1. Manchester City's Sergio Aguero Is a Big Fan of the NFL

    The NFL returns to London on Sunday at Wembley , and there will be one unlikely, but passionate, observer when the Dallas Cowboys face the Jacksonville Jaguars: Sergio Aguero ...

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  2. Toure's Form Concerns Manchester City Amid Concern over Transfer Plan

    Yaya Toure's form at Manchester City is coming under increasing scrutiny at the highest level of the club after he was sent off during the 2-1 home defeat against CSKA Moscow .....

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  3. Pellegrini: Players Are Nervous in Europe

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  4. CSKA Fans Thrown out of Etihad

    A group of around 80 CSKA Moscow supporters were thrown out of last night's Champions League match at Manchester City .....

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  5. Selling Toure 'Never in My Mind'

    Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini says the prospect of selling Yaya Toure has never crossed his mind.....

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  6. Vincent Kompany Injury: Updates on Manchester City Star's Calf and Return

    Vincent Kompany missed Manchester City 's recent Premier League match with QPR due to a calf ailment, but he is on the cusp of a return. Continue for updates. Friday, Nov...

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  7. Kompany Is Injured, Won't Face QPR

    INJURIES: Pellegrini confirms Vincent Kompany is injured, joining David Silva and Aleks Kolarov out on the sidelines. Lampard available.....

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  8. QPR vs. Manchester City: Key Issues and Decisions That Will Shape EPL Game

    Manchester City are presently living a double life. As with most double lives, pulling the stunt off with uniform happiness is usually too much to ask...

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  9. Manchester City's Failings Underline Just How Good Alex Ferguson Was

    There was something almost expected about Manchester City ’s Champions League defeat to CSKA Moscow on Wednesday night...

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  10. Kompany 'Still Believes' in Man City

    Vincent Kompany says he still believes Manchester City can succeed in Europe - despite the club being in danger of another early Champions League exit.....

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  11. Manuel Pellegrini Must Ensure Manchester City Points and Performance vs. QPR

    Premier League champions they might be, but all is not well at Manchester City at present, with Manuel Pellegrini's team having lost three of their last four games in all competitions and staring at yet another Champions League group-stage exit...

    Karl Matchett Written by Karl Matchett about 21 days ago 1,175 reads 3 comments

  12. Manchester City's Lack of Self-Belief in Champions League Their Downfall Again

    Many have pointed to a strange lack of self-belief and confidence as reasons for Manchester City 's poor Champions League form since they first entered the competition in 2011...

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  13. Manchester City Fan Pictured Making Peanut Butter Sandwich During CSKA Defeat

    Watching Manchester City lose at home to CSKA Moscow in the Champions League must have been pretty dispiriting for fans. How to cheer themselves up? One fan decided to make a peanut butter sandwich...

    Mark Patterson Written by Mark Patterson about 21 days ago 2,682 reads 5 comments

  14. CSKA: It's Obvious How to Beat Man City

    One of the CSKA Moscow defenders whose side have contributed to a new low for Manchester City in Europe has said that Manuel Pellegrini's side are defensively vulnerable and that it is obvious how to beat them...

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  15. Just Like Manchester City, Sergio Aguero Is Yet to Shine

    Sergio Aguero is both emblem and microcosm at Manchester City , a richly gifted player only deep pockets can afford yet, like the club he represents, a talent still awaiting validation on the highest stage...

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  16. Ranking and Grading Man City's Players on Champions League Performances So Far

    Manchester City seem determined to miss out on qualifying for the knockout stage of the Champions League, even if their colleagues in Group E have conspired to keep City's hopes (barely) alive...

    Phil Keidel Written by Phil Keidel about 21 days ago 1,407 reads 5 comments

  17. Players' Attitude to Blame for Man City's Champions League Woes

    The crowd was out of it Wednesday at Etihad Stadium, but was Manuel Pellegrini to blame in Man City's loss? Watch Rob Pollard from Etihad Stadium discuss the Blues' Champions League woes with Ryan Bailey ...

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  18. UK Back Pages: Manchester City and Yaya Toure Savaged by Press After CSKA Loss

    There's just one theme dominating the back pages of Thursday's newspapers, and that's Manchester City 's abject performance in the Champions League...

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  19. Yaya Touré Tweets Fans to Apologise for Red Card

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  20. Manchester City Are in a Crisis of Confidence, Admits Pellegrini

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  21. Pellegrini: Struggles to Understand Horrific Performance

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  22. Watch: Toure Shown Red vs. CSKA

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  23. Yaya Toure Scores Fantastic Free-Kick After Being at Fault for CSKA Opener

    Yaya Toure went from zero to hero in Manchester City 's must-win Champions League tie with CSKA Moscow , allowing a shocking opener after two minutes and then equalising at the other end...

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  24. Watch: Yaya's Free-Kick Draws City Level Early

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  25. Jovetic, Clichy in Lineup vs. Moscow

    Manchester City : Hart, Kompany, Zabaleta, Clichy, Demichelis, Fernando, Milner, Jesús Navas, Y. Touré, Agüero, Jovetić...

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