumlee tearing it up so far

  13. Mason Plumlee Shines in Narrow Loss to Lakers https://t.co/jOdgvf2A6C https://t.co/uTlo2j35CZ

  14. According to the game notes, @trailblazers starters for tonight are @Dame_Lillard @CJMcCollum @farouq1 @MeyersLeonard11 and @masonplumlee

  15. From @mikegrich: Mason Plumlee has the freedom and skills to be a playmaker with the Trail #Blazers | https://t.co/I4sxfiNtgE

  16. A Mason Plumlee jumper ties the game at 37. Yes, a Mason Plumlee jumper.

  17. You know the momentum's shifting a bit when Mason Plumlee is stroking jumpers.

  18. Suns 55, Blazers 49: halftime. @Dame_Lillard with 13 points. @masonplumlee with 10 points. POR have 2 more FGs, Suns have 17 more FTs.

  19. Mason Plumlee three-point play and it's 102-85 bad guys with under four mins to go.

  20. With 5:55 left in the first Mason Plumlee and Tyson Chandler get into it and have to be separated.

  21. End of 1st quarter in Portland: Suns 27, Blazers 23. Lillard with 10, CJ with 5 and Mason Plumlee with a scrap vs. Chandler. Split decision

  22. Not sure Mason Plumlee could have a worse start to this game: two turnovers and his only shot blocked

  23. Mason Plumlee reverse dunk off a dime from Dame Lillard and the Blazers have just their second lead of the night

  24. Another Mason Plumlee dime.

  25. Live look at @MasonPlumlee in Utah rn https://t.co/dqaAHU2rAn

  26. Mason Plumlee doing a nice job against Gobert

  27. Mason Plumlee from the line this season: 4-for-16 and 1-for-5 tonight

  28. Blazers 57, Jazz 49: halftime. @Dame_Lillard with 19 points, 3 rebounds. @CJMcCollum with 17 points. @masonplumlee with 7 points, 5 rebounds

  29. Mason Plumlee told @dwightjaynes that he will be a good free throw shooter this season. He was 2-of-9 at Utah. Still had 12 pts, 16 rebs

  30. Mason Plumlee caps @TrailBlazers 8-0 run with follow-up SLAM on TNT! #MEMatPOR https://t.co/AkgZ85j24l

  31. Halftime: Blazers 50, Grizzlies 46. CJ McCollum with 10 points, 5 assists. Meyers Leonard 4-4, 9 points. Mason Plumlee with 10 boards.

  32. Watch Mason Plumlee get decked by the ultra-physical Pistons. https://t.co/vSZhe33EGk https://t.co/TnykQMB1WJ

  33. Mason Plumlee has made 4 consecutive free throws tonight. Color me impressed

  34. Nuggets 108, Blazers 104: FINAL. @Dame_Lillard: 30 points, 7 assists. @CJMcCollum with 16 points, @masonplumlee with 17 and 7.

  35. By the way: Mason Plumlee has made 7-of-last-10 free throws

  36. Mason Plumlee picks up his second foul with 8:05 left in 1st ... Stotts has to pull him for Ed Davis.

  37. The Blazers and Matt Barnes have gotten chippier, as Mason Plumlee smacks Barnes and Barnes gives McCollum a good pop. Barnes now benched.

  38. Mason Plumlee is 100% from the line tonight.

  39. Spurs' Kawhi Leonard crushes dunk over Blazers' Mason Plumlee https://t.co/ebMAo6RLiq

  40. Watch: Spurs F Kawhi Leonard dunks over Blazers C Mason Plumlee https://t.co/5I9ak8xlMl https://t.co/6hNz0qpeDn

  41. VIDEO: Spurs' Kawhi Leonard with a VICIOUS slam over Blazers' Mason Plumlee! https://t.co/IEHYjEkArc https://t.co/52bpkpp9Mm

  42. WATCH: Spurs F Kawhi Leonard dunked over Blazers C Mason Plumlee https://t.co/lJj8Relhl8 https://t.co/AvE3D915pO

  43. Blazers center @masonplumlee made a vow, and has lived up to his word: His FT % is on the rise. https://t.co/MIUZngZe9o