1. Larry Brown Says He Could Fix 76ers in 5 Minutes, Campaigns for Allen Iverson

    SMU head coach Larry Brown is currently serving a nine-game suspension from the NCAA. While he awaits his return to the sideline, he's been watching one of his former teams, the Philadelphia 76ers , continue to struggle and wishes he could help...

    Tim Daniels Written by Tim Daniels about 1 month ago 67,234 reads 10 comments

  2. SMU Will Not Appeal Postseason Ban, Larry Brown Suspension

    Less than two weeks after the NCAA hit the SMU Mustangs men's basketball program with a postseason ban and suspended head coach Larry Brown for 30 percent of the team's games in 2015-16, the program has decided to accept some of the punishment...

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  3. SMU Basketball Reportedly Receives NCAA Sanctions, Larry Brown Suspended

    The NCAA has banned SMU's basketball team from postseason play for the 2015-16 season, and Hall of Fame head coach Larry Brown will be suspended for 30 percent of the squad's games ...

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  4. Larry Brown Wants Allen Iverson to Join 76ers Front Office

    Perhaps the only coach to ever truly reach Allen Iverson , Larry Brown has long had a soft spot for his former star. Whereas Brown once helped Iverson reach NBA Finals heights on the court, he's now focused on ways to reach his troubled protege off it.

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  5. Larry Brown Says Kentucky Would Make NBA Eastern Conference Playoffs

    There has been some debate this year as to whether Kentucky could beat an NBA team. SMU head coach Larry Brown, who is preparing for the NCAA tournament, took things a bit further by saying the Wildcats could be a playoff team in the Eastern Conference.

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