1. Marreese Speights: "That man is the MVP already. Give him the MVP."

  2. How Much Better Are Dubs This Year?

  3. Number Crunch: Warriors Setting All Kinds of Records

  4. Kawakami: Warriors Set for Repeat in 2015-16

  5. B/R's Ultimate Season Preview for the Warriors

  6. Marreese Speights notes Stephen Curry's two performances vs Anthony Davis after Alvin Gentry said AD was best player not named LeBron.

  7. Mo Speights on AD best player not named LBJ talk: "Steph don't really like that so u see what happens 2X in a row." https://t.co/yAy6WmJEFE

  8. Random stuff I didn't put in the article. Ron Adams looked almost happy after the game. Expressionless, he smacked Speights' backside

  9. Speights Expects a Tough Year for NBA Due to Draymond's Trash Talk

  10. Random rewatch of the last 2 games thought: One of the better defensive showings from Speights.

  11. I believe Matt Barnes has blocked Speights 3 times, but that last block became an assist

  12. Marreese Speights crossed the 4,000-point mark with his first bucket of the night. He entered the game with 3,999 career points

  13. Huge block by Mo Speights.

  14. Mo Speights  https://t.co/oMQdAsXfKb

  15. Think Marreese Speights liked blocking Austin Rivers? https://t.co/jN7xlOUXyD

  16. Plus/minus for Clippers’ bench. They have six points. Marresse Speights has six points. https://t.co/hA2PmjVQsu

  17. This is probably the best time for Speights -- with DAJ out

  18. Chris Paul's got Mo Speights out here doing the Cha-Cha Slide. Slide to the left. Slide to the right. Crisscross. https://t.co/DaJIk2JiJN

  19. Denver's so desperate to score that Gallo welcomed Speights landing on him

  20. Q1 Scoring: Curry 12 Barnes 10 K Thompson 7 Ezeli 6 Green 4 Speights 1 #LetsGoWarriorsLive

  21. Halftime scoring: Curry 20 K Thompson 15 Barnes 12 Ezeli 10 Green 7 Barbosa 3 McAdoo J Thompson & Iguodala 2 Speights 1 #LetsGoWarriorsLive

  22. Speights uses his strenght to score down low #LetsGoWarriorsLive

  23. Fun sequence where Rondo tries to shoot a practice 3, Speights swats at it, but misses what turns out to be an airball

  24. Think he's still figuring things out. If you recall, Kerr used to play Speights and Lee together https://t.co/7GmjuNV4yb

  25. No Speights so far tonight. He hasn't been good this season.

  26. Speights' playing time the next few weeks will be interesting to monitor, also. DNP last night.

  27. By the way: Speights, another DNP.

  28. If Speights can't make jumpers, every match-up is bad for him. https://t.co/nJU5frOY05

  29. We're talking about the same Mo Speights? https://t.co/IG4P3Lnao6

  30. Warriors' big-man rotation lately: No Speights. https://t.co/xJAhH9aqHf

  31. Draymond picks up his 4th, inspiring an impassioned soliloquy and saving Speights from a DNP

  32. Mo Speights checks into the game for the first time since he played 5 1/2 minutes Nov. 11.

  33. Mo Speights instant offense.

  34. From morning shootaround, #Warriors trainer Lachlan Penfold sits down with Mo Speights... https://t.co/GtKedq1sIX

  35. A surprise Speights sighting. When I asked, he had no clue if he was playing tonight

  36. And now Speights. This should be interesting.

  37. Don't think Speights has played power forward for more than a season.

  38. Mo Speights gets in early . . . at PF . . . because Draymond picked up 2 quick fouls. #Clippers 22, #Warriors 13. CP3 on fire.

  39. Mo Speights is not in very good shape.

  40. No Curry, no Green, Dubs forced to rely on system to create shots. Problem is that forces Speights, Ezeli, etc. to handle under pressure

  41. Draymond Green is on the bench with two fouls, but he used Festus Ezeli's free-throw stoppage as a chance to coach up Mo Speights.

  42. Don't know what Jason Thompson will give GSWs, but at this point he's probably a better option than Speights.

  43. Mo Speights is checking into this game, flanked by Festus

  44. Opening 4Q for #Warriors: Clark, Iguodala, Barnes, Speights, Ezeli.