1. Steve Ballmer Promises Clippers Titles in Response to Fan's Question

    Steve Ballmer was on stage, answering questions from fans in a tone of voice that fell somewhere between a scream and a war chant.....

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  2. Does DeAndre Jordan Deserve a Max Contract Next Summer?

    When DeAndre Jordan crashes into next summer with a diametric combination of awesome physical ability and clear-as-day offensive limitations, the Los Angeles Clippers center ...

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  3. Are LA Clippers One Piece Away from True NBA Title Contention?

    Let's get something out of the way. The Los Angeles Clippers , as currently constructed, are title contenders...

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  4. Steve Ballmer, Clippers Start Washing Away Stain of Donald Sterling Era

    LOS ANGELES — April 29, 2014 feels like a distant memory now for the Los Angeles Clippers and their fans, and not just because that day came four months ago...

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  5. Clippers Owner Steve Ballmer Goes Ape at Fan Festival, Gives Out Email Address

    Steve Ballmer absolutely crushed his entrance at the Clippers Fan Festival on Monday afternoon. The newly minted Los Angeles Clippers owner fired out of the tunnel at the Staples ...

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  6. Clippers Stars Participate in #ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

    If you've been giving social media any glimmer of attention, you'll notice another trend is making its rounds.....

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  7. DeAndre Jordan's Contract Year Could Push Clippers over the Top in 2014-15

    Back during the lockout-truncated free agency madness in December of 2011, teams were trying to steal players away in the "day after Thanksgiving-esque rush to grab the best deals."...

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  8. Fans to Welcome New Clippers Owner at Staples Center Rally

    Fans of the Los Angeles Clippers will get their chance Monday to welcome new owner Steve Ballmer with a fan festival at Staples Center.....

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  9. Justin Timberlake Takes Parting Shot at Donald Sterling

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  10. Breaking Down the Los Angeles Clippers' Coaching Staff

    Last season the Los Angeles Clippers hired Doc Rivers to revamp their coaching staff in the hopes that he could lead a talented roster to a championship. Although that did not happen, there was some turnover on the bench after the season...

    Jeff Nisius Written by Jeff Nisius about 19 days ago 5,294 reads 13 comments

  11. Appeals Court Denies Sterling's Bid to Block Sale

    An appeals court has rejected Donald Sterling's petition to halt the $2-billion sale of the Clippers to Steve Ballmer...

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  12. Clippers 2014-15 Schedule: Top Games, Championship Odds and Record Predictions

    There was once a time when the Los Angeles Clippers would have settled for a second-round exit in the playoffs. But that's not enough anymore...

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  13. Ballmer Pens Letter to Fans: 'Thank You'

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  14. Video: Blake's Summer Training with Vujacic

    Blake Griffin made news this summer when he decided to not play for Team USA at the 2014 FIBA World Cup because of a back injury...

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  15. Steve Ballmer Can't Wait to Get Started with Clippers

    It was only fitting that Steve Ballmer officially became the new owner of the Clippers on Tuesday morning while in Montana preparing to go whitewater rafting.....

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  16. Shelly Retains Title as Clippers No. 1 Fan

    Donald Sterling's wife, Shelly Sterling, negotiated a few perks for herself in the sale of the Clippers to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer...

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  17. Report: Sterling Petitions Court to Overturn Sale

    Hours after the announcement of the Clippers ' sale Tuesday, Donald Sterling petitioned an appeals court to overturn the move...

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  18. Berger: Clippers Sale Lifts off Heavy Burden

    As the Donald Sterling saga unfolded in all of its ugliness, the perception of whose mess this was to clean up was terribly misplaced right from the beginning...

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  19. Doc Rivers Contract: Latest News and Rumors on Negotiations with Clippers

    Amid a landmark, positive day for their franchise, the Los Angeles Clippers are the topic of more good news on Tuesday...

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  20. Do LA Clippers Still Need to Upgrade Small Forward Spot?

    The Los Angeles Clippers added talent and depth this offseason, but the failure to address the small forward position could ultimately come back to haunt them in the postseason...

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  21. Report: Rivers Expected to Start Contract Talks with Ballmer

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  22. Los Angeles Clippers Officially Sold to Steve Ballmer

    Steve Ballmer has taken control of the Los Angeles Clippers after a court ruling confirmed Shelly Sterling was within her rights to negotiate the $2 billion sale with the former Microsoft CEO...

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  23. Chris Paul Takes Selfies in Latest Foot Locker Ad

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  24. Standing in the Shadows of Staples Center

    The steps that lead to the soul of Los Angeles' glittering sports palace were first taken in bowling shoes.....

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  25. Breaking Down How MVP Candidate Blake Griffin Can Get Even Better in 2014-15

    The Los Angeles Clippers have a bona fide superstar in Blake Griffin , and the best news for anyone rooting for Doc Rivers' squad is that he's only going to improve...

    Michael C.  Jones Written by Michael C. Jones about 22 days ago 11,741 reads 48 comments