1. #TBT. Painting I did a few years back "Dad". Really hits home now that I have Jett. https://t.co/UFM5yfmvUr

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  3. The Wonderfully Weird World of Martellus Bennett

  4. Martellus: Why Does Everyone Assume the QB Is the Leader?

  5.  by _chris_strong_ https://t.co/rRB42lP7VP

  6.  by _chris_strong_ https://t.co/D6TEs21XCY

  7.  by _chris_strong_ https://t.co/5qvw45UKWV

  8. Life without meaning is the torture of restlessness and vague desire-- it is a boat longing for the… https://t.co/QBWk295zHK

  9. Game Day! Bob's Burgers We Eating. by @sneadsbyree https://t.co/7hrTUBA0MO

  10. Game Day! Real game day is PLAYTIME with my daughter. Can't wait till they get home. #FatherFirst https://t.co/f04FdCqT33

  11. Game Day! Real game day is PLAYTIME with my daughter. Nothing like making a big play in your kids… https://t.co/f04FdCqT33

  12. Peripheral. I see you.  _chris_strong_ https://t.co/hMfN4EIkHz

  13. Grew up playing the Trombone.  by _chris_strong_ https://t.co/uNPWoEjbAk

  14. Make sure you grab a copy of @chicagomag I believe this is my first true write up in a magazine.… https://t.co/vpz86OhyUC

  15. When you pull up to you're friends 1st birthday party and they're already eating cake without you... https://t.co/ExfgDojqbM

  16. Birthday Cake. https://t.co/drVPqzCFs6

  17. Happy 1st Birthday Camryn. @ryangmundy https://t.co/Nu4VRaI4GO

  18. I love stiff arming people which you all probably know by now, but when I'm not doing that I spend… https://t.co/4M4xgzzbML

  19. Thank you, Jeff Ruby, Chris Strong and Chicago Magazine for the cool pics and a chance to talk… https://t.co/QVtlqi2dVl

  20. The Imagination Lounge. There's something to Life. I wonder what it is? https://t.co/5HragUQmDM