1. Clippers Coast to 113-92 Victory over Charlotte Hornets

    The Clippers dealt the Charlotte Hornets their sixth consecutive loss Monday, 113-92, in the second game of a back-to-back set...

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  2. Which Clippers Are Expendable in Los Angeles' Championship Quest?

    The Los Angeles Clippers fly high above the rim, which is why they earned the nickname Lob City. But in order to transform into a championship-caliber team, they may need to fly ...

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  3. Clippers Get Clobbered by High-Flying Grizzlies, 107-91

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  4. Clippers Still in Search of a Strong Player at Small Forward

    The question follows the Clippers wherever they go, like a smelly bag of laundry inside their luggage: Can they win a championship without upgrading at small forward?.....

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  5. Los Angeles Clippers vs. Memphis Grizzlies 11/23/14: Video Highlights and Recap

    A potential Western Conference playoff matchup took place on Sunday as the conference-leading Memphis Grizzlies took on the Los Angeles Clippers ...

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  6. Sharp-Shooting Gasol Leads Grizzlies by Clips

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Marc Gasol had 30 points and 12 rebounds to lead the Memphis Grizzlies to a 107-91 victory over the Los Angeles Clippers on Sunday night. Gasol was 13 of 18 from the field as six Grizzlies reached double figures...

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  7. Clippers Still Searching for Accurate Gauge

    The season hadn't even reached double figures in games played, yet this early seven-game road trip for the Los Angeles Clippers felt very much like a soul-searching voyage.....

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  8. Doc Rivers Not Worried About J.J. Redick's Shooting Struggles

    Doc Rivers enlisted the help of Clippers broadcaster and former NBA power forward Michael Smith when a reporter inquired about J.J. Redick's shooting struggles.....

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  9. Rivers: Starters Play 'Beautiful' Game

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  10. LA Clippers Find 'Lob City' Swag at Critical Time

    Off to a 2-0 start on what promises to be a revealing seven-game road trip, the Los Angeles Clippers are beginning to resemble the club that claimed a franchise-record 57 victories a season ago...

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  11. Clippers Beat the Miami Heat, 110-93

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  12. Los Angeles Clippers vs. Miami Heat: Postgame Grades and Analysis

    The Miami Heat were without Dwyane Wade (hamstring injury) for the fourth consecutive game on Thursday night...

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  13. Watch: Jordan Flushes Reverse Alley-Oop

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  14. What Is Wrong with Los Angeles Clippers' Offense Right Now?

    Paging Alvin Gentry. You're needed for a cleanup in the Staples Center. Yes, the Los Angeles Clippers offense is a bit of a mess, and it's Gentry's job to fix it. At least, the Clips wish it were...

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  15. Farmar: Bench Happy Playing Big Minutes

    ORLANDO, Fla. – For Blake Griffin , DeAndre Jordan and Chris Paul , it was the best fourth quarter of the season...

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  16. Reserves Complete Starters' Job as Clippers Rout Magic

    There was a comforting familiarity to the final minutes for the Clippers , stars Chris Paul , Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan all draped in sweatpants and towels on the bench as highly compensated cheerleaders...

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  17. Crawford, Clippers Open Road Trip with Rout

    ORLANDO, Fla. -- Jamal Crawford had 22 points and Chris Paul added 16 points and nine assists as the Los Angeles Clippers beat the Orlando Magic 114-90 Wednesday night.....

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  18. Breaking Down the Los Angeles Clippers' Bad Habits Early in the Season

    The Los Angeles Clippers have some bad habits they need to stop, much like the kids in elementary school who would continuously bite their nails, cover their hands in glue or would get caught picking their nose in class...

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  19. Chappelle: Sterling Shouldn't Have Lost Team

    Disgraced former Clippers owner Donald Sterling doesn't have many supporters, but count comedian Dave Chappelle as one who doesn't think Sterling should have been banned for life ...

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  20. Clippers Are Improving on Defense, Coach Doc Rivers Says

    The Clippers may still be ranked at the bottom of the NBA in rebounding, but Coach Doc Rivers has seen improvement in that area.....

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  21. Los Angeles Clippers' Most Startling Statistics of 2014-15 Season so Far

    The Los Angeles Clippers entered the 2014-15 season with enough talent to make a serious run at an NBA championship. Chris Paul , Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan headline a roster that went a franchise-best 57-25 in 2013-14...

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  22. The One Big Reason CP3 and the Clippers Are off to a Slow Start This Season

    With all their talent, the Los Angeles Clippers have been focused on taking the next step as title contenders. However, their slow start to the season has provided them with little room for error in a competitive Western Conference...

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  23. Trust Issues Plaguing Clippers Early

    LOS ANGELES -- Trust is the glue that binds all good basketball teams together. It's the string that connects the five players on the court and makes sure they're playing as one...

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  24. Los Angeles Clippers Looking to Build Trust, Identity to Get Back on Track

    LOS ANGELES — Trust was the word of the evening at the Los Angeles Clippers ' postgame press conference on Monday night. Trust in their defensive effort. Trust in each other to make shots...

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  25. LA Clippers Can Be Saved by Coach Who Built Them

    The Los Angeles Clippers ' 5-4 start has been clean only superficially. For a team deemed a championship contender coming into the season, it's boasting plenty of flaws, from wing defense, shooting and small forward depth to offensive stagnancy...

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