1. Mason Crosby gives #Packers' a two-touchdown lead with 31-yard field goal. It's 17-3 with 45 seconds left in the third quarter.

  2. Mason Crosby Misses First FG Of Season.

  3. Mason Crosby Racks Up XPs Vs Chiefs

  4. Crosby Becomes Packers' All-Time Leading Scorer

  5. Mason Crosby Makes All Four FG Tries In Win Over Seattle

  6. Mason Crosby had made 13 straight field goals dating back to last season's playoffs, but he's wide left to end half. #Packers only lead 7-3.

  7. Mason Crosby drills a 44-yard field goal to make the score 17-7 Packers.

  8. Mason Crosby Perfect Sunday

  9. One day I want to do a study on how many KR TD's Mason Crosby has prevented. #Packers

  10. Field goals in good hands (feet?) for Packers with kicker Mason Crosby http://t.co/oLPoZkMBbH (@garmasAP)

  11. New from JS: Bad '12 was lesson for Packers record-holder Mason Crosby http://t.co/pLn2Uv4pVA #Packers

  12. Often asked in 2012 why they hadn't dumped K Mason Crosby, #Packers clearly made right call: http://t.co/6JOUTE5Ine http://t.co/aVwg9cWTP5

  13. Often asked in 2012 why they hadn't dumped K Mason Crosby, #Packers clearly made right call: http://t.co/6JOUTE5Ine http://t.co/X2ss55Mwq7

  14. #Packers kicker Mason Crosby became the franchise's all-time leading scorer last night (1,057 points). Tap twice to congratulate him!

  15. K Mason Crosby on win: "I don’t think it was for our psyche or anything like that. It wasn't anything more than we needed to win this game."

  16. With that field goal, Mason Crosby not only gave the #Packers a 10-point lead, he also became the team's all-time leading scorer.

  17. A Mason Crosby #FieldGoal extends the Packers lead to 27-17 with less than 2 minutes in regulation. #SEAvsGB #SNF

  18. Mason Crosby kicks a 21-yard FG to give the Packers a 27-17 lead with 1:56 left in the game. #SEAvsGB

  19. With that 44-yard FG, Mason Crosby tied @4thandLongwell (who's in the house) as the #Packers career scoring leader with 1,054 points

  20. Good from 54. Good from 18. Now Mason Crosby is good from 44. 17-16 @Seahawks lead in the 3rd. #SEAvsGB

  21. #Packers extend lead over #Seahawks to 10-0 on a 54-yard field goal by Mason Crosby with 6:52 left in 1st quarter.

  22. While Eddie Lacy is getting his right ankle re-taped - and apparently getting ready to return - Mason Crosby hits a 54 FG. 10-0 #Packers

  23. That's not quite kicking a fg from inside the 10 (twice), but a TD on short field would've been big. Instead, Mason Crosby booms 55 yarder.

  24. Packers extend their lead to 10-0 on a 54-yarder by Mason Crosby. 6:52 1Q #SEAvsGB #SNF

  25. Mason Crosby good from 54 yards. Packers lead is now 10-0. #SEAvsGB

  26. Mason Crosby connects on a 54-yard field goal. Packers 10, Seahawks 0 with 6:52 remaining in the first quarter.

  27. I want to see Mason Crosby ring the bell. http://t.co/StvpVxaySD