1. @markwertz55 that helped me win a lot of races.

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  3. Qualifying at Dover Canceled, Kenseth on Pole

  4. Chase for the Sprint Cup Grid Set

  5. Drivers Favor Lengthening of Restart Zone at Dover

  6. @markwertz55 haha it was. Did it myself.

  7. 1975 and 2015 I will get a better picture when the sun is right. #FirstTrailer http://t.co/0WwpKxc3Wd

  8. Winners, Losers from Chicagoland

  9. Controversial Restart Zone Doubles at Dover

  10. Controversial Restart Zone Will Be Doubled at Dover

  11. Yes sir. https://t.co/ItEh1dNjyb

  12. That would be great but I need to brush up my fabricating skills a little more  https://t.co/mK6eBqnTrE

  13. Playoff-Clinching Scenarios for Dover

  14. Blaney Wins Xfinity Race at Kentucky

  15. Harvick Starts Up Front After Coors Light Qualifying Canceled

  16. We will be putting this very car on this trailer and parking it in the museum later today. http://t.co/rh6YygxpQr

  17. Thanks to everyone that helped make it happen. Finished #FirstTrailer http://t.co/XSDZD3xKbo

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  19. NASCAR Pets Star in 2016 Calendar

  20. Winners, Losers from the Southern 500

  21. Follow your passion. He is going to love it. https://t.co/5R5raR4MKX

  22. I remember that pass like it was yesterday. https://t.co/ullW8zrqYe

  23. Edwards Wins NASCAR Race at Darlington

  24. NASCAR Drivers and Jockey Equivalents

  25. Logano Wins Under the Lights at Bristol

  26. Getting closer #FirstTrailer http://t.co/fnOu8ReEsz

  27. @RodneyChilders4 Yes he is. Very lucky.

  28. Drivers Have Mixed Feelings on Michigan High-Drag Package

  29. Notebook: Have Speeds at Michigan Reached Dangerous Levels?

  30. This guy outside our house last night 25 feet from Matt's room where he sleeps with a AK next to his bed. http://t.co/0Z2o81ILJA

  31. @johnstallard33 My car. 1981 http://t.co/LGU1Lk11sG

  32. Support Justin Wilson Family http://t.co/NB3Y4G1wfm

  33. Please check out this link to all the cool stuff Justin Wilson Memorial http://t.co/NB3Y4G1wfm

  34. @tyrus95 truth.

  35. Progress pic. #FirstTrailer http://t.co/3JAkf1V1oP

  36. @markforlife6 Happy Birthday

  37. I'm not sure I would have made that call on @keselowski there.

  38. Nice one  https://t.co/nZbAfgEAwY

  39. Was by Shaws today for trailer parts and saw this beautiful Mod. there. http://t.co/jNc44iCqal

  40. @Dirtboy6 yes sir.

  41. After updating my phone last night I keep getting a message on the screen. This cable not certified for this iPhone and nothing is hooked up