1. Markieff Morris got mostly cheers but some boos during Suns starting intros. #Keefbeef

  2. Suns' Morris (Knee) Remains Out

  3. OFFICIAL: Ronnie Price suffered a concusion and will not return. @KeefMorris suffered a mild sprain, left knee. Questionable to return.

  4. Marcus Morris Says Markieff Looks Unhappy On Suns

  5. Morris Twins Rented Justin Bieber's Former Property

  6. Markieff Morris on the side post on both possessions. That's his literal home. It's on his https://t.co/3jMzZEramT bio and everything.

  7. Markieff Morris scores but likely is done for the half after his 3rd fouls in 7 minutes. Called for tripping on the way upcourt. #SunsVsMavs

  8. Markieff Morris picks up his fifth foul in 11 minutes of play. DAL 73-50, 7:34 to go in 3Q. #SunsVsMavs

  9. Report: Pistons Monitoring Markieff Morris Situation

  10. Morris Remains 'Happy' Camper Despite Tumultuous Offseason

  11. How Markieff Morris Can Redeem Himself Long-Term

  12. Suns notes: Nowitzki discusses returning for Nash night; Markieff on Marcus' Detroit start. https://t.co/1lFLGTa3yg https://t.co/di3TEjuO42

  13. Markieff finally gets a bucket. Wish he would pass from that area more. He's phenomenal at passing there

  14. Markieff Morris needs to pass the basketball more #analysis

  15. Suns' Morris Backtracks on Trade Demand: I Want to Be Here

  16. McDonough on Markieff's Trade Demands: It Happens

  17. Suns GM Ryan McDonough: "He's certainly not the first and won't be the last player to be upset with the front office. It happens."

  18. Passing big men. Markieff Morris hits Jon Leuer, who hits T.J. Warren. Warren has 17, shy of Bledsoe's 20. PHX 98-80, 6:13 #SunsVsBlazers

  19. Thirty seconds into the second half, Markieff Morris shoves Mason Plumlee on a rebound for his fourth foul. Leuer comes in. #SunsAtBlazers

  20. Markieff Morris has shown his value to the Suns when more foul issues haven't benched him. https://t.co/99llRg9U0x https://t.co/2EDiGhSXEn

  21. Suns' Chandler on Markieff Drama: All This Stuff Will Be Forgotten

  22. The Curious Case of Markieff Morris

  23. Markieff Morris Fined $10K for Trade Talk

  24. Markieff Morris has taken 11 of the Suns' 42 shots. And made one. LA 44-34. #SunsAtClippers

  25. Markieff Morris shakes off 1-for-11 first half with a 3-for-4 start to this half. Faring well mostly on Griffin. LAC 63-60. #SunsAtClippers

  26. Markieff Morris missed today's Suns practice at Luke AFB for illness. He faces his twin, Marcus, in #SunsVsPistons tomorrow.

  27. Report: Suns Unlikely to Accommodate Morris Trade Request

  28. Despite Trade Demand, Suns Do Not Forget Morris' B-Day

  29. Would Lakers Trade Randle for Markieff Morris?

  30. Markieff Morris is at the Suns shootaround today after missing yesterday's practice for illness.

  31. Hornacek said there are no limitations on Markieff Morris for #SunsVsPistons tonight after missing Thursday's practice for illness.

  32. Report: Markieff Morris Prefers Trade to Rockets or Raptors

  33. Morris Twins Have Themselves to Blame for Suns Drama

  34. Marcus and Markieff Morris meet up after #SunsVsPistons shootaround in moccasins and slippers on a hoverboard. https://t.co/OTzhZDHghM

  35. #Pistons Marcus Morris says twin Markieff "doesn't look happy" playing with #Suns: https://t.co/bbPSHOFVgn

  36. Suns' Morris Demanding Trade Out of Phoenix

  37. Fresh Trade Ideas for Disgruntled Markieff Morris

  38. Game-day Orange Slices for #SunsVsPistons. Marcus returns and says Markieff looks unhappy. https://t.co/XIeuReIsWt https://t.co/sG7kFU0onc

  39. Marcus Morris was booed more heartily than Markieff Morris ever was but it still wasn't too bad with many empty seats. #SunsVsPistons

  40. Morris Twins' Assult Case Could Extend to '16

  41. Could Phoenix Trade Markieff Morris?

  42. I want Markieff switched onto Marcus as much as possible. I don't care if it makes sense

  43. Markieff Morris is on Ersan Ilyasova. P.J. Tucker is on Marcus Morris, who said in Detroit that he should've started in PHX. #SunsVsPistons

  44. Markieff Morris picks up two fouls in the first 3:17 and sits on the scorer's table complaining until Zach Zarba T'd him up. #SunsVsPistons

  45. Marcus Morris hits a 3 against Markieff Morris' defense. Just like last year's practices! DET 36-29. #SunsVsPistons

  46. Markieff Morris once said KCP had no heart. KCP just stuck that 3 on him for a 86-76 lead with 3:40 to go. #SunsVsPistons

  47. Before Morris even let go that square-up J on Ibaka, Hornacek yelled, "All day, Markieff" #SunsAtThunder

  48. The answer to "Is Markieff going to care about x" when x isn't his brother is always nah. Always https://t.co/5BSI3oHCru

  49. Markieff Morris (left knee sprain) might try to come back. Ronnie Price is going through concussion protocol. #SunsVsClippers

  50. Markieff Morris (left knee sprain) and Ronnie Price (concussion) will not return. #SunsVsClippers

  51. Ronnie Price (concussion) is doubtful and Markieff Morris (left knee sprain) is questionable for Saturday's #SunsVsNuggets game.

  52. Game-day Orange Slices for #SunsVsNuggets. Injury updates on Markieff Morris & Ronnie Price. https://t.co/Mly9n7RY3u https://t.co/U62LYn2urc

  53. Markieff Morris (knee sprain) is getting treatment and will test his lateral movement on the court to see if he can play in #SunsVsNuggets.

  54. Markieff Morris (knee) is out for #SunsVsNuggets. Jon Leuer will start.

  55. Markieff Morris' streak of 171 consecutive appearances comes to an end for a left knee sprain. https://t.co/ypWvZqjxhq

  56. Markieff Morris (knee sprain) is questionable for tonight's #SunsVsLakers. Ronnie Price (concussion) remains out. Kobe Bryant is out for LA.

  57. Kobe Bryant, Ronnie Price out tonight, Markieff Morris questionable. https://t.co/X4tXRPnxMS https://t.co/NIi0Vnv8JX

  58. Markieff Morris (left knee sprain) will miss a second consecutive game in #SunsVsLakers tonight. Jon Leuer starts again.

  59. Suns notes on Archie Goodwin's rotation spot, Markieff Morris' 1st-ever injury absence, etc. https://t.co/yq4RLmoN8K https://t.co/yHAf6qiWjF

  60. Suns notes on their small forward combo and the returns of Markieff Morris and Ronnie Price, from @azc_zachb. https://t.co/4v9pQ9PP6Q

  61. Markieff Morris returns but his absence didn't spark 3-win streak. Rose, Warren are out. #SunsVsBulls Orange Slices: https://t.co/yq4RLm7chc