1. Marcell Dareus, Bacarri Rambo and Tyrod Taylor were considered limited today in practice.

  2. Bacarri Rambo and Marcell Dareus are both here practicing. Not around are Mario Williams, John Miller and Marcus Easley.

  3. Marcell Dareus not on the field today for practice, but no word on Darcell Mareus #Bills https://t.co/JGOwvbs76P

  4. Marcell Dareus missing from #Bills practice. Expecting Rex Ryan will update after the session.

  5. Tuesday practice report: No sign of Bills DT Marcell Dareus ... https://t.co/SPli33RwPn

  6. Mario back, but Dareus absent to start Bills practice: https://t.co/gj9jKKCm4h

  7. Marcell Dareus missed today due to a personal reason #Bills

  8. #Bills coach Rex Ryan says DT Marcell Dareus missed practice because of personal reasons. WR Denarius Moore missed a flight, and was fined.

  9. Rex: Dareus personal reason. Denarius Moore missed flight (going to cost him in wallet)

  10. Marcell Dareus missed practice Tuesday because of a personal reason. https://t.co/yfmhil1Yuh

  11. Rex Ryan said Marcell Dareus missed practice for a "personal thing." Denarius Moore missed a flight, "going to hurt his wallet."

  12. Dareus will be back for next practice Thursday Rex says. Players off tomorrow.

  13. Marcell Dareus will be back Thursday. Dealing with a personal issue.

  14. Dareus will be back on Thursday for practice #Bills

  15. Rex Ryan expects Dareus to be back at practice Thursday and play Monday.

  16. Bills practice notes with Dareus update and more: https://t.co/gj9jKKCm4h

  17. Rex Ryan on Marcell Dareus not practicing today: “His was a personal thing that he did."

  18. Dareus to be back at practice Thursday https://t.co/2Z51yiaw8K

  19. New at the BN Blog: Like Allen in Minnesota, Dareus isn't slowing down, says #Bills Dunbar ... https://t.co/M5N2MVk5Qr

  20. Rex expects Marcell Dareus to practice today (didn't Tuesday for personal reasons)

  21. Rex says Marcell Dareus will be back at practice today.

  22. #Bills HC Rex Ryan: Marcell Dareus will practice today.

  23. Marcell Dareus back at practice here on Thursday. Missed Tuesday for personal reasons. #Bills

  24. Bills DT Marcell Dareus is, indeed, back at practice. Proof: https://t.co/ff9PsWxpoD

  25. Marcell Dareus is back at Bills practice but not seeing S Leodis McKelvin.

  26. Marcell Dareus limping off the field.

  27. Dareus being checked on by two trainers on the sideline. #Bills

  28. Trainers looking at Marcell Dareus, who just limped off. Hunched over on sideline.

  29. Marcell Dareus is limping off the field while Tom Brady argues with the officials.

  30. Marcell Dareus now sitting on the bench, talking to trainers. Not staying in the game.

  31. #Bills DT Marcell Dareus limped off the field on this very strange play that the officials stoppe for some unknown reason.

  32. Marcell Dareus headed to locker room. Walking there under his own power. #Bills

  33. Marcell Dareus is now heading into the locker room for the Bills.

  34. Marcell Dareus limped off for the Bills amidst that confusion. Still on sideline talking to trainers. https://t.co/J3fMhiDAaR

  35. Dareus is now in the locker room. #Bills

  36. Marcell Dareus just reemerged from the locker room.

  37. Marcell Dareus is back on the sideline.

  38. Dareus back on the sideline, but not back in game yet. #Bills

  39. Dareus back in game. #Bills