Lance Armstrong Pleads Guilty to Careless Driving

By Adam Wells (Photo: Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

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    Lance to Pay $10M over Tour's Bonuses

    by Tyler Conway

    A Texas arbitration panel gave a $10 million judgment for SCA Promotions in its suit against disgraced American cyclist Lance Armstrong for bonuses it paid for his Tour de France championships...... Read More »

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    Cops: Lance Let GF Take Blame for Crash

    by Tim Daniels

    Lance Armstrong has pled guilty after hitting two parked cars in December, in an incident where he and his girlfriend decided she should take the blame for the accident. Continue for updates... Read More »

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    Lance: I'd Probably Dope Again

    by Timothy Rapp

    In one of the most in-depth talks since a sit-down with Oprah Winfrey and an August interview with CNN , bicyclist Lance Armstrong has publicly spoken about doping and the subsequent ... Read More »

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    Lance Armstrong Fails at Beer Mile

    by Sean Fay

    Lance Armstrong took his fair share of performance-enhancing drugs to improve his athletic performance during his career, but alcohol was certainly not one of them! The disgraced cyclist took on ... Read More »

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    Lance's Awkward Card Game Moment

    by Kyle Newport

    Lance Armstrong was in for a surprise when he sat down for a rousing game of "Cards Against Humanity" on Saturday. In the game, players select funny—albeit politically incorrect—responses to... Read More »