1. Are Los Angeles Clippers Now Becoming Blake Griffin's Team?

    Chris Paul showed the Los Angeles Clippers the path to the podium; Doc Rivers illuminated the trail, but Blake Griffin has been the one leading the actual procession. The four-time All-Star has risen to and surpassed the superstar threshold...

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  2. CP3 Follows Up Win with Extra Practice

    ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last night the Los Angeles Clippers hosted the Golden State Warriors in a game between two of the better teams out West...

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  3. Which LA Clippers Bench Player Will Be Most Critical During Stretch Run?

    Despite the improved play of Danny Granger and Darren Collison , Glen Davis will be the most critical body off the bench. Even with nagging injuries to J.J. Redick and Jamal Crawford, the Clippers are still stacked with talent and full of depth..

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  4. Chris Paul Has Adjusted to the New Blake Griffin as LA Clippers Surge

    Because Blake Griffin hit a new level without his star point guard next to him, an interesting dynamic has come about since Chris Paul has returned When Paul separated his ...

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  5. Report: Clippers to Decide Whether to Shut Down Redick

    The Clipppers are set to reach a decision on the future of wing shooter J.J. Redick and the result could determine whether LA can contend for a title this season. Redick has been out since early February with a bulging disc...

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  6. Dunk of the Night: Wednesday, March 12

    Danny Granger didn't miss very many shots in the Los Angeles Clippers ' 111-98 win over the Golden State Warriors Wednesday night. But one of the few times he did, well, Blake Griffin cleaned it up something angry...

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  7. Return of Clippers' Crawford Still Uncertain

    Clippers guard Jamal Crawford, who missed Monday's 112-105 win over the Phoenix Suns after suffering another injury setback, could be out another five days, though the time frame for his return remains uncertain...

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  8. Clippers Look to Up All-Important Seeding

    As the NBA regular season inches closer to its conclusion, the standings board in the corner of the Los Angeles Clippers ' locker room has become more and more elaborate.....

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  9. Griffin Turning the Other Cheek This Season

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  10. Dudley (back Spams) Returns to Clips Lineup

    Clippers forward Jared Dudley, who missed the past three games with mid-back spasms, said he will return and play Wednesday night against the Golden State Warriors .....

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  11. Debate: What Grade Would You Give Doc Rivers This Season?

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  12. Blake Griffin's Breakout Season Makes Los Angeles Clippers Title Threats

    Until recently, the Los Angeles Clippers were Chris Paul . Now, they're so much more. The Clippers are Doc Rivers. They are DeAndre Jordan. They are still Paul. More importantly, they are Blake Griffin ...

    Dan Favale Written by Dan Favale about 1 month ago 4,440 reads 33 comments

  13. Most-Improved LA Clippers Players so Far This Season

    The Los Angeles Clippers have had plenty of success this season, partially due to the hiring of Doc Rivers and Alvin Gentry, and partially due to the improvement of a few important players...

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  14. Dunk of the Night: Monday, March 10

    OK, so here's the thing about DeAndre Jordan outrunning the entire Phoenix Suns team and catching a perfect outlet pass in stride for a thunderous flush: NBA centers aren't supposed to do that...

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  15. Blake Griffin Busted out the Karl Malone Dunk

    Aside from playing power forward at an elite level, Blake Griffin and Karl Malone don't have a whole heck of a lot in common. Blake has red hair; Karl has no hair. Blake does car commercials; Karl does commercials for...

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  16. Video: Suns' P.J. Tucker Ejected for Blow to Clippers' Blake Griffin

    Suns guard/forward P.J. Tucker was ejected after delivering a blow to Clippers forward Blake Griffin during a Monday night game at the Staples Center...

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  17. P.J. Tucker Ejected After Fight with Blake

    Official ruling: loose ball foul, then a Technical foul on PJ Tucker, who is ejected. He's laughing on his way back to the locker room...

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  18. Blake Griffin Does Karl Malone 'Mailman' Dunk Against Suns

    Previously on That NBA Lottery Pick, we featured a story where Utah Jazz legend Karl Malone promised to pay Blake Griffin 's fine to defend himself against cheap shots...

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  19. Despite Win, Rivers Still Wants More

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  20. Clippers Finally Looking Like a Contender

    In the waning moments of the Los Angeles Clippers ' 48-point victory over the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday, Glen “Big Baby” Davis got up during a timeout and entertained his teammates by dancing to Alexandra Stan's "Mr...

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  21. Chris Paul, Clippers Ditch Los Angeles Inferiority Complex in Favor of Winning

    LOS ANGELES — We've all fought our share of losing battles. Here's a suggestion from a Los Angeles Clippers team still trapped in a Los Angeles Lakers world but figuring ...

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  22. Blake Griffin Must Cement His New Status with Huge NBA Playoffs

    It's taken nearly four years, but the masses are finally coming around in seeing how impressive an all-around player Blake Griffin is...

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  23. Jamal Crawford's Case for NBA Sixth Man of the Year

    Los Angeles Clippers guard Jamal Crawford has been the NBA version of a Swiss Army knife for head coach Doc Rivers this season, and it's just one of several reasons why he deserves strong consideration for the NBA's Sixth Man of the Year Award...

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  24. Clippers' Crawford out Again, Will Sit 1 More

    LOS ANGELES -- Clippers guard Jamal Crawford, who returned Saturday after a three-game absence, said he may have returned too soon and will miss at least Monday's game against the Phoenix Suns as he recovers from a strained left calf...

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  25. Clippers Find Escape Route to Beat the Hawks

    It took all the Clippers had to escape with a 109-108 over the Atlanta Hawks on Saturday night at Staples Center...

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