1. Marlon Brown was the only Ravens WR to catch a pass in the second half. It went for 0 yards. http://t.co/QpKy349fA5

  2. Ravens Need Marlon Brown to Step Up

  3. Marlon Brown Catches Two In Week 4 Win

  4. Marlon Brown Catches Two Passes Sunday

  5. Brown Resurfaces for Ravens in Preseason Finale Loss

  6. Harbaugh said Marlon Brown would have to become a bigger part of the offense w/SSmith out. He had 1 catch vs CLE for 0 yards. #RavensTalk

  7. Another disappointing game for Marlon Brown who had one catch for zero yds and was targeted 4 times. He has 2 catches or less in all 5 games

  8. WR Marlon Brown: I Have to Make Up for Lost Time

  9. WR snaps for Ravens yesterday: Kamar Aiken (64), Marlon Brown (52), Chris Givens (27), D.Waller (18, left w/concussion), Jeremy Ross (8).

  10. Joe Flacco in the 2nd half and OT completed exactly 1 pass to a WR -- to Marlon Brown for 0 yards. #RavensTalk

  11. Kamar Aiken, Marlon Brown disappear late for #Ravens http://t.co/U7FU6SdRBG

  12. Huge penalty on Browns -- late hit on Williams on incomplete pass to Marlon Brown. Gives Ravens 1st down after failed 3rd down #RavensTalk

  13. Harbaugh said with SSmith out, Marlon Brown would have larger role. Has zero catches today #RavensTalk

  14. I've been critical of Marlon Brown not getting open, but he was open and Flacco didn't see him on last sack #RavensTalk

  15. Dropped third-down pass by #Ravens WR Marlon Brown continues a disappointing season. So far, Aiken has stepped up and Brown has not.

  16. Marlon Brown with the catch in traffic! First down BMore.

  17. Flacco throws over the middle to Marlon Brown incomplete. Never saw that Givens had 2 steps on Haden down left sideline #RavensTalk

  18. Steve Smith Sr. on the Ravens' inactive list. Marlon Brown scheduled to start, Ravens say.

  19. More owned %: Eddie Lacy 7%, Alex Smith 6%, Pierre Garcon 5%, Tyrod 4%, Harvin 4%, Packers D 4%, Ronnie Hillman 2%, Marlon Brown 0.7%.

  20. Marlon Brown has been a forgotten man in #Ravens offense, but that needs to change http://t.co/qsdCXaEzKe #RavensTalk

  21. Ravens need Marlon Brown to step up http://t.co/E9NUrcbzol #RavensTalk http://t.co/COTJJYxxAj

  22. Ravens most likely will be starting a pair of undrafted players at WR on Sunday in Kamar Aiken and Marlon Brown. #RavensTalk

  23. Harbaugh said Marlon Brown will be on the field for more snaps than he has been. "Have to catch the ball." #Ravens

  24. Nice of Jim Caldwell to pretend that Calvin Johnson is Marlon Brown #Lions

  25. Marlon Brown continues to make bad name for All Ravens Receivers Not Named Steve Smith with 2nd down drop #RavensTalk

  26. Ravens need Marlon Brown to cut down on drops. Becoming a weekly thing.

  27. Marlon Brown starts at No. 2 WR over Kamar Aiken. #RavensTalk