NCAA Tournament 2017 Results: Live March Madness Updates, Scores for Friday's First Round

4:00pm UTC Mar 17, 2017New York, NY
College Basketball Staff

The second session of the 2017 NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament's first round will take center stage Friday. Michigan, Baylor, Oregon highlight the window of games, while Louisville, North Carolina, Duke, Kansas, Michigan State, Kentucky, UCLA and USC are among the teams on the court throughout the day. March Madness wouldn't be complete without a showcase of stars. Derrick Walton, Donovan Mitchell, Frank Mason III, Luke Kennard, Jayson Tatum, Malik Monk and Lonzo Ball are all slated to open their respective tournaments.

  1. March 18, 2017
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    Round One: Done

    36 games down, 31 to go

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    Round One Status:


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    BBN Moving on

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    Lonzo's Fine

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    Um... Kentucky?!?!

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    No. 3 UCLA Runs Away from Kent St. to Advance

    March Madness 3-17-2017 logo
    March Madness 3-17-2017

    No. 3 UCLA Runs Away from Kent St. to Advance

    Alec Nathan
    via Bleacher Report
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    South Carolina Picks Up First Tourney Win Since 1973

    March Madness 3-17-2017 logo
    March Madness 3-17-2017

    South Carolina Picks Up First Tourney Win Since 1973

    Adam Wells
    via Bleacher Report
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    Winner Winner!

    South Carolina turned on the jets

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    Kentucky Cruising

    Up 63-45 with 7:30 left.

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    Kentucky in Control

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    Should Be Fun!

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    Unbalanced Scoring

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    Pulling Away

    South Carolina leads 82-69 with 4:40 left.

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    Sindarius Thornwell's triple gives South Carolina its biggest lead at 76-67 with 6:20 left.

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    Never Bet Against Izzo in March

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    It's Good to Have Goals

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    😂 Yes!

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    Pepperidge Farms Remembers

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    Kent State Is Sniffing Around

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    Michigan State Overcomes Slow Start to Crush Miami

    March Madness 3-17-2017 logo
    March Madness 3-17-2017

    Michigan State Overcomes Slow Start to Crush Miami

    Tim Daniels
    via Bleacher Report
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    Michigan State Rolls

    MSU beats Miami 78-58

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    Pushing the Pace

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    Reminder: Never Tweet

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    January, February, Izzo

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    Where's That Gamecocks Defense?

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    Cinderella Taking the Year Off?

    No. 12 Middle Tennessee and a trio of No. 11s (Rhode Island, USC and Xavier) are the best options.

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    KU Fans Watching Michigan State Right Now

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    Ah, Memories

    Michigan State leads 64-43 now.

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    Split the Difference?

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    Nick Ward Can't Miss

    The MSU freshman is 6-of-6 from the field and has 15 points. Sparty up 60-40 with 10:07 left.

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    Sparty Yes!

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    HALFTIME: UCLA 47, Kent State 39

    13-4 run for Golden Flashes to end the first half.

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    Looks Like He'll Be OK

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    That's Going to Leave a Bruise

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    HALFTIME: Kentucky 38, Northern Kentucky 24

    Kentucky shot 50 percent to 24.3 percent for the Norse.