1. #Eagles video with reaction from Lane Johnson and DeMarco Murray on the 45-14 loss to the Lions: https://t.co/n2Wvow1w9N

  2. Ziggy Ansah says huge day vs. Eagles was 'personal' after they took Lane Johnson ahead of him in draft https://t.co/Vk1jLqKNCo via @freep

  3. Mark Sanchez up, Lane Johnson down in Eagles' loss to Detroit https://t.co/vdErS1ZbJT

  4. Has Lane Johnson sensed any quitting among his teammates? "Not really," he said. "I'm going to have to go back and really analyze the film."

  5. Lane Johnson on fan frustration: “Bring it on. We deserve it now. Any time you put a performance like that, keep it coming.”

  6. #Eagles Lane Johnson: "We’re going to see who the quitters on the team are now. Who will quit when times are tough."

  7. Lane Johnson says going forward, “we’re going to see who the quitters on the team are.”

  8. Lane Johnson: "You're gonna see who the quitters are now." Says he hasn't seen team quit yet.

  9. Terrific cross-block by Trey Burton and Lane Johnson on Murray's 19-yard run on this drive. Good idea v. wide-nine.

  10. #Eagles Jason Peters coaching up Lane Johnson on sidelines. Johnson wearing helmet. Peters isn't.

  11. #Eagles Lane Johnson getting eaten up at LT by Ziggy Ansah.

  12. Rough start at left tackle for Lane Johnson since replacing Peters. A hands-to-face penalty and then gives up a sack.

  13. Lane Johnson not having one of his finer days at left tackle. #Eagles missing Peters (leg).

  14. Ezekiel Ansah just blew right by Lane Johnson there. Johnson had no shot. #Lions

  15. Eagles' Lane Johnson still in at LT for Peters.

  16. Lane Johnson still at LT https://t.co/Sv4R6wfQSB

  17. That facemask penalty by team spokesman Lane Johnson probably cost three points. Four yards closer after the Cooper catch...

  18. Lane Johnson facemask on Ziggy Anspah wipes out first down. #Eagles

  19. Peters limped off. Looked like he was rolled on. Lane Johnson in the game at LT.

  20. With Peters off, Lane Johnson at LT and Dennis Kelly at RT.

  21. Philly moves RT Lane Johnson to LT. Dennis Kelley at RT. #PHIvsDET

  22. "Pick 6:" My 1-on-1 with Lane Johnson, where we talk hunting, Oklahoma and Stone Cold Steve Austin: https://t.co/6u82f3bkV3

  23. Lane Johnson said that he expects Jason Kelce (questionable, knee) to "try to go tomorrow." Also, latest on QB front https://t.co/vHkKUKz6wU

  24. Maybe Chip can just get Lane Johnson to do the press conferences from now on.

  25. Will Chip Kelly leave the #Eagles? Even Lane Johnson isn't sure his head coach will stay https://t.co/cq552IM2YG

  26. Lane Johnson riles Eagles fans, then apologizes https://t.co/pp8TVlYQUG

  27. #Eagles Lane Johnson quickly realizes error of his ways. https://t.co/vK4CaD5tQP

  28. Lane Johnson apologizes for criticizing Philly fans https://t.co/SIoKjlEdTm

  29. Coming up at 6pm @RoobCSN in studio and me live from Ford Field with Quick Slants. Bradford, Lane Johnson and more. https://t.co/4wfTQvkplx

  30. Eagles OL Lane Johnson apologizes for saying Philly fans don't give home-field advantage: https://t.co/LOtguQbc55 https://t.co/puP9jGT3NO

  31. Lane Johnson apologizes for blaming Eagles fans https://t.co/0QEejVzyVn https://t.co/hqPSCNDusG

  32. Lane Johnson didn't know if Peters would be in/out of lineup until locker room before the game. He thought he'd play RT as late as Sun. a.m.

  33. Asked Lane Johnson who he thinks will start at QB this week. Answered Mark Sanchez without hesitation. Seems to be the sense at this point.

  34. Lane Johnson, when asked if he had to guess who would start at QB on Thursday, said Mark Sanchez. #Eagles

  35. Lane Johnson says Bradford threw a bit today but no team drills

  36. Lane Johnson says Bradford didn’t do team stuff.