1. Buffalo Bills: Creating the Blueprint for Optimal Offense in 2015

    The Buffalo Bills made a number of significant roster moves earlier this offseason,most of them meant to revamp the look of the team's offense. There are a couple of reasons for Buffalo's offensive overhaul...

    Kristopher Knox Written by Kristopher Knox about 2 days ago 4,379 reads 18 comments

  2. Who Will Win Buffalo Bills' Backup Running Back Battle?

    The Buffalo Bills gained an elite running back earlier this offseason when the team traded to acquire LeSean McCoy from the Philadelphia Eagles ...

    Kristopher Knox Written by Kristopher Knox about 11 days ago 4,818 reads 10 comments

  3. There's No Such Thing as a Race Card, LeSean McCoy Played Himself

    There’s at least one person happy about Deflategate , and that’s LeSean McCoy ’s publicist...

    Khalid  Salaam Written by Khalid Salaam about 19 days ago 180,323 reads 265 comments

  4. LeSean McCoy Discusses Chip Kelly, Race and Trade to Bills in ESPN Interview

    LeSean McCoy , one of the most electric offensive weapons in football over the past six years, admits he didn't like his trade to the Buffalo Bills at first and isn't backing down from his negative stance on Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly..

    Tim Daniels Written by Tim Daniels about 24 days ago 188,458 reads 0 comments