1. KYLE KENDRICK HOME RUN! Kendrick just hit a NO DOUBTER for his 1st career home run. CONGRATULATIONS Kyle! http://t.co/EspGYRMH1R

  2. “So THAT’S what that’s like!” – Kyle Kendrick. http://t.co/v6LYTmy0q2 #PitchersWhoRake #Rockies http://t.co/aEAcnKJA1f

  3. RECAP: Kyle Kendrick homers to back his pitching as #Rockies take opener from Padres: http://t.co/FLLDgzUNmQ #ROXWIN http://t.co/vk4qTQ63w2

  4. Kyle Kendrick leads #Rockies past Padres, hitting his first home run: http://t.co/TbYmU3TZh2 http://t.co/DCCkkkaCZS

  5. Kyle Kendrick leads Rockies past Padres, hitting his first home run http://t.co/PnsX4tV9VS

  6. #Padres Ian Kennedy not thrilled with home run trot by #Rockies Kyle Kendrick:http://t.co/33hK62iYi7

  7. Kyle Kendrick takes the hill in the rubber match as the #Rockies face the Mariners in Seattle. http://t.co/DZT5zpSfgk http://t.co/yOb4l2Bq4Q

  8. Kyle Kendrick has been named the #Rockies nominee for the Roberto Clemente Award! READ: http://t.co/Xx4ZNeszaW http://t.co/GgQ9w4GnTw

  9. Kyle Kendrick is the #Rox nominee for the Roberto Clemente Award. Read up on Kendrick's Krew: http://t.co/nghQ3HcjIB http://t.co/IPsJNigHPa

  10. Help Kyle Kendrick become the 2015 Roberto #Clemente Award winner: https://t.co/QmaauwSkl4 http://t.co/tc2Etwlugv

  11. Kyle Kendrick and the #Rockies go for the sweep against the Padres at 2:10 MT: http://t.co/rarF1aOnxq http://t.co/TQOlDeUX7X

  12. Kyle Kendrick gives up four homers as the Rockies lose to the Padres 10-to-4. http://t.co/W0nM7TfEnS http://t.co/aLRoLMF7IC

  13. #Padres get homer heavy off Kyle Kendrick in routing #Rockies http://t.co/vI02RD1myz by @nickgroke http://t.co/oYmtxfGIvv

  14. #Dodgers Andre Ethier with a 2run HR into 2nd deck. That's MLB-high 33rd HR allowed by #Rockies starter Kyle Kendrick

  15. Kyle Kendrick has walked three batters and thrown just 9 of 25 pitches for strikes.

  16. Dodgers crawling back into this one. Kyle Kendrick serves up a leadoff triple to Corey Seager, who scores on Chase Utley's single. 6-4 Rox.

  17. Kyle Kendrick makes his final start of the season tonight in San Francisco: http://t.co/HtLV4Ij6g6 http://t.co/49r7DN6l5T

  18. Kyle Kendrick has reached base twice and scored both times. #shouldof

  19. Kyle Kendrick is *only* 4th on Stark's NL Cy Yuck ballot https://t.co/6FYmVlqM8a

  20. "I can see why guys stay away from signing" with the #Rockies, Kyle Kendrick said: http://t.co/xFDLwVTuPe

  21. Kyle Kendrick is the #Rockies nominee for the Roberto #Clemente Award. Last chance to vote: http://t.co/aCgigWOCeP http://t.co/b7SY6r4BOA

  22. Was Kyle Kendrick's 2015 the worst in team history? https://t.co/Y6b60bhHQq https://t.co/4d1GXbqVqd

  23. Ranking the Rockies: No. 38 Kyle Kendrick didn't live up to anybody's expectations. https://t.co/tKA6ewICM1 https://t.co/p5JTF0X4xQ

  24. Exactly. When you do it via free agency, a Kyle Kendrick type is what you get https://t.co/AonIPp0ISK

  25. Agent update: Free agent Kyle Kendrick, coming off tough year with #Rockies, now with John Boggs. Former Relativity client.

  26. True. Free agent pitchers don't want to come to Colorado. Even Kyle Kendrick has second thoughts. https://t.co/eHUesopZzI

  27. Kyle Kendrick can't possibly be back next year... right? https://t.co/PmL4OjWlgv https://t.co/1bvBoEPWY6