1. Shaun Livingston & Leandro Barbosa are available to play in tonight's game

  2. Barbosa to Miss at Least 2 Games Due to Personal Matter

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  5. Warriors win their eighth-straight preseason home opener with a 95-87 victory over the Raptors. Leandro Barbosa had a team-high 15 points.

  6. Only 19 more days until the @NBA tips off. Can @TheBlurBarbosa and the @warriors repeat? http://t.co/ZPQcW98jWI

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  10. Maybe Leandro Barbosa should spend the first two days of camp in Brazil every year. He's been electric in the first 1 1/2 games.

  11. . @StephenCurry30 & @TheBlurBarbosa w/ 12pts apiece at the break. #DubNation http://t.co/mmM2yjQdhS

  12. Barbosa Arrives at Camp, Gets Roasted

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  14. BEEP BEEP. @TheBlurBarbosa with the steal & bucket. Dubs up by 23 with 1:53 to go in 1Q.

  15. Confirmed by @Money23Green: Warriors G @TheBlurBarbosa resembles a meerkat. http://t.co/Gesx9xIVEg http://t.co/abhUDJphmh

  16. Harrison Barnes and Leandro Barbosa get ready. #WarriorsGround #Warriors-#Pelicans PREVIEW: https://t.co/eV... https://t.co/owKe9Rs1vT

  17. Draymond Green +19, Leandro Barbosa -12. I know I'm mean.

  18. Almost forgot.. Leandro Barbosa would put Ty Lawson on skates so forget about him being a factor. #LetsGoWarriorsLive

  19. #SPLASH from @TheBlurBarbosa to put the Dubs up 8 with 8:50 to go in the half. #SlateNight

  20. Ezeli told us he hadn't seen @TheBlurBarbosa's celebration yet. Here ya go, @festus!  #Warriors https://t.co/Wx2m8PG83u

  21. Hope all of #DubNation woke up this morning feelimg as good as @TheBlurBarbosa did here.  https://t.co/gmLXBm9V1s

  22. #Warriors 37, Pistons 31 (6:44, 2nd) Warriors play hot potato to get an open three-pointer for Leandro Barbosa, and Detroit calls timeout.

  23. Why does @StephenCurry30 call @TheBlurBarbosa The Layup King? FULL VIDEO CLIP : https://t.co/XawQUeACXr https://t.co/cGDpTYcisa

  24. #StephCurry tells us why he calls @TheBlurBarbosa the "Layup King." Don't forget the "creation of a… https://t.co/zoQ0xiIMi8

  25. For tonight's game at Minnesota: Leandro Barbosa (family matters) is not with team and Kevon Looney (right hip surgery) is out

  26. Leandro Barbosa is not with the team due to a family matter.

  27. Warriors G Leandro Barbosa is not with team today in Minneapolis because of a family matter

  28. Warriors reserve guard Leandro Barbosa (family matter) is not with the squad in Minneapolis for tonight's game, according to the team.

  29. SG Leandro Barbosa will not with #Warriors tonight in Minny. Family matter, per the Warriors.

  30. Warriors guard Leandro Barbosa is in Brazil to deal with a family matter, and the team said there's no definite timeline for his return.

  31. Leandro Barbosa traveling to Brazil and is expected to miss two games.

  32. Warriors interim head coach Luke Walton said the plan is for Leandro Barbosa to return for Monday's game, but plans may change.

  33. Warriors vs. Timberwolves gamethread: Leandro Barbosa out https://t.co/nZZtaf8mU4 https://t.co/PeqfNkcCAV

  34. Ian Clark is taking advantage of some early run with Leandro Barbosa tending to a family matter in Brazil.

  35. Warriors’ Leandro Barbosa leaves team to attend to family matter https://t.co/GUb5WS39hM via @sfchronicle

  36. For tonight's game: Klay Thompson (back stiffness) and Kevon Looney (right hip surgery) are out. Leandro Barbosa (family matters) is NWT.

  37. Klay Thompson out. Leandro Barbosa not with team. Brandon Rush considered possible Patient Zero for recent bug going around team.

  38. Klay Thompson (back) practiced Monday, and Leandro Barbosa (family matter) is expected to return for tomorrow's shootaround.

  39. Leandro Barbosa traveling and expected to be back

  40. As expected, Leandro Barbosa rejoined the Warriors at Tuesday's shootaround. Klay Thompson (back) and Draymond Green (sick) are also here.

  41. No mention of Draymond Green (flu) or Leandro Barbosa (family matter), who are both expected to play.

  42. VIDEO: Steph Curry picks Kyle Lowry's pocket, and Leandro Barbosa gets FIRED UP! https://t.co/ly4MgWc3b7 https://t.co/mxUjGyq2sP

  43. Either Luke Walton or Leandro Barbosa picked up his first technical of the season. Maybe both.

  44. Leandro Barbosa not feeling well and may not play, according to Warriors.

  45. Leandro Barbosa is ill and may not play, according to the Warriors.