1. The Orioles can both re-sign Chris Davis & extend Manny Machado, if they want to. They don't have to choose https://t.co/Sy0gG8yRww

  2. Beltre Congratulates Machado on Gold Glove

  3. Biggest Surprises of 2015 Gold Glove Awards

  4. Manny Machado Open to Extension

  5. Papelbon Suspended for Throwing at Machado

  6. Manny Machado finished 4th in Sporting News AL Comeback Player of Year. Received 6 votes. Prince Fielder won it #orioles

  7. Machado places fourth in Comeback Player of the Year voting - School of Roch: Orioles third baseman Manny Mach... https://t.co/TffyvWDqJE

  8. Machado Rips Papelbon for HBP: 'That's Coward Stuff'

  9. Manny Machado named 2015 Rawlings Gold Glove finalist at 3rd base! Winners will be announced Nov. 10 at 7pm on ESPN. https://t.co/HZ5jCUU9Wi

  10. #orioles third baseman Manny Machado named a Rawlings Gold Glove finalist at 3rd base

  11. Manny Machado is a finalist for a 3B AL Gold Glove (with Beltre and Longoria). Hardy not one for SS

  12. Manny Machado is the #Orioles' lone finalist for the Gold Glove. https://t.co/OyEx8sJBc4 https://t.co/E58FUswVcO

  13. Hit RETWEET to congratulate Manny Machado on being named a @RawlingsSports #GoldGlove finalist! https://t.co/rEvjAqjbMt

  14. Manny Machado named Gold Glove finalist - School of Roch: Orioles third baseman Manny Machado has been named ... https://t.co/UMaFCq6wTb

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  17. It's not hard to see why Manny Machado is a #Rawlings #GoldGlove finalist. Read more: https://t.co/9HVrBzZpEv https://t.co/cWmDvZhlwa

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  21. Congrats @bdinan44! Manny Machado went 3-for-4 with 2 HRs and 2 SB on 10/1 vs TOR. Autographed Buck Showalter photo on the way! #OsTrivia

  22. A look at the metric that could help #Orioles 3B Manny Machado win the Gold Glove tonight. https://t.co/txOTaJQxAc https://t.co/lDViedmcjn

  23. No Chris Davis or Manny Machado among the 3 AL MVP finalists. They are #Jays' Donaldson, #Angels' Trout and #Royals' Cain. #Orioles

  24. #Orioles 3B Manny Machado wins #GoldGlove for 2nd time in 3 years. Also won in 2013. Won AL Platinum Glove in 2013 as well.

  25. #orioles third baseman Manny Machado wins his 2nd Rawlings Gold Glove

  26. Congratulations to Manny Machado, Rawlings 2015 AL Gold Glove Award recipient for defensive excellence at 3rd base! https://t.co/skapQpD30T

  27. Manny Machado wins AL Gold Glove at 3B.

  28. MANNY'S GOLD: Hit RETWEET to congratulate Manny Machado on winning his second Gold Glove!  https://t.co/BTIQQHp8Sa

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  34. Retweet to congratulate Manny Machado on his second Gold Glove Award for defensive excellence at third base. https://t.co/LYNxVB962n

  35. #Rockies' Nolan Arenado wins Wilson Defensive Player of the Yr award at 3B over #Orioles' Manny Machado. Both were named Gold Glovers yest.

  36. #rockies Nolan Arenado wins @wilsonballglove Defensive Player of Year award at 3B. Not #orioles Manny Machado. Only 1 winner in majors

  37. Machado denied Wilson Defensive Player of the Year Award - School of Roch: Manny Machado was denied the Wilso... https://t.co/G7BnWghOhj

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  39. Josh Donaldson wins Silver Slugger at 3B over #orioles Manny Machado.

  40. Josh Donaldson wins AL #SilverSlugger award at 3B over #Orioles' Manny Machado.