1. My oldest in her element, is truly something amazing to see. This is the reason why she won two… https://t.co/J7O1wRIvT7

  2. Webster Talks About His Future, Music, Health and More

  3. She is simply the best. @ Biltmore Estate https://t.co/HE9jnx1tLI

  4. I didn't know that #ashevilleNC was paradise. #Lifeography @35_fitz love you dog congratulations bro… https://t.co/52C9sb22sb

  5. #musicismedicine @mykebogan thank you for this creation #thumbstotheuniverse https://t.co/g5kUxabQm6

  6. It's always an amazing night when I have these two dudes @impeachthepress and @brantcolella to share… https://t.co/nbi9G90c6C

  7. So good to see faces from the #DMV in Portland add great food and #BAM we have a hell of a evening. @… https://t.co/4Qvub7mZ4i

  8. Life is like family members, each one is precious. https://t.co/m1WavMLsFw

  9. This guy @forever3hated in the middle has a gift Yall. Brought the game back for last night. Even… https://t.co/ZcrvYD2smj

  10. Today I pay homage.

  11. A little therapy b4 the #seattleproam https://t.co/I3nqxg67HK

  12. Hey everyone treat yourself to this amazing song and asthetic Featuring @Eyrst Artist Myke Bogan http://t.co/t317answJP

  13. Rest In Peace Ann McGovern. You will always be remembered by Me. #stonesoup is a staple and blueprint in my ability to unify people.

  14. Good Morning #world https://t.co/hPF1nZZ2xT

  15. A Little love goes a long a way. @mrswebster5 every petal represents my love and everyday I get to… https://t.co/96uNJARMmk

  16. Great workout this morning. Paradise was amazing with my better half. Reality is now even more precious. Hard work takes you to #paradise