1. Leeds United Defy Maximus Decimus Meridius and Insist Club Is 'Not for Sale'

    Leeds United chairman Andrew Umbers has responded to actor Russell Crowe's interest in buying the Championship club by insisting they're “not for sale”.....

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  2. Actor Russell Crowe Hints He Might Be Interested in Buying Leeds United

    Leeds United 's struggles in recent seasons have been well documented , and earlier this year, Massimo Cellino was even banned from being their owner ...

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  3. Massimo Cellino Rules out Returning to Leeds After Disqualification Ends

    Massimo Cellino has said he will not immediately return as the Leeds United president in April when his Football League disqualification ends, with the Italian to challenge the “correctness ...

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  4. Scott Wootton Signs 1-Year Extension

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  5. Giuseppe Bellusci Charge Not Proven

    Leeds United defender Giuseppe Bellusci has had an FA charge against him found not proven by an Independent Regulatory Commission.....

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  6. Massimo Cellino Not Required to Sell Leeds United Shares

    Massimo Cellino will not have to sell any stake in Leeds United , the Guardian can reveal, further undermining the Football League's rules that ban convicted financial criminals from running clubs...

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  7. Leeds Drop David Norris on Deadline Day

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