1. Here's Luis Scola schooling Dwight Powell with a beautiful move in the post. https://t.co/YiWb5kM27O

  2. Improved D, Slim Lowry and Drizzy in the 6: Raptors Season Preview

  3. Luis Scola Named MVP of the FIBA Americas Championship

  4. Awkward: Raptors' Scola Drops 35 Pts on Canadian Nat'l Team

  5. Why not start the day with a @LScola4 dagger three. #WeTheNorth WATCH: https://t.co/VWcwQuX9nn

  6. Listen to @LScola4 speak to the media after his big performance in last night's win. #WeTheNorth WATCH: https://t.co/uwVMrwdtR1

  7. Tonight's #Raptors Starters: G - @Klow7 G - @DeMar_DeRozan F - @DeMarreCarroll1 F - @LScola4 C - @JValanciunas #RTZ #WeTheNorth

  8. Tonight's #Raptors Starters: G - @Klow7 G - @DeMar_DeRozan F - @DeMarreCarroll1 F - @LScola4 C - @JValanciunas #RTZ #WeTheNorth

  9. Tonight's #Raptors Starters: G - @Klow7 G - @DeMar_DeRozan F - @IamJJ3 F - @LScola4 C - @JValanciunas #RTZ #WeTheNorth

  10. When @LScola4 starts the season shooting 67% from behind the arc... #RTZ https://t.co/epYWRjBXmi

  11. Tonight's #Raptors Starters: G - @Klow7 G - @DeMar_DeRozan F - @IamJJ3 F - @LScola4 C - @JValanciunas #RTZ #WeTheNorth

  12. Over/Under on number of Luis Scola made 3s tonight: 0.5

  13. Can Zinger actually knock over Luis Scola? I don't know man....

  14. "Welcome to the NBA, Zinger" - Luis Scola, presumably

  15. Luis Scola is laying waste to the 76ers. He's got 19.

  16. ICYMI: @LScola4 has 17 pts in the quarter and leads all scorers with 21. #RTZ

  17. Luis Scola was impressed with the Raptors' second half performance. VIDEO: https://t.co/UNhP6JD605 https://t.co/cJcf3A4Evw

  18. From Norm Powell's high flying dunk to Luis Scola's big 3rd Q, @stackmack covers it all in her recap. Game Rap: https://t.co/u09AFGoUoa

  19. In her latest exclusive Q&A, @stackmack sat down with @LScola4 to talk hoops, life, family and much more. READ: https://t.co/LRrz8irND6

  20. Tonight's #Raptors Starters: G - @Klow7 G - @DeMar_DeRozan F - @DeMarreCarroll1 F - @LScola4 C - @JValanciunas #RTZ #WeTheNorth

  21. ICYMI: @stackmack sat down with @LScola4 for an exclusive Q&A. READ: https://t.co/LRrz8irND6

  22. Tonight's #Raptors Starters: G - @Klow7 G - @DeMar_DeRozan F - @DeMarreCarroll1 F - @LScola4 C - @JValanciunas #RTZ #WeTheNorth

  23. Tonight's #Raptors Starters: G - @Klow7 G - @DeMar_DeRozan F - @DeMarreCarroll1 F - @LScola4 C - @JValanciunas #RTZ #WeTheNorth

  24. The Raptors just spent 14 seconds getting Luis Scola a post-up against Draymond... AND IT WORKED! WOO.

  25. Tonight's #Raptors Starters: G - @Klow7 G - @DeMar_DeRozan F - @DeMarreCarroll1 F - @LScola4 C - @JValanciunas #RTZ #WeTheNorth

  26. Luis "midrange master" Scola leads all scorers early on with six points.

  27. GREASE LIGHTNING! Luis Scola is on fire!

  28. Luis Scola on his 18-point first half: "I just make shots" Boss.

  29. Every time I see Luis Scola, I laugh.

  30. Luis Scola opens second half with a jumper and Raptors regain their lead.

  31. Today's #Raptors Starting Lineup: G - @Klow7 G - @DeMar_DeRozan F - @DeMarreCarroll1 F - @LScola4 C - @bismackbiyombo0 #RTZ #WeTheNorth

  32. Even when he's fouled, @LScola4 's hair stays perfect. #RTZ https://t.co/h6EneyIsCm

  33. Luis Scola has been tremendous for Raps so far, 8 pts, 2 boards, diving for loose balls. It's like he's 25, not 35

  34. In 22 mins, Blake Griffin and Paul Pierce have 2 pts and 2 rebs, total; Luis Scola and DeMarre Carroll have 33 and 7

  35. New: Grandstand Highlight of the Night: The Versatile Luis Scola - https://t.co/0QbOhzoujr https://t.co/skc9cld0Zy

  36. Luis Scola outmuscled L.A.C. & helped the Raps to a road victory. He is your @BioSteelSports Performer of the Game. https://t.co/U3fVZh3kLf