1. Liverpool Transfer News: Brendan Rodgers Reacts to Raheem Sterling Madrid Talk

    Brendan Rodgers remains calm over rumours linking Raheem Sterling with a move to Real Madrid , saying the Liverpool starlet could represent "every" club in the world on current form...

    Nick Akerman Written by Nick Akerman about 1 month ago 14,418 reads 27 comments

  2. Why This Season's Merseyside Derby Is Made for Liverpool Striker Mario Balotelli

    Rewind the tape from the current day back to the second half of last season. The Merseyside derby at Anfield was not just seen as important for Liverpool and Everton but also ...

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  3. Mario Balotelli Unveils New Hairstyle Ahead of First Merseyside Derby

    Mario Balotelli 's hairstyles are more elaborate than yours (almost certainly—we haven't actually seen your hair), and with the Liverpool star gearing up for a first ...

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  4. 5 Selection Dilemmas for Brendan Rodgers Ahead of Liverpool vs. Everton

    Liverpool 's 3-0 sweeping aside of Tottenham last month now feels like a distant memory—an anomaly among the Reds' unattractive start to the season...

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  5. Brendan Rodgers' Signings at Liverpool Will Prove His Undoing

    How well has Brendan Rodgers done as a manager at Liverpool ? Certainly, coaching-wise and tactics-wise, the affable 41-year-old is developing a reputation as one of the best young managers in the game...

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  6. Instagram: Balotelli Steps Up His Hair Game

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  7. Rickie Lambert: I Need to Work on My Fitness, Then Watch Me Go

    As penalty after penalty rifled into the Kop goal on Tuesday night, standing on the sidelines was the frustrated figure of Rickie Lambert ...

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