1. Kobe Bryant Fights Fierce Competitive Instinct in Battle Against 'Old Age'

    CHICAGO — It’s not like Kobe Bryant to let a moment pass him by. That’s what happened Thursday…Bryant letting down his team, his league and all the fans...

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  2. Carlos Boozer's Benching Paying Big Dividends for Los Angeles Lakers

    Carlos Boozer wasn ’t thrilled when he lost his starting job with the Los Angeles Lakers . But he has flourished in his new role off the bench...

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  3. Nick Young Attributes Lakers' Win over Warriors to His Feeling 'Swagalicious'

    Kobe Bryant rested, the Los Angeles Lakers beat Golden State 115-105, and Nick Young said some patently absurd things Tuesday night...

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  4. Byron Scott's Kobe Bryant Plan Leaving Los Angeles Lakers in Dangerous Position

    LOS ANGELES — Here’s one thing Byron Scott has accomplished. He has left no question about it, and it’s good to know: Kobe Bryant no longer can do everything and be everything for the Los Angeles Lakers ...

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  5. Bryant Expected to Return for Christmas vs. Bulls

    Amid all the question marks surrounding how the Lakers will adjust Kobe Bryant 's minutes and role, one thing has at least remained certain...

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  6. NBA Legend Vlade Divac Hits Half-Court Shot to Win $90,000 for Charity

    Vlade Divac hasn't taken the court in any professional capacity since 2005, but it turns out he still has some of the range that made him such a versatile big man...

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  7. Kobe Was Disappointed Lakers Didn't Get Rondo

    Somewhere in the recesses of Kobe Bryant 's mind, there is a list of possible Los Angeles Lakers saviors that seems to get shorter by the day...

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  8. Kobe-Less Lakers Pull off Shocker at Staples

    Kobe Bryant 's worst nightmare: He sits out to rest, and the rest of the Los Angeles Lakers not only play well in his absence, but dominate.....

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  9. Delivering Kevin Durant Could Be Kobe Bryant's Final Gift to Los Angeles Lakers

    Kobe Bryant is winding his way through the end stages of a brilliant career, competing as fiercely as his 36-year-old body will allow. Delivering Kevin Durant to the Los Angeles Lakers could be a bittersweet parting gift...

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  10. Without Bryant, Lakers Knock off Warriors

    LOS ANGELES – Presented with the circumstances, one would expect Kobe Bryant to wake up in cold sweats any second now. .....

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  11. Lakers Shock, Dominate Warriors Without Kobe

    LOS ANGELES -- Carlos Boozer scored 18 points in his new role off the bench, and the Los Angeles Lakers shocked the league-leading Golden State Warriors 115-105 on Tuesday night without Kobe Bryant ...

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  12. Young: Kobe Should 'Take a Backseat' and Pass

    Nick Young: "Tell [Kobe] to take the backseat for a little bit. He can be 'Driving Miss Daisy' and I can be Miss Daisy and drive...

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  13. Young Hits Johnson for Alley-Oop from Half Court

    I can't say I saw this – the Lakers running circles around the best team in the NBA – coming, but perhaps Kobe Bryant sitting out helped...

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  14. Kobe Given Game vs. Warriors off for Rest

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  15. Kobe Given Game vs. Warriors off for Rest

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  16. Nick Young's Plan to Ease Kobe's Burden: Give Young the Ball...

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  17. Lakers Rumors: Team Unwilling to Include Julius Randle in Rondo Deal

    Last week, the Boston Celtics traded long-time point guard Rajon Rondo to the Dallas Mavericks . Numerous teams had contacted the Celtics in trying to acquire Rondo, including the Los Angeles Lakers ...

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  18. Lakers Rumors: Buzz on Goran Dragic, Kobe Bryant and Rajon Rondo Trade Aftermath

    The Los Angeles Lakers are nowhere close to being members of the NBA elite, but the team continues to generate compelling storylines ...

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  19. Byron Scott Still Weighing Whether to Rest Kobe

    The Lakers (8-19) face a difficult schedule this week, playing four games against high-caliber teams: the Golden State Warriors (22-3), Chicago Bulls (17-9), Dallas Mavericks (20-8) and Phoenix Suns (15-14)...

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  20. Jeremy Lin's Los Angeles Lakers Tenure Looking Like One-and-Done Season

    What’s eating Jeremy Lin ? If he doesn’t step his game up soon, his season with the Los Angeles Lakers will be one-and-done. The 26-year-old point guard is certainly one of basketball’s more polarizing figures...

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  21. Would Los Angeles Lakers Be Better Off Without Kobe Bryant?

    Kobe Bryant is the Los Angeles Lakers . That's the problem. Or, at least that's the problem for whatever percentage of Purple and Gold loyalists want a sustainable, functional ...

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  22. Lakers consider resting Kobe Bryant after 108-101 loss to Sacramento

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  23. Mike Bresnahan on Twitter

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  24. Lakers Fade Down the Stretch and Lose to the Kings, 108-101

    After a competitive three quarters, the Kings ran away from the Lakers in the fourth to secure a 108-101 victory on Sunday afternoon in Sacramento......

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  25. Kings Snap 5-Game Losing Skid, Beat Lakers 108-101

    DeMarcus Cousins had 29 points and 14 rebounds in his second start since returning from a serious illness, and the Sacramento Kings snapped a five-game losing streak with a 108-101 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday...

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