1. Lakers' Jordan Clarkson Looks to Build on Impressive Rookie Debut

    Jordan Clarkson thinks about the number 46 a lot. The Los Angeles Lakers guard will never forget slipping into the second half of Round 2 of the 2014 NBA Draft...

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  2. Lakers Nation Debate: Roy Hibbert Returning to All-Star Form?

    Topic: We wonder if Roy Hibbert can return to his All-Star form of 2013 with the Los Angeles Lakers this season...

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  3. Lakers Rumors: Rounding Up Buzz on Nick Young and Offseason Plans

    Through a combination of sticking with what they have and buying low (or attempting to), the Los Angeles Lakers look better off when comparing the current roster on paper against last year's iteration...

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  4. The Clock Is Ticking on Byron Scott's Future with the Los Angeles Lakers

    Heading into his second season as head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers , Byron Scott is facing not one, but multiple ticking clock scenarios...

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  5. Grading the Los Angeles Lakers' Offseason

    The Los Angeles Lakers began the offseason on a high note after drafting point guard D'Angelo Russell second overall. After picking up a few more pieces in free agency, the Lakers will soon kick off their rebuilding season...

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  6. Brandon Bass Is the Perfect Mentor for Julius Randle

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  7. Barkley Not Shocked by Kobe

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  8. 12 Times Kobe Bryant Came Through and Shut Down Social Media

    For someone who only joined Twitter in 2013, Kobe Bryant dominates social media like it's his job. In just two years, Bryant has become a master mic-dropper...

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  9. Lakers Trade Rumors: Latest Buzz on Nick Young's Status with LA

    Nick Young 's future with the Los Angeles Lakers was shrouded in mystery for a few weeks at the start of free agency, as Yahoo Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski reported...

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  10. Lou Williams Argues He and Nick Young Can Co-Exist

    One player has taken pride in coming off the bench and scoring in bunches. Another player has felt the same. One has done it consistently enough last season to win the NBA 's sixth man of the year award...

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  11. Kupchak May Add Another Guard or Two

    The Lakers will not host any more elaborate presentations. The team's introductory press conference Wednesday featuring center Roy Hibbert , guard Lou Williams and forward Brandon Bass represented the major offseason acquisitions...

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  12. Lakers News: Latest on Roy Hibbert, Lineup Plans for Next Season and More

    With what seems to be a complete, improved roster, the Los Angeles Lakers begin the march toward next season. There's a lot of work to do...

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  13. LaMarcus Aldridge Says Lakers Meeting Was 'Blown out of Proportion'

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  14. Roy Hibbert Has Perfect Chance to Salvage Career with Los Angeles Lakers

    Ups, downs and everything in between. Roy Hibbert has been there during his seven-year career with the Indiana Pacers . With just one year remaining on his contract, there's hope he can reestablish himself as one of the league's premier centers...

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  15. Los Angeles Lakers Playing with Fire Having Kobe Bryant at Small Forward

    Kobe Bryant and shooting guard have been synonymous for so many years. The future Hall of Famer took over as the Los Angeles Lakers ' starting 2-guard at the beginning ...

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  16. Lakers' Infusion of Young Talent to Test Kobe's Ability to Take Needed Step Back

    Kobe Bryant split a pair of hapless defenders like he was slipping through a closing door at the last second. Then, after breaching the lane, he looked off a third misguided soul, opening up a chasm for him to do the kind of things he does...

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  17. Should D'Angelo Russell's Summer League Game Have Los Angeles Lakers Concerned?

    It's no secret that D'Angelo Russell of the Los Angeles Lakers struggled at Las Vegas Summer League. Despite his 11.8 points, 5.2 rebounds and 3.2 assists per game, Los Angeles stumbled to a 1-4 record...

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  18. Larry Nance Jr. Is More Than Just a Summer League Surprise for LA Lakers

    Larry Nance Jr. was as surprised as Los Angeles Lakers fans were when the team selected him with the 27th pick in the first round of the NBA draft on June 25. “It was insane,” Nance said per Scott Nulph of Wyo Sports ...

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  19. Lakers Rumors: LA Dodged Bullet in Failed Pursuit of Ty Lawson

    Earlier this summer, the Los Angeles Lakers , spurned by every major player on the free-agent market, dipped their toes into the buy-low pool by trading an undisclosed future second-round pick for center Roy Hibbert ...

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  20. All-Time Los Angeles Lakers vs. All-Time Chicago Bulls, Who Ya Got?

    Shaquille O'Neal might want to modify his claim that the Los Angeles Lakers ' all-time team would beat the Chicago Bulls ' version by 50 points. But he doesn't need to back off of it entirely...

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  21. Byron Scott: Russell Is 'Not Magic Johnson'

    The Lakers wrapped up summer league in Las Vegas on Friday with an 84-78 loss to the Utah Jazz , falling to 1-4 despite carrying at least seven players under contract that will play for the team this upcoming season...

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  22. Rockets Saved Lakers by Signing Lawson

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  23. Pierce: I Could Never Play for Lakers

    Paul Pierce helped lead the Boston Celtics to an NBA championship in 2008, beating out the Lakers in the Finals...

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  24. Kobe Visits FC Barcelona Practice in LA

    Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant is a huge soccer fan. While growing up in Italy, Bryant became a fan of the sport and that fandom has stayed strong even after moving to Philadelphia as a teenager...

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  25. Lakers News: L.A. Was 'Determined Trade Bidder' For Ty Lawson

    The Los Angeles Lakers were among the teams interested in trading for veteran point guard Ty Lawson . The Houston Rockets ultimately were able to acquire Lawson on Sunday, but the Lakers definitely made a hard push to get a deal done...

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