1. Tobias Harris Would Complete Rapid Rebuild of Los Angeles Lakers Frontcourt

    The Los Angeles Lakers need an upgrade at small forward, and luring restricted free agent Tobias Harris to Hollywood could be the perfect way to solidify what's soon to be one of the NBA's most promising young frontcourts ...

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  2. Lin Admits Feeling 'Burnt Out' by Season's End

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  3. Warriors' Success Influenced by Several Former Lakers

    The Lakers postseason is highlighted by winning the #2 pick in the NBA Draft and although their Northern California counterpart, the Golden State Warriors made it to the NBA Finals, there's much Lakers' influence in their success...

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  4. Lakers Work out 12 Players for 27th and 34th Picks

    The Lakers held their third and fourth sets of draft workouts Monday, hosting morning and afternoon sessions with six players apiece.....

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  5. Best-Case Scenario for the Los Angeles Lakers on Draft Night

    The Los Angeles Lakers are in desperate need of a rebuilding year after finishing out the 2014-15 season 21-61. In this year's draft lottery, the Lakers won the No. 2 pick for the NBA draft, which is good news for a team that needs a fresh look..

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  6. The Case to Embrace Jahlil Okafor as LA Lakers No. 2 Pick in the 2015 NBA Draft

    In less than a month, the Los Angeles Lakers are likely to use their No. 2 draft pick on Duke’s Jahlil Okafor—a low-post prodigy whose game evokes memories of giants of the past...

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  7. Ideal Trade Partners for the Los Angeles Lakers During the 2015 NBA Offseason

    After two thoroughly dispiriting years, the Los Angeles Lakers are back in a position to start making the moves necessary to compete for NBA titles again...

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  8. Lakers Finalize Deal for New Headquarters

    EL SEGUNDO – After receiving final approval from the City of El Segundo, the Los Angeles Lakers have completed the purchase of a five acre property located at the northwest ...

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  9. Randle Feels 'Quicker' After Losing Weight, Looks Sharp in Workout

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  10. Lakers Don't Have to Draft the Next Franchise Cornerstone

    I am hardly an expert on Karl Anthony-Towns. Or Jahlil Okafor. Or D'Angelo Russell. Or Justise Winslow (despite his being among the best names in sports).....

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  11. Kobe Bryant Visits Lakers' Draft Workout of Anderson, Wright, Others

    Kobe Bryant took in part of the Lakers ' draft workout Thursday, watching six prospects the team might consider with the 27th and 34th picks in the June 25 NBA draft.....

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  12. Lakers Rumors: Latest Buzz on Tom Thibodeau, Kevin Love and Marc Gasol

    Just two years ago, the Los Angeles Lakers were in the playoffs. The last two seasons haven’t gone well for the storied franchise, with this season resulting in an all-time low win percentage for the team...

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  13. Lakers Rumors: Speculation from Los Angeles on Kevin Love, Draft and More

    There was a time when the Los Angeles Lakers would still be playing in late May and early June. Ask your older brother about it...

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  14. 6 Prospects Los Angeles Lakers Should Consider with 27th Pick in 2015 NBA Draft

    The Los Angeles Lakers received a lot of attention when they moved up to the second overall pick during the recent NBA draft lottery...

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  15. Julius Randle Cleared for 2-on-2, 3-on-3 Drills

    Coming into the 2014-15 NBA season, the Los Angeles Lakers held some optimism after drafting Julius Randle. It went away during the team's first regular season game when Randle suffered a fractured tibia which forced him to sit out the year...

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  16. Lakers Free Agency: Jeremy Lin, Lakers Don't Fit Together Going Forward

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  17. It Would Take 'Heck of an Opportunity' for Lakers to Trade No. 2 Pick...

    Karl-Anthony Towns or Jahlil Okafor? The Lakers ' decision on what to do with the No. 2 pick in June's draft might not be so clear-cut, with General Manager Mitch Kupchak even leaving the door open Tuesday that they could trade the pick...

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  18. Jared Dudley Says 'Most Guys' Don't Want to Play with Kobe Bryant

    Apparently, Jared Dudley isn't going to hold back when he has something to say. The Milwaukee Bucks small forward appeared on a number of ESPN shows Wednesday morning, but ...

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  19. Lakers Rumors: Signing Kevin Love Integral to LA's Instant-Rebuild Plans

    Hello, Internet patrons. What you've opened is yet another screed on the possibility of Kevin Love joining the Lakers , one of literally millions that show up when you start using your fingers on the old Google box...

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  20. Los Angeles Lakers Could Turn to Trade Market for Answer at Small Forward

    The search for answers at the small forward position by the Los Angeles Lakers has been a difficult thing to watch. There was the 2013 promise shown by Xavier Henry before a torn Achilles tendon derailed his hoops dreams...

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  21. Horry's Shot Gets Team Stream Throwback

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  22. Report: Kobe Signs with William Morris Endeavor

    With the next NBA season widely considered to be his last, Kobe Bryant has quietly signed with WME, The Hollywood Reporter has exclusively learned...

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  23. Scott: Not Kobe's Last Year Until He Says So

    After being awarded the 2nd overall pick in last week's NBA Draft Lottery, Los Angeles Lakers head coach Byron Scott said the organization hasn't narrowed the selection to a particular ...

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  24. Horry's Shot Gets Team Stream Throwback

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  25. Kupchak: Team Prepping as If Next Year Is Kobe's Last

    Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak talks about the future of their star player in Los Angeles. "The NBA Sunday Tip" with Howard Beck and Ethan Skolnick airs Sundays from 9-11AM ET on Bleacher ...

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