WWE Raw: Live Updates, Reaction and Analysis for March 20

12:00am UTC Mar 21, 2017Brooklyn, New York
The Doctor Chris Mueller

Welcome to Bleacher Report's live coverage of WWE Raw on March 20. The road to WrestleMania 33 has led to the creation of an interesting card, and the buildup will continue this week. Braun Strowman is set to battle Roman Reigns and Chris Jericho has vowed to reveal the real Kevin Owens on The Highlight Reel. We will also find out if Mick Foley will suffer any punishment for attacking Triple H last week. Keep it locked right here for live updates of all the action from the show.

  1. March 21, 2017
  2. 3:13 am

    The End

    The show closes with The Undertaker sitting back up and staring at Reigns.

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    Reigns vs. Strowman

    After the break, Reigns goes right after Strowman once the bell rings. Braun uses his power to get the advantage and blocks a drive by dropkick with one arm. It takes a little while, but Reigns starts fighting back. He fails to lift Strowman for a Samoan drop and gets taken down with a clothesline. Reigns recovers and hits it on the second try. Strowman tries to bring the steel steps into the fight, but Reigns hits him with a Superman Puch before he gets the chance. He lines up for the Spear when The Undertaker's gong sounds. Taker appears in the ring and hits the Chokeslam to Braun before Reigns hits Taker with a Spear, which gets a lot of heat.

  5. 2:56 am

    Time for the Main Event

    After a long video package for Lesnar vs. Goldberg, Reigns heads to the ring to face Braun Strowman.

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    Austin Aries vs. Tony Nese Part 2

    We return to see Aries going through all of his signature moves. He hits a missile dropkick from the top rope before hitting an insane pair of forearms to the head for the win.

  10. 2:35 am

    Austin Aries vs. Tony Nese Part 1

    They start with some counters back and forth, but Nese quickly takes control. He gets in some good offense before Aries back drops him over the top rope and nails him with a suicide dive. Someone in the crowd was screaming Nese's name in the most annoying way possible over and over.

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    That Was Quick

    Cesaro and Sheamus get the win after The Club take out Enzo and Cass, who were supposed to be their partners in this handicap match. Cesaro and Sheamus are still in the title match at Mania.

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  15. 2:10 am

    An Interesting Proposition

    Triple H says there is always a way and says he is going to draw up paperwork for a non-sanctioned match so he can't be held responsible if he cripples Rolins.

  16. 2:05 am

    Apparently It's Our Fault

    Trips actually blames the fans for Foley being injured so many times and for Rollins being injured again last week because we cheer for them when they do things that are dangerous for their career.

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    Time to Interview the Game

    After the break, Cole brings Triple H to the ring for an interview.

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    Mae Young Was a Pioneer

    Before the break, WWE plays a video package celebrating the career of Mae Young in honor of Women's History Month. She was such a good sport about all the weird stuff WWE asked her to do.

  21. 1:51 am

    Nia Jax vs. Bayley (No DQ) Part 2

    We return to see Bayley fighting out of a headlock. Jax knocks her down with ease before hitting a shoulder breaker. The Hugger slaps Nia in the face, which gets her thrown out of the ring and swung into the barricade by her head several times. The champ makes a comeback and gets a two count with a high cross body. Jax pulls her off the turnbuckle before hitting a Samoan Drop for the win. It looks like WrestleMania will now be a Fatal 4-Way match.

  22. 1:43 am

    Nia Jax vs. Bayley (No DQ) Part 1

    The first few minutes of the match sees them trade control back and forth a few times, but Jax uses her power to keep Bayley on the defensive. She ends up running herself into the steel steps when Bayley moves right as we head to a break.

  23. 1:40 am

    More Punishments

    Before Bayley heads to the ring for her match, Stephanie books Cesaro and Sheamus in a match where they could possibly lose their Mania title shot.

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  25. 1:23 am

    That Was Weird

    Kendrick gives a promo directed at Akira Tozawa where he reveals he stole Tozawa's passport so he can't travel to the U.S. Kendrick seemed a little lost during the promo, which is rare for him.

  26. 1:21 am

    The Brian Kendrick vs. TJ Perkins

    Kendrick runs at Perkins after the bell, but he gets taken down with a drop toe hold. Perkins maintains control throughout the whole match until Kendrick uses the ref to distract him and hit Sliced Bread No. 2.

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  28. 1:18 am

    The Trap Was Set

    Samoa Joe heads to the ring, but the real attack comes from behind when Owens ambushes Y2J. Joe just heads to the back while Owens delivers a Popup Powerbomb to his former hero. To add insult to injury, he destroys The List of Jericho.

  29. 1:08 am

    The Friends of Jericho

    Y2J shows a picture of Owens wearing a Jericho shirt when he was a kid and also shows some DMs between the two from when KO was first hired. He is basically saying Owens is just a fan and not a prize fighter. This promo is fantastic. Jericho can play the crowd like nobody else.

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  31. 1:00 am

    Even Bayley Won't Hug Stephanie

    Stephanie runs into Bayley backstage and they trade some words before the commish books Bayley vs. Nia Jax in a no DQ match for tonight. Back in the arena, Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring for The Highlight Reel.

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    Dana Brooke vs. Charlotte

    Dana takes control immediately with a takedown, and she maintains it for quite some time as she throws The Queen all around the ring. Charlotte ends up having to roll out of the ring to recover. She tries to blindside Brooke, but her former student hits an elbow to the face for a two count. A big boot from Charlotte gets her the win out of nowhere. Not sure what that accomplished.

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    An Update on Rollins

    The doctor treating Rollins during his rehab is interviewed and says Rollins reaggrivated his knee injury last week and will not be ready by WrestleMania. Hard to tell if this is part of the storyline or not.

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  39. 12:39 am

    An Emotional Farewell

    Several Superstars are shown hugging Foley and wishing him well as he makes his way through the backstage area to leave. Bayley is the last one to hug him before he runs into Triple H, who tells him to have a nice day before walking off.

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    Samoa Joe vs. Sami Zayn Part 2

    We return to see Joe still dominating Sami. Every time it looks like Zayn will mount some offense, Joe stops him in his tracks. Sami almost gets counted out, but he makes it back in the ring at the last possible moment. He hits a clothesline out of desperation to turn things around. He hits his trademark DDT through the corner, but when they get back in the ring, Joe counters the Helluva Kick and locks in the Coquina Clutch to get the win.

  44. 12:23 am

    Samoa Joe vs. Sami Zayn Part 1

    We return to see Joe handing Zayn a beating. It takes a minute, but Sami starts to make a comeback. He hits a few moves before Joe takes back control. Sami starts to build some momentum again, but one quick powerslam from Joe puts him back down.

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  46. 12:37 am

    WWE Raw 3-20-2017 logo
    WWE Raw 3-20-2017

    McMahon Fires GM Mick Foley to Open Raw

    Joseph Zucker
    via Bleacher Report
  47. 12:11 am

    Like Father, Like Daughter

    Stephanie comes out and ends up firing Foley, but then Sami Zayn comes out and says what she is doing is wrong, but nobody has the guts to say it to her face.

  48. 12:07 am

    Is Cactus Jack Backing Down?

    Foley comes down to the ring and reads a prepared statement he was obviously forced to read. He says he is sorry for using Mr. Socko on Triple H and says he is taking a leave of absence effective immediately. Then he rips up the index cards and starts freaking out.

  49. 12:02 am

    We Are Live

    Raw opens with a video package recapping the end of last week's show.

  50. March 20, 2017
  51. 11:55 pm

    We Go Live in Five

    WWE Raw is about to go live. It should be an interesting night.

  52. 9:54 pm

    Monday's Lineup

    Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns. Mick Foley dealing with the consequences of attacking Triple H. Seth Rollins continuing to focus on The Game. Another exciting episode of The Highlight Reel.