1. Kroy Biermann is a completely different player in Dan Quinn's defense. Re-signing him was a smart choice.

  2. It's going to be a hell of a challenge. Falcons will likely stick Durant or Biermann on him. https://t.co/yNaxoknnwy

  3. Quinn: O'Brien Schofield and Kroy Biermann will replace Brooks Reed at SLB. #PHIvsATL

  4. Coach Dan said Biermann/Schofiled will replace Brooks Reed at SLB https://t.co/iyL76PP9Fw

  5. Quick hitter to Sproles, Kroy Biermann brings him down.

  6. Eagles moving the ball wherever Kroy Biermann is.

  7. Touchdown Eagles, with Murray making the catch and getting past Biermann. #Eagles will be within one score.

  8. TD pass from Sam Bradford to DeMarco Murray. Can't expect Kroy Biermann to stop Murray there. Defense probably getting tired. 20-17 Falcons

  9. The vast majority of #Falcons fans are desperately trimming to skip across dimensions to find one where Biermann isn't on the team.

  10. Biermann with the strip-sack! Falcons’ ball!!!! #ATLvsNYG

  11. Eli Manning was a little tardy getting that pass out, and Kroy Biermann sacks him and forces a fumble. Atlanta ball.

  12. Sorry, Kroy Biermann credited with the play. Thought it was Worrilow.

  13. Falcons move within three with that TD, all started by this @biermann71 fumble #ATLvsNYG http://t.co/2Fnf6AGNDN

  14. Biermann with the HUGE third down stop! #ATLvsNYG

  15. Kroy Biermann absolutely destroys the #Giants on that one, putting New York on the extreme edge of field goal range and out of 4th and short

  16. Biermann doing his damndest to recover from a lousy Week 1. Falcons defense generally stiffening up at the right time.

  17. Biermann with the best tackle that looks like a man doing the lawnmower that you've ever seen

  18. Quinn: I think today really came down to Kroy. That fumble really ignited us. #ATLvsNYG

  19. All those Kroy Biermann bashers have to apologize. He saved the #Falcons today with that sack strip.

  20. Biermann: ‘We’re a ball-attacking team’ http://t.co/E6wuOWvDq8 #Falcons

  21. #Falcons LB Kroy Biermann: ‘We’re a ball-attacking team’ https://t.co/JEmsZneQXr via @sharethis

  22. #Falcons’ report card: Kroy Biermann fuels the comeback http://t.co/wV52PPoayR

  23. Falcons' report card: Kroy Biermann fuels the comeback http://t.co/hNngC1IXDn #Falcons

  24. #Falcons report card: Kroy Biermann fuels the comeback http://t.co/wV52PPoayR

  25. Thought Falcons Kroy Biermann took full advantage of his 27 snaps vs. Giants, including the game-changing... http://t.co/8pRnH7gcbj

  26. Dan Quinn said toughness is a talent and Kroy Biermann demonstrates that

  27. Quinn: I think toughness is a talent and I think Kroy Biermann has illustrated that. He's a versatile weapon you have to find a way to use.

  28. Falcons Kroy Biermann, who made the game-changing strip sack vs. Giants, was not on the practice field for the... http://t.co/WKT6bVOCtM

  29. #Falcons DE Kroy Biermann was not at the open portion of practice today.

  30. #Falcons DE Kroy Biermann not at open practice https://t.co/2GVLQUydeI

  31. Biermann not at open practice http://t.co/Wr1kkUkDSJ #Falcons

  32. Kroy Biermann was excused today for personal reason not related to an injury.

  33. Falcons coach Dan Quinn said Devin Hester (turf toe) will not practice today. Kroy Biermann is back with the... http://t.co/T7AwwVaXZf

  34. #Falcons DE Kroy Biermann back at practice today. https://t.co/xxU1YgRSsw via @sharethis

  35. DWTS star Kim Zolciak hospitalized after her stroke. Here's why #Falcons DE Kroy Biermann wasn't at practice on Wed. http://t.co/5bfQFOEdOL

  36. Kim Zolciak says she suffered a ‘mini stroke’ after DWTS. (Why #Falcons DE Kroy Biermann missed practice on Wed.) http://t.co/mKsjJyusCa

  37. #Falcons LB Kroy Biermann’s TV star wife suffered mini-stroke https://t.co/SouZaISHWD

  38. Biermann, Durant (foot), Julio Jones (hamstring), Goodman, Soliai (knee) and Worrilow (calf) all probable for the #Falcons vs. #Cowboys.