1. Lakers Give Bryant Final Two Preseason Games off

    Byron Scott apparently has seen all he needs to know that Kobe Bryant will be ready for his 19th and second-to-last NBA season...

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  2. Julius Randle: 'I Want to Be the Next Kobe'

    In the Los Angeles Lakers ' 94-86 win over the Portland Trailblazers, Julius Randle had 17 points and eight rebounds...

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  3. Watch: Davis Swats Layup Attempt off Backboard

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  4. Kobe Bryant to Sit out Lakers' Final Two Preseason Games to Rest for Season

    Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant will sit out of the team's final two preseason games in order to rest up for the season, according to Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times...

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  5. Kobe to Rest Final 2 Games of Preseason

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  6. Julius Randle's Development Poses Final Leadership Test for Kobe Bryant

    LOS ANGELES — His basketball legend already written in stone, Kobe Bryant 's virtue as a man again has found itself bandied about the digital arena today the very same way as in newspapers, radio and TV 10 to 15 years prior...

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  7. Nick Young Is Now a Forever 21 Model (Photos)

    It was bound to happen. The man they call Swaggy P or more formally, Nick Young, was going to become a model...

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  8. 9 Failed Moves That Contributed to Los Angeles Lakers Downfall

    Over the course of their preseason slate, the Los Angeles Lakers have looked every bit a lottery-bound team—a collection of ill-fitting pieces and cast-off talent few believe is capable of crashing the Western Conference playoff party...

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  9. Lin Makes Impact in Lakers' Overtime Loss to Suns

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  10. Lakers News: Latest Updates on Keith Appling, Pau Gasol and More

    As the 2014-15 NBA season approaches, the popular sentiment surrounding the Los Angeles Lakers is that it will be a long year...

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  11. Kobe Bryant: The Lakers' Cancer or the Cure?

    ESPN's Henry Abbott made it very clear in his column that he believes the Los Angeles Lakers ' franchise is suffering now due to having Kobe Bryant in town.....

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  12. Los Angeles Lakers' Biggest Red Flags Entering This Season

    A new season brings increased expectations and the promise of a fresh start for many NBA teams. For the Los Angeles Lakers , however, hope is being tempered by red flags...

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  13. Lakers' Jordan Hill Envisions Better Season Without Mike D'Antoni and Alcohol

    As he sat recently by his locker stall, Lakers forward Jordan Hill exuded a sense of peace. In his mind, all the hurdles that stood in his way from last season have since moved...

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  14. Phil, Singer Flea Defend Kobe with 'Red Hot' Takes

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  15. VIDEO: Lakers' Jeremy Lin Poses as Adidas Employee in Taiwan

    Los Angeles Lakers newcomer Jeremy Lin has been extremely busy ever since being acquired by his new team...

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  16. Kobe Bryant Says Lakers Will Play Smashmouth Basketball

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  17. Julius Randle's Development Should Be Priority No. 1 for Los Angeles Lakers

    Julius Randle is the only thing standing between the Los Angeles Lakers and a lost season. The Lakers are going to make noise this year, but that'll mainly be because they're surrounded by more microphones than most NBA teams...

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  18. Lakers News: Los Angeles Makes Necessary Cuts in Keith Appling and Jeremy Tyler

    The Los Angeles Lakers have to get the roster down to 15 before the start of the regular season, and they made a big step toward accomplishing that by waiving two players Monday...

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  19. How Can the Los Angeles Lakers Solve Their Obvious 3-Point Problem?

    Acceptance is the first step to self-correction. The Los Angeles Lakers have a three-point shooting issue...

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  20. Season Predictions and Analysis for the 2014-15 Los Angeles Lakers

    The Los Angeles Lakers will welcome back Kobe Bryant this season with hopes of challenging for a playoff spot out West...

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  21. Lakers Waive Appling and Tyler

    EL SEGUNDO – The Los Angeles Lakers have waived guard Keith Appling and center Jeremy Tyler, it was announced today by General Manager Mitch Kupchak...

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  22. Report: Lakers to Waive Keith Appling

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  23. Los Angeles Lakers' Jordan Hill in for a Big Season?

    The Los Angeles Lakers re-signed Jordan Hill in the offseason and many believe he could be in for a break out year.....

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  24. Kobe Thinks Julius Randle Would Be an Idiot Not to Learn

    NBA rookies essentially have to be sponges during their first year in the league. Even the rookies who excel are typically quite lost.....

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  25. 10 Bold Predictions for the Los Angeles Lakers During 2014-15 Season

    Exhibition play may still be in progress for the Los Angeles Lakers , but it’s already time for some bold predictions about the regular season...

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