1. That was the second-longest touchdown pass of Bradford's career. Had an 80-yarder to Lance Kendricks vs. Buccaneers for Rams in 2012.

  2. Watch: Kendricks Scores with 59 Secs Left to Force OT

  3. Anatomy of a Play: @RamsHerd breaks down the playcall behind Lance Kendricks' big drop http://t.co/UN2k6Ev8OO http://t.co/JP2TcBYsF1

  4. TE Lance Kendricks said on pass he dropped, he lost it in the lights: "I couldn’t see it coming down at all."

  5. Just up from the Rams' locker room. TE Lance Kendricks said he lost ball in lights (on the long pass that could've been TD).

  6. Lance Kendricks' big drop key in Rams' loss http://t.co/9EEgxT21NO

  7. #Rams TE Lance Kendricks w/ a big drop, wide open off play action drawing t/ 1-on-1 matchup w/ a LB. Incomplete. Moats sacks Foles nxt play

  8. That was two mistakes on that dropped pass by Rams WR Lance Kendricks at Steelers 15. James Harrison should not be covering him deep

  9. And another, far more huge drop by TE Lance Kendricks. Wide open down left sideline. Probably would've been a TD.

  10. Woof. Drive stalls out with a drop from Lance Kendricks on a low throw from Nick Foles. Hekker punt time.

  11. And Lance Kendricks drops an easy one that would have been a first down. Rams punt.

  12. Philadelphia LB Mychal Kendricks pulled his hamstring late in first half trying to cover Lance Dunbar on deep route and won't return.

  13. Eagles LB Mychal Kendricks has left hamstring injury. Return is questionable. Hurt on long pass down left sideline to Lance Dunbar near EZ.

  14. Lance Kendricks twitched. False start makes it 1st & 15.

  15. Reporter @daniklup talks with TE Lance Kendricks about his big TD reception. INTERVIEW: http://t.co/by5ZWncDyd http://t.co/XHg8AuyVwl

  16. Lance Kendricks waltzing into the endzone doesn't happen if Kam had his $$$$ https://t.co/8Q3o7g1MD7

  17. Down by seven. Less than a minute left. Nick Foles + Lance Kendricks = 37-yard game-tying TD! #SEAvsSTL http://t.co/wJjpQVNXfq

  18. Lance Kendricks takes advantage of a slip on coverage and ties up the ball game on a 37-yard TD reception with 0:53 remaining. #SEAvsSTL

  19. That was Dion Bailey - Kam Chancellor's replacement - in coverage of Lance Kendricks on that long TD….

  20. Lance Kendricks with a 37-yard TD after Dion Bailey trips in coverage. Tie game, 31-31 with 53 seconds left. #SEAvsSTL

  21. Foles to Lance Kendricks for 37-yard TD with 53 seconds remaining. Zuerlein's kick ties it at 31-31.

  22. Nick Foles executes the 2-minute drill to perfection! Foles finds Lance Kendricks for the game-tying 37-yard TD with 53 seconds left.

  23. TOUCHDOWN RAMS! Nick Foles goes deep to Lance Kendricks for a 37-yard TD with 53 seconds left to tie the game at 31. http://t.co/wYZrQrAl5k

  24. With Kam Chancellor holding out, his replacement Dion Bailey gives up the game-tying TD to #Rams TE Lance Kendricks.