1. Poor Marcus Smith

  2. Marcus Smith and Eric Rowe are both on the field at the same time. #Eagles

  3. Kelly on Marcus Smith: "Overall he's showing improvement.''

  4. Chip: Marcus Smith bull rush helped lead to Thurmond int

  5. Chip Kelly says Marcus Smith played 22 snaps Sunday and "showed improvement." #Eagles

  6. Kelly said #Eagles Marcus Smith II had a nice game.

  7. Chip: we were pleased with Marcus Smith first time getting him out there thought he did a nice job #Eagles

  8. Some other quick notes: 1) Nelson Agholor wasn't cleared to return; 2) Eagles liked matchup of 2 TEs; 3) Some good signs from Marcus Smith

  9. The legend of Marcus Smith begins p http://t.co/VUXzfieM02 #Eagles

  10. A look at #Eagles Chip Kelly Monday news conference with OL, Marcus Smith and Caleb Sturgis: http://t.co/T8fcD4njPc

  11. ICYMI: A look at Chip Kelly Monday news conference with #Eagles OL, Marcus Smith and Caleb Sturgis: http://t.co/T8fcD4njPc

  12. Marcus Smith getting snaps on defense. Gave up edge on Jennings 9-yard run. #Eagles

  13. Y'know... Marcus Smith was recruited to Louisville as a quarterback. I'm just saying.

  14. 17-yard screen on third down. Should I mention the Bucs went to Marcus Smith's side on that play? #Eagles

  15. Billy Davis just used Eric Rowe and Marcus Smith in the same sentence 

  16. Your weekly reminder the Eagles took Marcus Smith ahead of Derek Carr and Teddy Bridgewater.

  17. Misdirection plays and Marcus Smith do not go well together. That screen went to Smith's side once he entered the game.

  18. Marcus Smith on the ground for that 17-yard screen...

  19. Marcus Smith https://t.co/SAn1wn2gus

  20. Looks like Barwin IS practicing. Has helmet on now. Sorry, Marcus Smith fans. And Peters has helmet on, too. Will see how much he does.

  21. Doesn't look like Connor Barwin is practicing either. Doesn't have his helmet. Maybe Marcus Smith will get his first start. #Eagles

  22. Chip Kelly saying he has confidence in Marcus Smith is the scary equivalent of Al Haig's "I am in control here."

  23. Chip thinks Barwin will play Sunday but says he's confident if Marcus Smith has to fill that role.

  24. Kelly confident if. Barwin can't play this week that Marcus Smith can fill in. Anticipates Barwin playing though.

  25. Chip Kelly said that he expects Connor Barwin to be ready to play on Sunday. Sorry, Marcus Smith fans.

  26. Coach Kelly: We're confident that if Connor can't go, Marcus Smith can fill in for him.

  27. Kelly: We're confident that if Connor can't go that Marcus Smith can fill in.

  28. Billy Davis says he anticipates Marcus Smith getting more playing time this week vs. Bucs #Eagles

  29. On blocked punt, Trey Burton and Marcus Smith blocked right, leaving 49 unblocked, he overwhelmed Maragos, who tried to take him on standing

  30. #Eagles defense snaps vs. the Dolphins: Marcus Smith 5. https://t.co/E2HNK0v6KS

  31. Well, on the plus side, Marcus Smith protected the backside on that reverse and forced it inside.

  32. Marcus Smith active again, even with Acho back on the roster.

  33. When they scratch u for Marcus Smith, you're basically the Star Trek crew member nobody ever saw before who's on bridge at start of episode.

  34. Dunno what Brad Jones did, but he was scratched in lieu of Marcus Smith Sunday night; that puts a linebacker in a perilous spot.

  35. #Eagles defensive snaps vs. the Cowboys. None for Marcus Smith: https://t.co/WLkNsyHAwZ

  36. It's interesting that Marcus Smith is active and Brad Jones isn't. Guess Bill Davis has forgiven him for giving up that 48-yd reverse v. CAR

  37. Brad Jones inactive instead of Marcus Smith. Huh.

  38. After playing 22 snaps vs. the Saints, Marcus Smith has played a total of 17 snaps the last two weeks. #Eagles

  39. The Raiders drafted Derek Carr 10 slots after the Eagles took Marcus Smith. How different might things look right now...