1. Even Down 3-0, Celtics Are Building a Familiar Winning Feeling Against Cavaliers

    BOSTON — LeBron James had been here before, in this cacophonous sea of green, tussling with legends and ghosts, wrestling for his legacy and supremacy...

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  2. LeBron James Getting Exactly What He Needs out of Cavaliers Sidekicks

    LeBron James has everything he needs to win an NBA title with the Cleveland Cavaliers this season . This is to say James has everyone he needs...

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  3. LeBron James Blocks Evan Turner's Dunk Attempt, Lets Him Hear About It

    LeBron James was kind enough to teach Evan Turner a lesson in Game 3 at the TD Garden. Earlier in contest, the Boston Celtics wingman was hit with a flagrant-1 foul for wrapping up James at the neck...

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  4. LeBron James Throws Down Windmill Dunk vs. Boston Celtics in Game 3

    LeBron James isn ’t human. How do we know? Because we expect him to do things like this. With eight minutes left in the third quarter of Game 3 on Thursday against the ...

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  5. Evan Turner Slapped with Flagrant 1 After Wrapping Up LeBron James

    The Boston Celtics don’t appear to care much for the Cleveland Cavaliers , who lead the first-round playoff series 2-0...

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  6. LeBron James Embracing His Inner Scorer Makes Cavaliers Tough to Stop

    CLEVELAND — Prior to fully dressing for his group interview at the podium late Tuesday night, LeBron James sat at his locker, sore but mostly smiling...

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  7. LeBron James Passes Jerry West for 7th on NBA's All-Time Postseason Scoring List

    LeBron James ascended past Allen Iverson , Charles Barkley and Patrick Ewing on the all-time scoring list during the NBA 's regular season, so it's only right that he continues making history in the postseason...

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  8. LeBron on Riley's 'Hidden Agenda' Reference: 'Not My Concern'

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  9. Matchup with Celtics Offers Cavs Chance to Do More Than Just Advance in Playoffs

    CLEVELAND — Timofey Mozgov tries to oblige when he's asked a question in English, enough that you get the sense he has a winning personality. Still, it's fairly common for something to get lost in translation...

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  10. The Advanced Stats Guide to the 2015 NBA MVP Race

    This incredible NBA season brought with it one of the most tightly contested MVP races in recent memory...

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  11. Pat Riley Is Confident Goran Dragic Won't Pull a LeBron James

    Pat Riley was defiant Monday in the wake of his Miami Heat 's failure to make the playoffs in Year 1 of the post- LeBron James era...

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  12. Boston Celtics Provide the Perfect Opponent for Cavaliers' Playoff Newcomers

    CLEVELAND — Any parent endeavoring to teach a child anything would prefer to control the conditions. Take swimming, for instance...

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  13. LeBron Explains Playoff Mentality

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  14. After All the Conjecture, Playoffs Will Reveal Plenty About Kevin Love

    CLEVELAND — Kevin Love declined an interview for this story. This may seem an odd way for an article to open, since that's the sort of sentence that's typically stuck somewhere ...

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  15. NBA Playoff Schedule 2015: Game Times, TV and Live Stream Coverage for Sunday

    Day 1, you rocked it. Day 2, let’s see what you got. From overtimes to dances to superstar explosions, the NBA playoffs got off to a great start on Saturday. And now the other eight teams will look to deliver in similar fashion on Sunday...

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  16. NBA Playoff Bracket 2015: Final Standings, Postseason Picture and Predictions

    What a tangled web the NBA wove over the last few weeks. The Western Conference, in particular, was a crapshoot with the entire standings undergoing a massive facelift after the final night...

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  17. The LeBron Rules: Seven Series and Scars That Helped Make LeBron James

    CLEVELAND — Time typically heals wounds, but time has a busy schedule and some blind spots, and soreness tends to linger even after the stitches...

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  18. NBA Playoffs Betting Preview: Cleveland Cavaliers Lead Eastern Conference Odds

    LeBron James is used to entering the NBA playoffs as the favorite and will do so yet again this year with the second-seeded Cleveland Cavaliers (53-29)...

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  19. LeBron James Jokes That He Would Vote Kevin Love for MVP

    Kevin Love may have picked Russell Westbrook as his MVP, but LeBron James isn't afraid to support Love's MVP candidacy. Well, sort of...

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  20. NBA Insider: MVP Debate Forcing Voters to Examine What Matters Most to Them

    In simpler times—before Twitter, before blogs and before the analytics revolution—the debate over the NBA 's most valuable player was, well, simpler. Players played, voters voted, results were announced...

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  21. NBA MVP 2015: Odds, Candidates, Predictions and More for Coveted Race

    The battle for the NBA Most Valuable Player Award has come down to the final hours of the 2014-15 season. While Stephen Curry appears to be leading the way, James Harden , Russell Westbrook and four-time MVP LeBron James are still in contention.

    David Kenyon Written by David Kenyon about 10 days ago 16,870 reads 81 comments

  22. LeBron James, Stephen Curry Headline List of 2015's Most Popular NBA Jerseys

    LeBron James ' return to Cleveland last offseason meant that his old Cavaliers jerseys were en vogue again, which helped him lead the NBA in jersey sales once more. According to ESPN...

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  23. J.R. Smith Comments on LeBron James' 2015 NBA MVP Credentials

    J.R. Smith believes Cleveland Cavaliers teammate LeBron James should be the 2015 NBA Most Valuable Player despite a conversation that's more often surrounded Golden State's Stephen ...

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  24. LeBron Has Top Selling Jersey for 6th Straight Year

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  25. MVP Should Be Elite on Both Ends: Bolstering the Cases for Curry and LeBron

    It has been a long time since the race to be the NBA 's Most Valuable Player has been as tightly contested as this season's...

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