1. I swear I heard @gucci1017 mention @RustyWallace in one of his songs. Rusty has always been one step ahead of me. 

  2. Predicting Biggest Offseason Storylines

  3. Drivers React to Busch's Win, Gordon's Last Ride

  4. Chase for the Sprint Cup Grid Set

  5. Winners and Losers from 2015 NASCAR Season

  6. Had to beat the bad weather back home. https://t.co/J44txx3SlD

  7. Getting some seat time today. ✈️ https://t.co/he5ga6Wc11

  8. Thank you. It was a honor and a privilege to complete in #NASCAR https://t.co/heUgNl5MBG

  9. Awards for 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Season

  10. Hamlin Wins NASCAR Pole at Miami

  11. Gordon: The Man NASCAR Fans Love and Hate

  12. I was a short track racer struggling to make it in #NASCAR back then. https://t.co/JqdWDjTC8G

  13. Yes sir. I watch them from the couch. https://t.co/ro013T4bqn

  14. He was so hard to beat. https://t.co/K5GP6VKUlw

  15. Dale Jr. Wins Shortened Race in Phoenix

  16. Johnson Wins Pole at Phoenix

  17. Predicting Last 3 Drivers for Homestead Finale

  18. No matter what the outcome of the race today there will be great Champion crowd. Big story and big day for #NASCAR

  19. Doesn't seem that long ago young @JeffGordonWeb changed #NASCAR for for ever. #WonderBoy #Legend #Respect

  20. Watching from home. https://t.co/ruLp8WW9ZJ

  21. Johnson Steals Sprint Cup Race in Texas

  22. Keselowski Wins Pole at Texas

  23. Complete Preview for the Chase in Texas

  24. @Honest_Race_Fan try Night Prowler AC/DC

  25. I am friends with all the drivers and many of the crew guys on all four teams going for the Championship. Hoping for @MartinTruex_Jr to win.

  26. I did my own body work back then. Always felt it was extremely important as well as light weight. https://t.co/RpWK6COWH4

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  30. That's why we were winning races.  https://t.co/0vB2SGn6gg

  31. Me too. https://t.co/4ESG7tDWOR

  32. NASCAR Unveils 2016 Sprint Cup, Xfinity Schedule

  33. NASCAR to Blame and Will Pay for Talladega Finish

  34. Awesome group there with me. https://t.co/k9M9JIEqBm

  35. Me too.  https://t.co/M62JZZg4ka

  36. Logano Wins at Talladega, Completes Sweep

  37. Winners, Losers from CampingWorld.com 500

  38. 1981 Winchester. Alan Kulwicki pulling in behind me. https://t.co/kyfjKefSsO

  39. I'm sorry for your loss. https://t.co/TwNuMwUGuI

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  41. Paint Schemes Unveiled for Charlotte

  42. I look excited  https://t.co/bTZuYGOsgH

  43. Good times. Great team and car. https://t.co/cxIRGbFXyl

  44. Chase Standings: Who's In, Who's Out Post-Dover

  45. Qualifying at Dover Canceled, Kenseth on Pole

  46. I'm available. https://t.co/OraasrgObc

  47. Drake is soft like tissue. https://t.co/ZKP5elXEXZ

  48. Drivers Favor Lengthening of Restart Zone at Dover

  49. Controversial Restart Zone Doubles at Dover

  50. Looks like Superman found his cape again today. #NASCAR @JimmieJohnson

  51. I can't even describe how strong you have to be to drive at speed on a slick track with one hand. @KevinHarvick #NASCAR

  52. Controversial Restart Zone Will Be Doubled at Dover

  53. Playoff-Clinching Scenarios for Dover

  54. Unbelievable how well @KevinHarvick drove with one hand.

  55. @LawrenceDonJ1 thank you

  56. Blaney Wins Xfinity Race at Kentucky

  57. Harvick Starts Up Front After Coors Light Qualifying Canceled

  58. I wonder how many wins we got with it. Definitely the most of any car we had at Roush. https://t.co/MTLpCm1ylC

  59. @cth16 You know JR 10 is setting in my museum.

  60. Chase 101: Refresher on How NASCAR Playoffs Work

  61. NASCAR Pets Star in 2016 Calendar

  62. That's one hell of a crew back there. I had a great race with @ErnieIrvan that day. https://t.co/WQz9ox4QIe

  63. Those were great cars. #legend Butch Lindley https://t.co/chUy7ivpfL

  64. Winners, Losers from the Southern 500

  65. Edwards Wins NASCAR Race at Darlington

  66. Thanks for all you have done for our sport. #NASCAR https://t.co/a2foyZ630n

  67. Oh man that 1981 car was sweet. https://t.co/Gha5SAu8nn

  68. NASCAR Drivers and Jockey Equivalents

  69. Logano Wins Under the Lights at Bristol

  70. That's a nice car. https://t.co/moOVDb2ncj

  71. The first. https://t.co/gkWBavDhSt

  72. Drivers Have Mixed Feelings on Michigan High-Drag Package

  73. Notebook: Have Speeds at Michigan Reached Dangerous Levels?

  74. Agree. It used to be hard to get in that race and was really a honor to be in it. https://t.co/eYGWezBvF2

  75. 31 years ago today I married the love of my life. Happy Anniversary @ArleneMartin 

  76. Yes they do.  https://t.co/bWwSqpUYsC

  77. But really three races decide if you advance not just one. https://t.co/bYrJdbUS2w