Lakers vs. Mavericks: Live Updates, Score and Highlights for 2017 NBA Las Vegas Summer League

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2:00am UTC Jul 17, 2017Las Vegas, Nevada
Andy Bailey

Lonzo Ball left early with calf soreness, but the Los Angeles Lakers managed to pull out a 108-98 victory over the Dallas Mavericks anyway. In just 21 minutes, Ball had 16 points, 10 assists and four boards, and was a team-high plus-17. His favorite target, Kyle Kuzma, finished with 24 points on 8-of-14 shooting. Dallas, meanwhile, was led by Dennis Smith, Jr., who went for 21 points, six assists and three boards. Yogi Ferrell added 15 on 6-of-19 shooting. With the semifinals now in the rearview, the Lakers will move on to the championship game to take on the Portland Trail Blazers on Monday.

  1. July 17, 2017
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    Lakers 108, Mavs 98 — Final

    The Lakers and Mavericks game is wrapped. Scroll below for updates.

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    Lonzo Ball Drops Double-Double vs. Mavericks Before Suffering Calf Injury

    Lakers vs Mavericks 7-16-2017

    Lonzo Ball Drops Double-Double vs. Mavericks Before Suffering Calf Injury

    Rob Goldberg
    via Bleacher Report
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    The Free Throw Game

    Dallas is trying to extend the game with fouls. Looks like this one's over, though.

    Lakers 108, Mavs 98 — 0:30.6 left in the fourth quarter

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    L.A. Has Regained Control

    A big three from Thomas and a couple stops has the Lakers back in the driver's seat.

    Lakers 102, Mavs 96 — 1:20 left in the fourth quarter

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    Another Big Shot from Dallas

    Sidestep three for Webster and this game has gotten mighty close. Caruso has given the Lakers a little breathing room back with two free throws.

    Lakers 98, Mavs 95 — 1:58 left in the fourth quarter

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    Lonzo's Exit Changed This Game Dramatically

    Lakers 96, Mavs 92 — 2:26 left in the fourth quarter

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    Coming Down to the Wire!

    Lakers 96, Mavs 92 — 2:36 left in the fourth quarter

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    The Mavs Won't Go Away!

    Dallas has really taken advantage of the loss of Lonzo. Ball's plus-17 in a game the Lakers only lead by six.

    Lakers 96, Mavs 90 — 3:40 left in the fourth quarter

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    No Lonzo Is REALLY Hurting L.A.

    The Lakers have fallen off considerably since Lonzo left the game with calf soreness.

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    Mavericks Getting Just Enough to Stay Alive

    Every time it looks like L.A. will pull away, Dallas gets a bucket or two.

    Lakers 92, Mavs 74 — 7:29 left in the fourth quarter

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    Perhaps the most exciting player in Vegas may be on the shelf.

    Lakers 90, Mavs 71 — 8:30 left in the third quarter

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    It Looks Like Lonzo May Be Done for the Night

    Lakers 84, Mavs 67 — 10:00 left in the fourth quarter

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    Dennis Smith's Bringing Dallas Back

    Lakers 78, Mavs 63 — 2:15 left in the third quarter

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    Can LA Hold on Without Lonzo?

    Lakers 78, Mavs 61 — 2:42 left in the third quarter

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    Hopefully, Good to Go

    Lonzo was shown in the tunnel stretching his calf. Hopefully, it was just a minor cramp.

    Lakers 74, Mavs 57 — 3:45 left in the third quarter

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    Can Dallas Complete the Comeback?

    Lakers 69, Mavs 55 — 4:44 left in the third quarter

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    Mavs Closing in on Single Digits

    It's all Dallas to start the third and Lonzo's on the baseline getting something worked out by a trainer. It looks like a cramp.

    Lakers 67, Mavs 55 — 5:07 left in the third quarter

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    Back and Forth

    Dennis Smith already has four assists, eclipsing his average coming into tonight.

    Lakers 67, Mavs 54 — 5:28 left in the third quarter

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    DSJ Does Not Want to Go Home

    The Mavericks have come out hot to start the second half, forcing a Lakers timeout.

    Lakers 64, Mavs 48 — 7:12 left in the third quarter

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    Some of the First Half Highlights

    Lakers 62, Mavs 40 — 9:00 left in the third quarter

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    Considering His Production, These Might Be the Winners

    14 points, 10 dimes and four boards for Ball... in the first half.

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    What a Half

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    He's Got It All Working Tonight

    Lonzo already has 14 points, nine assists and four rebounds.

    Lakers 57, Mavs 34 — 2:13 left in the second quarter

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    Another Masterful Performance from Lonzo

    Ball's showing some ridiculous passing again tonight. And now his shot's falling too. On nights like this, it's not hard to see the Lakers being legit again very soon.

    Lakers 54, Mavs 34 — 3:27 left in the second quarter

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    Lonzo's on Track for His Best Game Yet

    Lakers 42, Mavs 29 — 7:38 left in the second quarter

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    This Kid's an Incredible Passer

    Lakers 37, Mavs 27 — 8:54 left in the second quarter

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    Heck of a Battle Early

    Smith already has 10. Ball has 12 points, four assists and three boards.

    Lakers 31, Mavs 24 — 0:05 left in the first quarter

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    DSJ Balling Again

    Dennis Smith already has 10 points on 3-of-3 shooting. He's left Lonzo in the dust a few times.

    Lakers 27 Mavericks 22 — 1:23 left in the first quarter

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    Kuzma Continues to Showcase His Skills

    Jayson Tatum was the No. 3 pick. Kyle Kuzma was 27th. And yet, you can't watch Kuzma without seeing a bunch of stuff Tatum didn't show this summer.

    Lakers 27, Mavs 22 — 1:23 left in the first quarter

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    All Cylinders Firing

    The Lakers are scoring at will for the second night in a row. Once again, Lonzo is engineering the offense by constantly looking ahead.

    Lakers 19, Mavs 12 — 4:18 left in the first quarter

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    Lakers Are Clicking Early

    Lakers 14, Mavericks 10 — 5:52 left in the first quarter

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    Two Early Triples for Lonzo

    After struggling from the field for most of the tournament, Lonzo's hit his first two triples tonight.

    Lakers 12, Mavs 10 - 6:30 left in the first quarter

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    Lakers Offense Off to a Strong Start

    Lakers 7, Mavericks 2 - 8:30 left in the first quarter

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  50. July 16, 2017
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    Another New Pair of Shoes for Shoes for Lonzo

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    About a Half Hour from Tipoff

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  58. July 17, 2017
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