1. NEW: Euro 96: When football should have come home. A nostalgic look back at a great finals. http://t.co/KXtjVYWuKO http://t.co/Z9pUxNdvig

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  11. Er, SKIP breakfast and START reading The Sunday Long Read: http://t.co/xBR41TqaGD

  12. Sip breakfast this week, just stat reading. Massive word meal here. The Sunday Long Read: http://t.co/xBR41TqaGD

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  16. Randy, had you only made it across you would have been safe in VT you look like everyone here http://t.co/kMGE8tDYy5

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  21. Good news - @SoccerManager 16 is out now. Great online football game, free too. Check it out, nothing to lose. You may find a new favourite!

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  26. NEW: Wimbledon: The final Premier League season. The bitter end to a great cult story. http://t.co/gTRiNRxUbM http://t.co/RRnr71CeaT

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  30. For the night crowd, thoughts on writing, reading, BASW and mentholated heating rub. @glennstout on @SBNation #sundayLR @longreads @longform

  31. NEW: A Tale of One City: Dublin. The story of a ferocious, historic rivalry in Ireland. http://t.co/qT3HXJ84Ys http://t.co/9yzmSWQB19

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