1. Can Musgrave Find a Proper Role for FB Reece?

  2. "It's all about attention to detail for us." Marcel Reece talks learning from errors: http://t.co/uBozMvWe4V http://t.co/87Uj20gPqT

  3. #Raiders go back to Marcel Reece on a 6-yard catch to get inside #Bears territory. But turn it over on a dropped Latavius pitch.

  4. Hey, Marcel Reece got a touch. Once he touches the ball, he takes a knee in the end zone, touchback, and gives the ball to the official.

  5. Third and 8 and Derek Carr goes to Marcel Reece in space underneath to pick it up. #Raiders

  6. Marcel Reece turns a third-and-8 into a first down with a nice grab of an off-the-mark pass. #Raiders

  7. FB Marcel Reece and TE Mychal Rivera have combined for 11 touches for 121 yards in four games. Much of that came in garbage time. #Raiders

  8. Marcel Reece was the deep man, Roy Helu Jr. the up man on the kick return. There's your solution to Taiwan Jones being inactive. #Raiders

  9. Roy Helu Jr. and Marcel Reece were back on the first kick return. The Bears kick bounced out of bounds. #Raiders first break of the day.

  10. With Taiwan Jones out, the Raiders have Marcel Reece and Roy Helu back deep.

  11. #Browns FS Tashaun Gipson said #Raiders FB Marcel Reece bouncing off him and SS Donte Whitner is inexcusable and it won't happen again.

  12. #Raiders FB Marcel Reece caught the ball and bounced off both #Browns Pro Bowl safeties (Gipson and Whitner) on that 55-yd catch-and-run

  13. Rumblin, bumblin, stumblin Marcel Reece takes short pass 55 yards. #Raiders

  14. But when Whitner and Gipson both miss a tackle on Marcel Reece and allow him to ramble for 55 yards … well … #Browns

  15. Carr's big day continues...big play for Marcel Reece after breaking a tackle or two. Goes for 55.

  16. Marcel Reece! 55 yards from Derek Carr. #Raiders http://t.co/2kqRZJwejp

  17. Derek Carr is in a rhythm. First down throws to Marcel Reece, Michael Crabtree. #Raiders

  18. Nice diving catch by Marcel Reece. 16 yards. #Raiders

  19. Taiwan Jones is a captain along with Tuck, Mack, Reece, Woodson, and Carr. #Raiders

  20. Marcel Reece sporting his AL T-shirt under his jersey. http://t.co/N0R63lesM2

  21. Marcel Reece talks about the marathon that is the NFL season. Watch: http://t.co/ofNtrrulpg http://t.co/T1cXMtQWc9

  22. Offensive snaps for #Raiders RBs/FBs Sunday: Latavius Murray 37, Marcel Reece 21, Taiwan Jones 11, Jamize Olawale 10.

  23. For all the Pro Bowls and yearly discussion of how to utlize the weapon Marcel Reece is, today was his first career multi-TD game #Raiders