1. Byron Scott's Championship Talk a Double-Edged Sword for Los Angeles Lakers

    Hubris isn ’t exactly a scarce commodity in the world of professional sports. If anything, it’s a prerequisite for any championship-caliber psyche—the mental pillar ...

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  2. 5 Free-Agent Fliers Los Angeles Lakers to Gamble on Entering Next Season

    For all intents and purposes, the Los Angeles Lakers have already played their hand in free agency. After striking out on the home run hitters of the 2014 crop, the storied franchise ...

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  3. Scott's Summer Media Tour

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  4. Nick Young Celebrates Anniversary with Iggy Azalea

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  5. How the Lakers Can Develop Their Young Talent

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  6. Can Lakers Succeed with Kobe on Minutes Limit?

    Byron Scott has been making his media rounds this week, telling everyone what he expects from his team this season. One important note was that Scott was very adamant about limiting Kobe Bryant 's minutes this season...

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  7. Lin's Hidden Value at the Hoop

    Since his NBA debut four years ago, new Lakers point guard Jeremy Lin has evolved from a seldom-used backup into one of the league's most efficient and underrated scorers at the rim...

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  8. Los Angeles Lakers' Biggest X-Factors for 2014-15 Season

    With training camp looming, the Los Angeles Lakers are looking to acclimate a new head coach, blend new and returning players and turn the page on a disappointing chapter. The 2014-15 season promises to have more X-factors than usual...

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  9. Nick Young Reveals How He Won over 'Black Widow' Rapper Iggy Azalea

    Los Angeles Lakers player, Nick Young first caught the eye of Australian-rapper Iggy Azalea when he posted a picture of her on Instagram as his "Woman Crush Wednesday," however, the ...

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  10. Byron Scott: '[Los Angeles] Is Still a Purple and Gold Town'

    Los Angeles is still painted in purple and gold, and Lakers head coach Byron Scott wants to make sure it stays that way.....

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  11. Kobe Bryant, the Last of a Dying Breed

    After 18 years with the Los Angeles Lakers , Kobe Bryant is heading into potentially the last two seasons of his incredible NBA career...

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  12. Can the Lakers Bench Mob Make a Comeback This Season?

    Does anyone remember when the Los Angeles Lakers had one of the best benches in the NBA last season? If you blinked, you may have missed it—injuries soon descended like ...

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  13. Ranking the Top 10 Most Underrated Los Angeles Lakers Players of the Past Decade

    The American Heritage® Dictionary defines “ underrated ” as “To rate too low; underestimate...

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  14. Kobe Back in Germany for Annual Knee Treatment

    Kobe Bryant Travels To Germany. On Tuesday evening, guests at restaurant Alter Hof in Munich, were treated to a pleasant surprise as Kobe Bryant walked through. .....

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  15. Where Should Los Angeles Lakers Turn Attention to Land Another Star?

    Failed endeavor after failed endeavor has grounded the Los Angeles Lakers in foreign fashion, delaying their transition from superstar-seeking project to championship heavyweight, handicapping their ability to figure out what happens next...

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  16. Kobe Bryant to Be Used as Assistant Coach This Season

    Few players, if any, have a bigger wealth of knowledge than Kobe Bryant . New head coach Byron Scott plans on utilizing that wealth by making Bryant an unofficial assistant coach this season...

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  17. Los Angeles Lakers: 5 Keys to Make the Playoffs

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  18. Los Angeles Lakers' Julius Randle a Future Star?

    It was a rough here for the Los Angeles Lakers , who finished 25-57, the sixth-worst mark in the league. However, it wasn't all bad – the Lakers received the seventh-overall ...

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  19. What Byron Scott's Past Reveals About LA Lakers' Identity for Next Season

    With his first season as head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers right around the corner, Byron Scott has serious work cut out for himself...

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  20. Keeping Steve Nash Is the Right Strategic Decision for Lakers

    When Labor Day weekend passed, Steve Nash was still a member of the Los Angeles Lakers . The team chose not to use a stretch provision that would have allowed it to waive the future Hall of Famer and amortize his $9...

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  21. Scott Favoring Nash, Boozer Over Lin, Randle as Starters

    Amid the shrieking whistles, swishing nets and perhaps profanity-laced trashtalk, another sound might emerge that provides the soundtrack to capture the beginning of Lakers ' training camp...

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  22. Kobe Bryant Will Be Byron Scott's Biggest Test as Los Angeles Lakers Coach

    Byron Scott will face many challenges in his first season as head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers , but his biggest—by far—will be the delicate task of managing Kobe Bryant 's workload...

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  23. Los Angeles Lakers' Post-D'Antoni Fortunes Depend on Defensive Renaissance

    These aren't the same Los Angeles Lakers with whom Byron Scott began his playing career in 1983. They aren't even the same Lakers who won a championship in 2010...

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  24. Is There a Place in the Modern NBA for Byron Scott's Princeton Offense?

    Byron Scott is one of the last practitioners of a basketball system that dates back to Princeton University in the 1930s...

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  25. Predicting LA Lakers' Final 2014-15 Record

    The Los Angeles Lakers aren't going to compete for a championship during the 2014-15 NBA season. They can, however, improve with a better defensive showing, a miraculous comeback ...

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