1. Gilly's a pretty good PG. On the hardwood AND in the secondary. Spotlight: @mgilchr- http://t.co/mxRxNlKh5Y http://t.co/HQCbn2p0A8

  2. Jets defensive snap counts (total of 73): DBs -- Gilchrist 73, Cromartie 73, Skrine 70, Pryor 69, Revis 65,... http://t.co/TKylwBcguM

  3. That was offensive pass interference. He pushed Gilchrist off the chest.

  4. Back-to-back flags on Revis and Gilchrist. Dolphins' best offense is getting a Jets DB to grab someone's jersey.

  5. WOW. Back-to-back PI calls on #Jets -- first on Revis (36 yards) and second on Gilchrist (22 yards) -- lead to #Dolphins TD

  6. Two pass-interference penalties on Revis, Gilchrist account for 58 yards. #NYJ

  7. Jets snaps leaders on D through 4: Davis, Gilchrist, Revis, Harris, Wilkerson, Pryor, Skrine, Cromartie, L. Williams, Pace #nyj

  8. A review of the Jets' playing time (defense) at the quarter mark: S Marcus Gilchrist (99 pct), LB Demario Davis... http://t.co/5hKU3HhJd0

  9. Bowles on @mgilchr: 'He's the key to the puzzle.' Gilchrist is an excellent communicator and Jets like his versatility.

  10. Brick, Davis, Decker and Gilchrist are the game captains #nyj

  11. Decker, Gilchrist, Demario Davis, and Ferguson are captains.

  12. Gilchrist picks off Cousins. #nyj

  13. Marcus Gilchrist picks off Cousins. Jets in complete control now.

  14. Kirk Cousins intercepted by Jets' DB Gilchrist. Jets ball on their own 27. #WASvsNYJ

  15. Antonio Cromartie slow to get up after that Marcus Gilchrist interception. Gilchrist collided with him as he picked the ball off.

  16. Amendola with a nice move to elude Gilchrist. Earns Patriots a first down they wouldn't otherwise have had.

  17. Gilchrist left his jock on the 30 #nyj

  18. Bailey? Williams? Miles? Rodgers has options to pair up with @mgilchr. COORDINATORS >> https://t.co/NAG5G3XE3E https://t.co/RKFWrLjTVr

  19. Secondary here: Revis, Williams, Gilchrist, Miles #nyj

  20. Gilchrist shaken up on the INT #nyj

  21. Gilchrist very nearly with the Jets' 2nd takeaway. 3rd down now as the clock ticks down.

  22. Marcus Gilchrist tying Buster Skrine's shoe for him. Skrine has an injured hand. #nyj

  23. With just two healthy safeties on the roster (Marcus Gilchrist, Rontez Miles), the Jets have decided to sign S Ronald Martin from their practice squad and have released DL TJ Barnes. Martin was active for the Jets 1st 3 games this year. (Photo credit: Unknown). #NYJ #NYJets #JetsNation #RonaldMartin #Jets

  24. Jets' safety spot, crushed by injuries, has cerebral Marcus Gilchrist as last man standing. https://t.co/oyxRx1pdzl

  25. Jets' safety spot, crushed by injuries, has cerebral Marcus Gilchrist as last man standing. https://t.co/RctONNvQJW

  26. Marcus Gilchrist first wanted to become an NFL safety after he looked up at his older brother's wall: https://t.co/RctONNvQJW

  27. A look at the Jets' defensive snaps (based on 66): DB -- Gilchrist 66, Revis 66, Skrine 58, Cromartie 44, Bailey... https://t.co/vYQvlUMUPK

  28. Looks like Marcus Williams is now playing safety alongside Marcus Gilchrist. Don't see Dion Bailey out there.

  29. #TBT big week for fsufootball. We headed into a hostile environment. Let's beat Clemson. @mgilchr… https://t.co/f9JHYIvRWR

  30. Jets defensive snap counts (based on 63): DB -- Revis 63, Gilchrist 63, Cromartie 60, M. Williams 61, Skrine 16,... https://t.co/kG4PN48Gfs

  31. Marcus Gilchrist looked like he was trying to walk across a bouncy castle on that tackle attempt.

  32. Demario Davis was poor in coverage then missed tackle. Williams and Gilchrist also missed tackles.

  33. Marcus Gilchrist also whiffed on a tackle on that 59-yard catch-and-run touchdown. What a brutal day for the Jets' defense. A total stinker.

  34. Antonio Cromartie having a bad game. Beat for 49-yard TD by Holmes. Pres-man coverage, with Gilchrist late on deep help. #nyj

  35. Wesley Johnson starts at C for the Jets & Dion Bailey will start at S alongside @mgilchr. Ridley active: https://t.co/vqEqnI0PkO

  36. Calvin Pryor, Devin Smith, Chris Owusu, and Bilal Powell are all OUT for Sunday's game against Oakland. Nick Mangold is doubtful... With Smith and Owusu out, Marshall, Decker, Kerley, and Thompkins are the only healthy WRs on the roster. If Mangold can't go, Dakota Dozier will start at center. Dion Bailey and Marcus Gilchrist are the will be the only safeties on the Jets roster on Sunday, unless they decide to call up Rontez Miles or Ronald Martin. #NYJ #NYJets #JetsNation #Jets #InjuryUpdate

  37. Calvin Pryor didn't practice and is expected to be out. In addition to Gilchrist & Bailey, all the CBs can play S.

  38. Jets had been running green dog blitzes (if your man stays into block, you blitz). Totally fooled Gilchrist on final Gronk TD. On him.

  39. Updated player stats heading into Week 8: ---------- - Ryan Fitzpatrick: 1,472 yards, 11 TDS, 7 INTS, 61.4 CMP%, 86.1 QBR. - Chris Ivory: 100 carries, 501 yards, 5 TDs (1 rec), 5.0 YPC. - Brandon Marshall: 41 catches, 578 yards, 4 TDs, 14.1 YPC. - Eric Decker: 24 catches, 333 yards, 4 TDs, 13.9 YPC. - Muhammad Wilkerson: 25 tackles, 5.0 sacks, 1 FF. - David Harris: 41 tackles, 2.0 sacks. - Demario Davis: 37 tackles. - Calvin Pryor: 36 tackles, 1 INT, 1 FF. - Marcus Gilchrist: 33 tackles, 2 INTS. - Darrelle Revis: 16 tackles, 3 INTS, 3 FR, 3 PDEF. - Antonio Cromartie: 14 tackles, 4 PDEF. - Buster Skrine: 23 tackles, 3 PDEF. #NYJ #NYJets #JetsNation #Jets