March Madness 2017 Results: Live NCAA Tournament Updates, Scores for Sunday's Second Round

4:15pm UTC Mar 19, 2017Various Sites
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Round 2 of the 2017 NCAA Tournament is in the books, and we've seen some shockers. On Sunday, the No. 2 Duke Blue Devils were knocked out of the tournament thanks to their second-round loss to the No. 7 South Carolina Gamecocks, and No. 2 Louisville was also upset by No. 7 Michigan. Those results come on the heels of the big upset from Saturday, when the 2016 tournament champion Villanova Wildcats dropped a 65-62 decision to Wisconsin. The Sweet 16 is now set and the teams will get a brief breather to rest and strategize before games resume on Thursday.

  1. March 20, 2017
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    March Madness 3-19-2017 logo
    March Madness 3-19-2017

    No. 3 UCLA Rolls Past No. 6 Cincy

    Scott Polacek
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    Chill Life

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    He Would Know

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    UCLA Wants to Pull Away!

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    Coach Showers Abound!

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    Worth a Check

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    Meanwhile: Lonzo Things Are Happening

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    Yep, Big Chicken Is Here

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    Fun While They Lasted!

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    Night Night

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    That's a Lot

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    The Official USC School Account Pulls No Punches

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    The pain is real...

    Sorry Duke Fans—a seven-point deficit with 1:31 left on the clock is going to be tough to overcome.

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    UCLA and Cincy Is Close Too!

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    P E T T Y

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    This Is March

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    They Can't Miss

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    The ACC If Duke Loses

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    Keep the Reciepts

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    Would Be Savage

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    Who Would Have Thought?

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    Lid on the Rim

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    So, So Very Petty

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    South Carolina 60 - Duke 53

    This is getting to be serious business; the Gamecocks have outscored the Blue Devils 37-23 so far in the second half.

    We're down to 7:44 to play.

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    Duke Looks Wobbly

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    Not Great for Duke

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    The Gamecocks Are March

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    Yep, March Is Happening

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    Petty SZN

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    Incoming: March

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    When You Make It to the Sweet 16

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    A Backdoor Cover for the Ages